Friday, April 29, 2011

A jolly good slumber party! should we celebrate the early morning royal nuptials? How about a grown-up slumber party?  Girls only, of course!  A group of six friends gathered at my friend Connie's house last night about bed time.  We all brought our overnight bags, wedding hats and assigned food items. We munched on cute (and surprisingly tasty) cucumber sandwiches (I made them and used flower cookie cutters to shape them), finished our breakfast prep, then set our alarms and went to bed.  After a bit of giggling and late night chatting, we aimed for as much sleep as possible before our 4 AM wake up call!

It was painful climbing out of bed so early, but we put on our robes and hats, and gathered in front of the TV, turned on the fireplace and snuggled in our blankets. Connie remembered to put our egg casserole in the oven and as we watched the royal wedding, we soon realized we were, indeed, HUNGRY!! Was it the excitement of the royal wedding, the finally revealed wedding dress design, the crazy parade of hats and inexplicable English clothes...or was it the smell of breakfast? Whatever!

After the ceremony was finished, we moved to the table for a royal breakfast!  We feasted on lemon blueberry scones with lemon curd and Devonshire cream.  It turns out Devonshire cream (or clotted cream) and lemon curd (tastes like lemon creme pie!) are both extremely yummy.

We also had chocolate dipped strawberries, egg casserole, and tea....lots of hot tea served in Connie's grandmother's beautiful china teacups. Oh yea, orange juice mimosas also magically appeared! After the much-awaited royal balcony kiss, the gals with "real jobs" got dressed and left to be at work at 8 AM. We'll talk later to see how perky they were today?!  The 3 of us who remained did the dishes and savored our royal morning a little longer.

What was the best part? That's easy, old chap! Having fun with my own "royal" girlfriends!!! Cheerio!


  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun!! I love the teapot too! Princess Kate arrived at the Abbey at 6am our time here so we didn't have to get up too early at least! I was up getting ready for work anyway. What a beautiful wedding!!

  2. How fun!! It was televised live here too... except that the ceremony started at 8pm for us!!

  3. How great was that?? I am honored to have several very close friends, and they are a joy. Glad you got to be with yoursw!