Wednesday, March 28, 2018

4 Seasons of Busy-ness!

Every year we have the same 4 surprise. But for needle workers, those lovely 4 seasons mean lots of great opportunities for beautiful projects. get to pull them out and enjoy them year after year.

During my 22 years designing for L*K, I've done a lot of seasonal and holiday designs. SO MUCH Christmas and Halloween, and all the other holidays...Independence Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day...even one little New Year's Day design.

#190 Spring Smalls with embellishments

I also have several seasonal series...Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I just completed the most recent seasonal series with my Seasonal Smalls - a set of 4 small adorable designs for each season. ***Scroll back through the last 2 posts if you haven't seen the Seasonal Smalls!

Lately, we've been spending busy 12 hours days at the L*K office, then returning home in the evenings to prep for the following day. What does prep mean? We put thousands of things in little bags...buttons, beads, they're ready for assembly the next day in the office.

I keep trying to find a way to get help with this, but inventory is flowing through the office so quickly, it's hard to plan ahead. I would literally need to send stuff home with someone one day and need it back the next morning. That sounds like a job for Alan and Linda, right?

We've got more daily help in the office than ever, and we're cranking out an amazing amount of L*K product each day. But it's a daily struggle to keep enough 1" x 1" zip bags filled with appropriate goodies for whatever product bin is running low. ***And we have to have the needed embellishments IN STOCK, so we're ordering beads, buttons, charms, etc. every day.

Actually, after a full day at the office, it's great to SIT DOWN with our current Netflix addiction, make some popcorn (and a cup of tea for me), and prep for the next day.

Longmire - current Netflix addiction - men in hats and boots!

Speaking of Netflix addiction, is anyone else watching LONGMIRE? Oh my! I had this recommended to me by a girlfriend. I heard it was a Western, and couldn't imagine loving it, but I'm hooked (actually, Alan loves it too). The setting is so unique and the stories are great. But I can't neglect to mention the best part - the MEN of Longmire. Need I say more? Is it warm in here?'s what I really wanted to blog about:

#001 Hats Off to Halloween - our very 1st design in 1996

As we pull orders every day, we see trends of what is selling best. Sometimes it's expected (Halloween Rules and Christmas Rules Flip-its, Seasonal Smalls, etc.) and sometimes it's a surprise. The designs that usually sell the best are selling well now. We're also selling a lot of "oldies, but goodies". I can't believe how many shop orders include our very first design - Hats Off to Halloween.

Lately, we just can't make enough of this seasonal series (pictured below).They're called 4 Seasons Flip-its. (I know...original name!). They originally published in 2014. With only 4 designs, hey're the smallest set of Flip-its we've ever done. And at the time, they were moderate sellers. Now they're super hot...go figure! I've always loved them, and really enjoyed designing and stitching the models.

Each seasonal Flip-it comes with 3 tiny for Spring, pink for Summer, black for Autumn and white for Winter. We just keep ordering in more and more of these tiny buttons.

These bitty buttons aren't only used for 4 Seasons Flip-its...they're literally included with hundreds of L*K designs. The ones that don't get tucked into little 1" x 1" sacks get sucked up with the vacuum. Which, by the way, really needs to be exercised around the L*K office.

B41 Dance in the Rain Inspiration Boxer.

One thing I've discovered over the years...just because I really love a design doesn't mean it will be a top seller. I've learned to listen to my customers. If bunches of stitchers request a saying, it will probably be popular, even if it's not my fave. Prime example is the Inspiration Boxer above. It's our best seller in the Inspiration series, and I never would have guessed it. But thanks to persistent requests...

Thanks, as always, for reading along. Back to the shipping table!

LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us your favorite "Longmire man"...and why you chose him!


  1. I have a "thing" for seasonal stitches. I've stitched two of your 12 month flip-its into afghans. I just can't get enough of seasons! My husband got me hooked on Longmire the first season it was on commercial TV. Then when it switched to Netflix we would binge watch it the first few days it was released! It's one of our favorites. My husband loves the books by Craig Johnson. I know you're busy, but take some time to catch a breath now and then!

  2. Haha, the men of Longmire! Branch is my favorite<3 I love the 4 Season flip-its, those are next to be bought. I have been buying my favorites of your annual Santas, the most recent is '06. I still have more on my wish list! Best wishes!

  3. I LOVE all your designs...I have them all over my house. I have many that I pull out (well, pull they hang in the stairwell going to my bonus/sewing room year round) and display during all the special holidays/seasons. You have no idea how fabulous we all think you are. Get some rest. Longmire is a great series, btw...enjoy!

  4. I understand the busy-ness - have the same issue going on here. Get your rest!
    Ahhh, the men of Longmire - SUCH a fan!! I reeeeally like Henry, but I think Walt is my top choice - boots, gun, jeans, hat, protector of the weak, pursuer of justice (even if the means are a little "extra-legal" on occasion). What's not to love?? ��

  5. I have stitched so many of your seasonal charts I cannot begin to count. I am stitching on one of your new spring ones now. Thank you for the years of patterns!

  6. How can you choose just one Longmire man??? If I have to choose just one, it has to be Henry! What's not to love?!

  7. Continuing to enjoy your lovely designs!
    As for Longmire - now, don't you just love Henry?