Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Out the (snowy) door!

YEA! The auto ships left the office yesterday afternoon!  Alan trekked overflowing US Mail totes to the post office, and piled UPS boxes on the driveway. We felt sorry for the UPS if he wasn't busy enough! We'll have to make sure Santa puts something extra in his stocking this year.

Henry, the grand-dog, thought this was some sort of game, so you can catch a glimpse of him racing through on the left side of the pic.

THREE NEW DESIGNS are whizzing their way to needlework shops near you (or maybe slogging through the holiday shipping rush)!  Here's the new lineup - the final L*K products for 2011.

*Faith Inspiration Boxer (see Dec. 5 post for preview)
*A Good Marriage Kit (see Dec. 2 post for sneak peek)
*Flora McSample's 2011 Ornaments - below!!

Our sampler girl Flora decided to do a set of ornaments at the last minute - you know how busy she is!  These little guys turned out so cute, I took them in the house and photographed them on my little kitchen Christmas tree. If you don't have time for more Christmas stitching this year, no worry....Christmas rolls around this time every year!  Just put them in your stocking now, or add them to your list, so you're ready when you have time (next summer?). 

I don't know about you, but my calendar is CRAZY between now and Christmas. This week I have an event every evening! On the coming weekend, I have to choose between some double-booked times, with 2 things I really want to do at the same time (both out of town!). To cope with all this holiday busyness,  I'm aiming to adopt a positive attitude...embrace it, not fight it! I'll keep you posted on how this works...meanwhile...

Here's wishing you all a very Joyous Christmas season!


  1. The new designs are wonderful!

  2. Love those new ornie designs!!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday too!
    Merry Christmas!


  3. Such a sweet little trio! Congrats on a great L*K year, and here's withing you great choices, and a wonderful holiday season!