Monday, July 14, 2014

Our slimmer Santa!

A slimmer Santa? Tell me it isn't so!

No, it's NOT true! Just our Santa design is slim this year. The jolly, old soul is still our favorite chubby, benevolent holiday guy!

And Santa has a new pal, resting on his shoulder. We designed a sweet little gingerbread button, and the creative gals at Just Another Button Company brought this little guy to life for us. 

We've been doing a Santa every year for many years! Every year I sit in front of my computer and think..."what in the world am I going to do with Santa this year?"

Honestly, there have been so many great Santa designs over the years from other designers and I collect them. Someday, I might even stitch them...if I live that long. Thank goodness for my magnifier lamp!

So this year I was inspired by this sweet verse I found and our annual Snippet Santa came to life!

Santa '14 is available at needlework shops everywhere this week. If your shop doesn't have it, ask them to order it in! Santa Snippet and gingerbread button are sold separately. You can check out all our "historic" Santa designs on our website at 

One final random's a cute pink pig I saw at the County Fair last weekend. He was lazying around in his pen, waiting for his date in the show arena. To be more accurate, at the fair they're not called pigs...or even hogs...they're SWINE! Whatever he's called, I thought he was very photogenic and charmingly PINK...all 255 pounds of him!

Happy Christmas in July!