Monday, September 17, 2012

Sewing and cross stitch are NOT the same thing!

Just wanted to clarify this, in case you were wondering. Cross stitch skills do not necessarily guarantee sewing skills! (And no, contrary to the phone call I just received, you cannot hire me to cross stitch for you!).

Last weekend the fearless craft ladies were at it again! Fueled by fabulous paninis from Jozelle's wonderful panini press, we tackled a new purse project. This tote looked so cute, and deceptively simple, on the pattern cover. Even with a lot of chatting, and with Jozelle's expert guidance, we should be able to whip out these totes in a couple hours.

We weren't trying to set any speed records, and we sure did more chatting than sewing, but these were a bit involved. Friday night spilled over into Saturday morning, and more food was required! We spent alot of time on the "cutting table", poring over the incomplete instructions, looking for lost pieces, and snacking for creative fuel.

Finally, the ruffle was made, the handles were completed, 3 outside pockets were added, everything that didn't move was fused for more body, and it was time for the big reveal. It turns out, when you put a lining in a purse, you have to construct it inside out, and then pull the whole thing out through a hole left just for this purpose! Who knew?! 

As we struggled to pull all those bulky layers inside out, Jozelle mused that we were finally "birthing our purses". It took some heavy breathing, a small "episiotomy" to make a larger opening, and one giant effort to complete the much-awaited purse birth! WHEW!!!

It's funny...but it sure gives me a feeling of accomplishment to complete a new project like this! My sewing machine (my old Kenmore from high school) doesn't get much action these days, but it still works.

Of course, I'd never attempt a project like this without my talented friends, Jozelle (left), and Glenna (right). I spent some time on Pinterest last night dreaming about our next craft project together. I don't think it's going to involve sewing...maybe a nice Halloween bunting (banner). 

Meanwhile, here's my bag! It's hanging out on my kitchen counter, ready for show and tell. I still need to buy a button for the closure, so I'm letting it rest before it goes into service. Meanwhile, Vera have nothing to fear! I appreciate your beautiful bags even more!


  1. How cute! Where did you get the pattern?

  2. LOL... I enjoyed reading about your adventure! Congrats on creating a new bag.

  3. I love the purse. What is the name of the pattern? and made by whom?

  4. I am a purse and tote nut and you did a great job

  5. I'm so sorry to interfere with offtopic - the purse is really lovely and it deserves the applause. I have sent you an email regarding the Wouldn't life be great if pattern on Sept, 12, but still didn't get any answer. The problem is - one skein of caterpillar is definetely not enough for stitching it on the recommended fabric. As you can see here it wasn't like 2-3 crosses, but a lot. I wouldn't bother if I weren't very careful with orts. I thought it would be good if you mention in the pattern description on your site, that 1 skein might not be enough.
    I'm still your big fan!

  6. where can I find the pattern for this bag / purse ? I love it !!!!

  7. Could you tell me where you found the pattern of the bag / purse ? I love it !!!!

  8. For all of you who asked...the pattern is called the Hazel Hipster, from Two Peas in a Pod. My friend tells me you can do an "online class" to make the bag. I'm sure that would have helped us!