Friday, July 20, 2012

Part 2 - another "missing" mystery?!

Our summer of mystery continues...and we seem to be encountering "mysterious disappearances"...once AGAIN! Remember last month when we shipped our giant boxes of Part 1 to our distributor, and one box arrived mysteriously half empty and 20 pounds lighter than when it left our office? Well, we blamed that one on UPS. (Evidently they agreed with us, because they are paying our claim - next time we insure for more $$.)

BUT THIS TIME....embarassingly enough...we have no one to blame but ourselves for this shocking disappearance. I'm sitting in my office this morning, happily contemplating this blog post, shooting a few appropriate pics, when I decide to photograph the freebie from Very Scary Part 2. That's when I (all in rapid succession) take a huge gulp of air, utter a naughty word, and nearly faint from shock. I (we) totally forgot to include the FREEBIE pattern with all the Part 2 patterns we've been shipping the past 3 days.

The cover is there (check it our above), the pattern for Part 2 is there (yes!), there's no color key or stitch guide (those were included with Part 1 and you all kept them!), but the promised freebie is AWOL....yikes!!!

Thankfully, we shipped Norden a few days early (inappropriate pat on back), so there is time to solve this mystery and avert this cross stitch emergency. We're printing the freebie today, delivering to UPS to ship late this afternoon. Here's the sad part, though. Now the busy gang at Norden gets to insert all of those freebies - now that's a SCARY job!

And we should know it's a big job...we just sacked them the first time! Our faithful helper Carmen (who was planning to work extra this week to prepare the shipment) got stranded with her son's soccer team at an out-of-state tournament, when a relative became ill. She couldn't make it back to Kansas, so we popped a few movies in the DVR and turned out family room into assembly central. (That Bourne trilogy really makes you work fast!)

Here's a pic of the much-discussed SPOOKY freebie chart, stitched on that beautiful carrot linen from our friends at Weeks Dye Works. We put it in a groovy black frame from East Side Mouldings, but there's a zillion scary ways to finish this one!

Ah...the joys of owning your own business...never a dull moment, because they just keep coming. We truly appreciate your business, and thanks for playing along with all the craziness! I think I feel a strong chocolate craving coming on....


  1. Oops! lol

    Glad to hear UPS is paying the claim! Hope you insured for more than the standard $100!

  2. You've been having one heck of a fright with this series! Hope the third part goes smoothly for you. :)

  3. gee Very Scary got troubles..double double toil and trouble! :D

  4. As one of my associates at Cross My Heart, Ltd. Says "Oh Bad Word." At least you caught it before the throngs of shop owners and stitchers started to call! Carol

  5. Cannot get Part 1 in the UK never mind Part 2. :o(

    1. Check out
      She mails product to UK and she has the Mystery Sampler on her site.
      email: (be sure to spell it correctly or she won't get your email).

  6. Oops but a cute freebie :)