Friday, April 8, 2011

Field trip!!! I am at Heart's Desire, my local needlework shop in Wichita, Kansas. Debbie has a lovely large store in a cool historic building with antique interior windows, soaring ceiling and skylight, and lots of "old" atmosphere. She also has an incredible green thumb and keeps a small blooming forest in here year round (and outdoors in the summer).

I spread out my 3 stitcheries on the frame table and generally make a mess, pulling lots of mouldings off the displays and trying lots of options. Debbie helps me with measuring (I used to do this myself - she is much better).  After we select the frames (frequently consulting other employees and whoever is around), I contact the frame companies directly and they send me the frames at no charge.  In return, I list them on the publishing as the supplier and mail them a copy after it is published. It's a good deal for both of us! 

Here are Debbie and Carol behind the checkout counter - a beautiful old wood and glass display case. Behind them is the business office - conveniently located in the center of the store with windows to look into the shop on 3 sides.  It's hard for Debbie to hide when I come in to mess up her frame table! 

Here is the L*K area of the store where lots of L*K models and charts hang out, hoping for someone to give them a nice home. Newer L*K models and merchandise usually stay on the "What's New" table with new releases from other designers.  Alot of my models spend their time touring the country in my 2 trunk shows.  When models are tired from their travels, I sell them at market (very cheaply) to needlework shops so they can spend their retirement being admired, rather than spending time in my attic!

Now it's time for me to email the frame company to order the 3 frames, so I'll update this process as soon as the frames arrive. Back to designing NEW STUFF...I need something to stitch!  Multi-tasking abounds!


  1. Thanks for the field trip. That store looks amazing.

  2. Wow! It's amazing what all goes into your designs from start to finish! I used to have a whole wall of your charts/models in my store when I was in business yrs. ago. You are still everyone's favorite designer!
    This has been fun going through all the steps w/you. Thanks so much.


  3. I have designed a few of my own charts etc. My hat is off to you for doing this daily!

    Love your stuff - I have piles done and more to do.

    Thanks for the field trip!