Friday, September 28, 2012

Scary, spooky, stitching time!

Sometimes I forget what time of year it is!  Embarassing, but true. Today I'm working on some Christmas designs for 2013. WHOA...that's next year! I'm planning a monthly series of Christmas ornaments for 2013. Yes, that's one ornament a month for the whole year. More about that later...

Meanwhile, to make sure I'm firming rooted in reality, I've been decorating my house for fall this week. Since my daughters are grown and gone, friends ask why I do this time-consuming job. Because I LOVE it! I make a giant mess, hauling totes from the basement full of autumn accoutrement...leaves, spiders (real and fake), haunted houses, and pumpkins...lots of pumpkins.

Sometimes I repeat entry hall table has looked the same for several years now. Several years ago I did an arrangement I really liked, so I photographed it. Since I've finally figured out how to store photos in a logical way (thanks, Memory Manager!), I can find the photo and recreate the scene. I've had that funky Halloween Santa guy (right side, under cloche) for over 20 years, and he still makes me smile, with his bag of pumpkins on his back.

But this year, something new happened...PINTEREST!  Oh my, I should never have consulted Pinterest for Halloween decor ideas. Pinterest had SO many beautiful pics that took me to even MORE blogs where these ladies are SO creative. Where do they find the time??? And how do I choose what to do?

In all this internet cruising I got stuck in a rut looking at "Halloween Mantel" arrangements? I didn't know there were huge postings devoted solely to mantel decor...for all seasons! If I knew how to post my pic on one of those sites, I would. But, since I only know how to post it here, here's my finished mantel. At least I think it's finished...additional tweaking may occur.

My mantel is really wide, deep (a good thing) and high off the ground, so kind of an interesting challenge. But here's the good part...I only spent $3 on this grouping. I moved some little lamps I usually have in my kitchen, moved a painting from the living room, and filled in with stuff from my stash. The only additions were the 3 little black crows (right side) I saw on Pinterest ($1 each at Dollar Tree - love that place!).

Above is my new kitchen grouping. I brought out my favorite feathery owl (which my grown daughters think is truly creepy) and found him a place of honor in the front The only new addition is the BOO sign. I already had the frame, so I did some letters on my computer, added a border and printed it, and dropped it in the frame. EASY peasy!

Have you ever used blackboard paint? Everyone on Pinterest says it's a snap. Well., I still have black fingernails and even black blotches on my feet from drippy paint, but I think the finished product was worth it! I wanted a big blackboard surface to doodle on, but I didn't want to buy anything. I used a giant metal tole tray (I collect these and this is the biggest tray I ever scored on Ebay) and painted the BACK side. Now it's resting over my stovetop, conveying seasonal messages. Some bright (fake) leaves from Dollar Tree complete the little scene. This was my first attempt at seasonal messages...improvement will (hopefully) follow. 

But I digress...this post is called Spooky, Scary Stitching, and that was my intention when I began. I was going to post a bunch of photos of my Halloween projects. But hey...just check my website at to see the whole scary collection. Just go to the Categorical Listings button and click on Halloween. Meanwhile, here's one of my faves from my sampler friend Flora McSample. It's a L*K sampler-ish take on Halloween, and comes with some beautiful lavender linen and orange pumpkin button. It's quirky, quick and fun!

Happy Halloween stitching...and decorating!


  1. My kids are grown and gone too, but I love to decorate for the seasons and holidays. Just for me! This year I changed things up by using ideas from Pinterest too. It's so much fun! Your decor looks awesome - very festive!

  2. I just love to decorate for fall too. I have 2 stitched "Fall You All" pieces, one over two and I like it so much I stitched it again several years later over one. I just hung my new "Hallowe'en Rules" that I finished this year. Lizzie Kate things really make my house great !

  3. Beautiful Decorations Linda!!! I love the chalkboard drawing! I have yet pulled all my decorations out yet. Tomorrow is the day for me to begin!!!

  4. We have not this event in France but I like see US blog when it is Halloween. Pumpkin, autumn leaves,... it's so lovely colors !!
    Friendship to South of France

  5. Beautiful decorations - I'm very keen to read more about your monthly ornaments - it might be something my forum friends would be interested in :)

  6. Your decorations are lovely :D you can really tell the FALL has arrived to your place :D
    I can't wait for more details on the monthly ornaments... that sounds s great idea for me to stitch next year :D

  7. Lovely decorations. Can't wait to hear more about the monthly ornaments. I am very excited by the prospect of monthly ornaments.

  8. Lovely Halloween decor of your place. I want to put some ornaments in my makati condominiums this weekend for a Halloween decor. Thanks for sharing, you gave me some great ideas! :)

  9. Love your blog. This post made me smile and giggle, as I too, live child free now, and I too, have a Christmas tree, a Halloween tree, and an Easter tree. Mostly stitched items on the Halloween, and some on the other two. Why not feed the child in us now!! ? :) And some people smile when they see my bathroom and kitchen, even though they are small rooms I still decorate slightly in them as well. It makes me smile, just as you with yours, each day too! Happy decorating I say!!! :)