Thursday, July 3, 2014


The gang is all here...the Tingles series is now complete!  All 12 of our tingly, spooky, creepy, charming little Halloween designs are all available next week. Contact your favorite shop to join the fun!

Here they are - all combined into one big Halloween extravaganza! Each Tingles Double Flip comes with 2 designs and olive and black tiny buttons.

If you're the sort of stitcher who needs some extra "bling", opt for our extra Tingles embellishment pack. We collaborated with the creative gals at Just Another Button Company to create 20 extra buttons for more spooky fun. They're incredibly cool and funky!

The all-together piece is AWESOME, but I designed these little guys to be done separately, and still look great! We used lots of varied and creative finishes, and there's a FREE finishing blog. Check it out at
Mona's a finisher extraordinaire, and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. And she's also a great friend...thanks, Mona!

Here are the 6 newbies - not in any particular order. OK...I confess...I put my favorite one first - the Gone Haunting. I love this little bitty witch and her wagonful of pumpkins. 

If I were a better blogger (thinking of my daughter, the pro food blogger), I could figure out how to artfully arrange these photos. But honestly, it's a miracle every time I manage to find and import these files, get them to this blog post and then to you all! I'm so NOT a techie!

 Here are the titles for the final 3 Tingles Double Flips - available next week in your favorite needlework shop!

Lizzie*Kate Star F145 It's Hallo-scream/Toil & Trouble Tingles Double Flip
Lizzie*Kate Star F146 It's Halloween/Fright Night Tingles Double Flip
Lizzie*Kate Star F147 Gone Haunting/Spooky Tingles Double Flip

The covers are so bright and fun...I love this batch of Tingles!

Finally, here are boxes and boxes of Tingles awaiting their date with the shipping table and shipping crew (Alan and I) over the long weekend.

Happy July 4th, everyone!


  1. Quick question - Do you get those boxes from your printing company? I would love to have some of those to get the small patterns better organized at my shop! :)

  2. Tingles are great new stitches! So fun!

  3. I love the colors! And those buttons are very cute!