Friday, July 6, 2012

SNOW on my mind!

It's over 100 degrees...ALL WEEK! So what to do? THINK SNOW!!!

My desk is covered with snow sayings, snowy sketches and I'm even listening to snowy music. I'm doing more than escaping the heat...I'm busy designing the next Flip-it series, which has a SNOW theme. 

Last year I did the 6 Fat Men Flip-its and those chubby guys were popular. They're still going strong - just ordered more snowflake charms this week.  But now it's the GIRL'S turn! This year's group of 6 weight-challenged snow ladies will (tentatively) be called "6 Fluffy Gals".

I'm having a "ball" working on the flaky ladies. How do you tell a snow girl from a snowman? It's all about the accessories. That brings to mind a great saying from one of my favorite movies "Steel Magnolias". The Clairee character (played by Olympia Dukakis) quips "the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize!".

Amidst a crazy pile of sketches, 6 designs are slowly emerging on the computer. I'm using the same color palette as last year's SNOW series, so they will coordinate! The designs will all work separately, or you can combine them using some FREE motifs to link them together.

Whatever the weather outside...these SNOW gals just wanna have fun!!


  1. Cant wait to see them !! Im working on 6 fat men at the moment =D

  2. Curious question though - Could we combine the guys with the girls?? I have my 'Men' ready to stitch and the girls might like to hang out with them. Just a thought.

  3. Cute idea! I can't wait to see them. My men are stitched and framed & waiting for some ladies to join them :)

  4. Can't wait to see the gals. Will I need the same size piece of fabric for the gals as I did when I stitched the guys all together? I want to pick it up now while it's still available.

  5. Regarding fabric size, that isn't definite yet. I'll yet you know when the release is closer. The shape won't be the same, but similar in overall size.

  6. Fun!!! (And the post looks great!) :)

  7. Love the fluffy girls idea! I will surely be adding it to the Fat men that I'm working on! Oh my gosh I love that movie and I can hear the quote in my head...with the exact influct that she used. What a great movie!

  8. this is such a great idea! snowmen and snowgals! :D
    steeling magnolias is such a great movie.. I might even watch it for the 9384520 time this weekend..
    have fun during your early wintertime..! ;D
    happy xxx!

  9. Also loving the snowgals idea. Can't wait to see their accessories. Keep cool in your invisible snow.

  10. I am very pleased to learn that there will be a result of snowmen. I have ordered, received and it remains to stitch them.
    Great idea. Thanks.
    I'm happy to see the ladies of Christmas