Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The bunnies are BACK!!!

Our favorite rabbit duo are back!!! We're thrilled to bring Clara and Henry O'Hare back, just in time for spring and Easter stitching. Aren't these pastel colors just a breath of spring air?!

Clara and Henry O'Hare

We've updated Clara and Henry with beautiful new fabrics and updated embellishments and they're as adorable as they can be. These two have been out of print for many years. Interestingly, we think they haven't aged a bit...those clever little bunnies!

Clara O'Hare

Clara O'Hare includes straw hat, basket, tiny carrots, buttons, ribbon, garden tools and whiskers. We stitched Clara on beautiful 30 ct. Blush linen and finished her as a 3 dimensional stand-up. 

Henry O'Hare

Henry O'Hare comes with a large garden tool, buttons, silk flower boutonniere, pocket watch with chain (I love his adorable little silver watch chain!).

Clara and Henry O'Hare are available exclusively through our partnership with 123stitch.com
When we retired in 2018, we discussed making some classic RETIRED L*K designs available again (as well as trying to maintain our ENTIRE L*K catalog of designs).Thankfully, 123stitch.com was willing to put a great amount of effort and resources into L*K, and we are very grateful to their whole team. 

I send extra thanks to Joanne from 123stitch.com for finding all of the darling embellishments that make Clara and Henry O'Hare come to life. Most of the original goodies were no longer available - some suppliers were no longer in business. Alan sends extra thanks to the 123stitch.com team for assembling all of the embellishment packs. We did thousands of these in the past. It was fun, but whew...so tedious. I was happy to stitch the new Henry model!

***I am currently recovering from major surgery 4 weeks ago today (more about that in a future post). I'm so grateful to Alan for his constant care during this period. I am delighted to have these bunnies available at a time I couldn't have accomplished it myself! 

Here's a bit of L*K trivia...
Did you know that Clara O'Hare was the very first stand-up kit L*K ever designed? Back in the day...2003 to be exact...Clara was the new bunny on the block. Bunnies tend to multiply, and our bunny collection grew over the years to include Henry O'Hare (Clara's hubby) and children Paddy and Pansy O'Hare

Alas, all of the bunny kits were eventually retired.. The O'Hares went to that "big rabbit hutch" in the cross stitch sky...until now!

S135 Springtime Sampler

While I was in the springtime (right after Christmas when I was putting away Christmas decor), I designed a little sampler. I collected some of my favorite spring-y motifs and had a fabulous time stitching the model with my favorite spring colors. Can you ever have too many alphabets?!

Here's a link to 123stitch.com blog to read about everything new!

I hope these spring stitches bring a bit of spring to your needle and your house. Enjoy!!!


  1. So cute and I hope your recovery is going well!

  2. Thank you for bringing these back. I already had Posey so now I have the entire family,

  3. Hope you are up and about soon!

  4. Adorable! I also want to make the Spring Alpha Sampler. Get well soon. So glad you have someone taking care of you.

  5. Hope you are feeling better each day! Love the Bunny Family! I have the original kits and as I am retiring from 32 years of teaching Elementary school in a few months, I will have a lot more time to work on my projects!

  6. I hope you are getting your health back. Thanks fir the adorable Spring freebie. I love my Bunny family and hope you will be really-releasing Pansy and Paddy so my I'Hare family will be complete. As always, God's Blessingsđź’“