Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Time for some scary stitching!

Sure, it's the middle of the summer...but my mind is on Halloween! There's nothing better on a hot summer day/evening than a big glass of something cool, the AC and ceiling fan moving some cool air, and some spooky stitching in my lap.

I got on a "one color groove" this year and had a blast designing a couple quick Halloween projects.

Our S120 Nevermore Snippet is already available! It's quick, it's spooky, and it's full of great finishing possibilities! (Does anyone else think the buttons we used on our finish look like spooky eyes? Didn't plan this, but now every time I look those eyes are staring back at me!).

I had a difficult time deciding what fabric to use for stitching - everything looks good with BLACK, you know! I finally chose a fun gray Pewter overdye linen from Picture This Plus. 

I'd like to challenge all of you to do some crazy, creative things with this little Snippet! 

Whether it's a funky fabric, or a great finishing idea, or BOTH, please be sure and post your finished picture on the I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs Facebook page. This is a fabulous place to share all of your great finishes and works in progress with the stitching world. I'll look forward to seeing what you all dream up.

***If you're not a member of the I Love Stitching L*K Designs Facebook page (it's a closed group), just apply for easy. BTW, this is not an "official" L*K page. This page is under the kind care and leadership of Wilma Cherney, and we all appreciate her work on this page so much! It's a super venue for sharing our projects and getting inspiration from each other.

The project above (S123 I Can Drive a Stick Snippet) is coming to shops in mid-August. 

Just like S120 Nevermore, it only uses one color, so it stitches up so quickly! Also like Nevermore, there are a zillion possibilities for choosing fun fabrics and creative finishes. I stitched on 28 ct. Ale overdyed Lugana from Picture This Plus. You could use purple, chartreuse, anything pale or crazy that says Halloween to you. We finished it with some black pom pom trim and a tiny little broom, of course!

I saw this saying a couple months ago, and laughed out loud! Then I ran to the computer and started graphing. I don't know if everyone else finds this as funny as me, but it struck my funny bone, for sure. And sadly, NO...I cannot drive a stick (really, I can't!).

Don't be confused - we used black covers on both of our Halloween Snippets. S120 Nevermore is available NOW and S123 I Can Drive a Stick will be in shops in mid-August.

Only 101 more days until Halloween, the most BOO-tiful day of the year! Happy spooky stitching!


  1. Oh my gosh I love these!!! Lots of finishing possiblities for them, although I like how you have finished them too (complete with button eyes on Nevermore!) Also nice to know I'm not the only one stitching Halloween in July lol ;-) Do you know if S123 will be available in the UK? I have loved that saying for years (& yes I can drive a stick!). Happy spooky stitching, Helen

  2. I love it! I have so many of your Halloween ones already!!

  3. I can drive a stick and still do!


  4. July is perfect for stitching Halloween, and yes, I can drive a stick! These two are on my to-buy list.

  5. So glad you are back designing again! I must tell you that I read S120 as $120 and figured there was some kind of funny story like the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe story or something! Guess I better start either reading more carefully or doing large print patterns...keep 'em coming! :) Tanya in Houston

    1. Don't feel bad. I read it as $120 also. I wondered what over the top items were included in the kit.