Friday, July 10, 2015

Pre "Little Mystery"/Post Surgery Update!

DISCLAIMER: If some of the following post doesn't quite make sense, if the humor isn't quite right, if anything at all isn't right in blog post below...blame my pharmacist!  Actually, blame ME for taking the lovely post-surgery painkiller drugs that came home with me last week.

I'm HOME with my new knee, lovely scar and tons of Steri-strips holding me all together. Just like another famous Kansas gal once said..."there's no place like home, there's no place like home...".

A few other things have changed, too. The Handi-wrap plastic wrap has now moved from the kitchen drawer to the bathroom countertop to enable showers. Alan is on call to deliver cold drinks, rides to physical therapy, and foot rubs on demand (for some reason a new knee makes my foot ache and cramp?!).

And very, VERY little work is happening at my L*K desk. Some days I don't even make it through the office door. Thankfully I've been planning ahead for months to squeeze in this surgery. Then, because of massive delays on completion of our new house, we ended up beginning our move 2 weeks ahead of surgery...yikes!!!

It was such a crunch to get everything moved in and organized, I joked that I needed to schedule surgery to get a rest...and I did! (and I DID get most things unpacked/organized before surgery - couldn't stand the thought of facing a mess later!).

Part One of "A Little Mystery" Sampler ships next week, so I'm assisting by assembling the embellishment packs. I did the printing ahead of time, and our helper Carmen has been busy sacking. Alan updates me daily on the "A Little Mystery" pre-order numbers, and I'm trying to stay caught up on embellishment packs. Above is my comfy spot in the sunroom...embellishment goodies on lap, handy Ikea aqua rolling table beside me with all the essentials...drink, cell phone, magazines, remote...I hope it will hold model stitching soon...currently suffering from fuzzy brain. 

Our sneak peek collage photo shows some goodies from "A Little Mystery". The 2 sided fob in center bottom is the BONUS project that comes with Part One.

Embellishment packs are also available with Part One. Above is the little insert and I'm stuffing these packs with all sorts of goodies for "A Little Mystery" sampler and the 3 BONUS projects. I'm pretty sure there's a nice assortment of tiny buttons and beads on the sunroom floor, but I'm NOT getting down on my hands and retrieve them now!

The weekend before my Monday morning surgery, the "kids" returned home from Chicago and KC to initiate the new house AND celebrate Alan's 60th birthday. We were blessed with gorgeous Kansas weather in June and spent the weekend on/around/in the lake in our backyard.

They even cooked us Sunday lunch. Son-in-law, Jeff, was the grill master!

Grand-dog, Henry, came to visit and discovered his gift for dog-paddling! Once he got "in the swim" he darted back/forth between our kayaks and rafts. Whoever decided to put a handle on the top of dog life vests was a genius! So handy for plucking him out of the water when swim time was over.

Alas, things are quiet at the relocated Ebright household. I'm so happy to look out the window and find Alan tossing in a fishing line after dinner. Actually catching a fish is optional...the relaxation is optimal!

Alan will be shipping "A Little Mystery" sampler Part One to shops this Wed., July 15. If you haven't got your pre-order into your favorite needlework supplier, it's never too late. We'll be shipping Part Two and Part Three later this summer, so you're invited to join us on our summer of stitching suspense.

One more thing...thanks for your many prayers and happy wishes on my knee replacement. They are truly appreciated. Our frig/freezer are full of goodies from our friends. We have been blessed with the community of friends we have here in Wichita and the L*K stitching community everywhere! 


  1. What a beautiful view you have out back of your new home! I am completely envious!!! Well wishes on your speedy recovery.

  2. Love your new home, and so glad to see how well you are doing!

  3. I am glad you are doing well since surgery.

  4. So glad you are doing well! blessings, marlene

  5. So glad your surgery went well and you are healing. What a wonderful view you have to enjoy each and every day. Take care.

  6. So glad your surgery went well. And, you have a wonderful place to recuperate! I am wondering if it is too late to order part one of your LMS? I'm a little late to the LMS party! Prayers for your recovery. ~ Donna E.

  7. what good news, I'm glad everything went fine with the surgery and now you're resting quietly in such a delightful place!
    you picked such a gorgeous spot to move!
    I can't wait to start your mystery, it's tradition! :D in fact I might start two at the same time (this one and Things Unseen), and catch up.. who knows! summer's always full of surprises and happy memories, like your family days at the lake - and Happy Birthday to Alan!
    lots and lots of hugs and happy wishes for a speedy, healthy, painless recovery

  8. You have the most perfect spot to recuperate after knee surgery!! I hope you took some extra recuperating time too :)