Friday, September 2, 2011

Going, going, gone....

Remember when summer was defined by your white shoes??  The "official rules" were....start wearing your white shoes on Memorial Day and put them away on Labor Day.  Wearing white shoes outside those parameters was strictly a fashion NO-NO! Ah...I fondly remember wearing my new white shoes to church and trying to avoid those black scuff marks. But if I did get scuff marks...there was that pasty white shoe polish to the rescue! (That same white shoe polish kept my saddle shoes looking spiffy in the winter!)

With that in mind, we released a summer-only Limited Edition kit this year called "Life's a Beach". It's been available this summer, but is going away on Labor Day. But unlike your white shoes, this kit won't reappear next spring. It's going, going, GONE!

We're still taking orders from shops for this kit, but because it's winding down, I'm only making them a few at a time. But a couple good orders this morning sprung me into action. 

First, I cut the fabric. We still have another bolt left, so we're covered if we get more orders this weekend.

Then I fold and iron the fabric's nice to get paid to iron. 

Then I combine the printed material with the fabric, throw in the buttons and sack it all together. Then ship to my favorite needlework shops. 

If you're wanting to add a Life's a Beach kit to your stash. it's not too late!  If your needlework shop doesn't have one in stock, they can let us know ASAP. Meanwhile, we're wishing a happy Labor Day weekend to everyone! Does it begin soon?


  1. I bought mine and stitched back in June. I love it. Thanks for designing such a cute quick stitch. :)

  2. I tried to get this at my LNS, but with no luck. Could you tell me what shops you sent it to, so I can order one from them?

  3. Happy Labor Day to you too. I thought about it, but I have too much already, lol.