Thursday, February 15, 2018

WHOA...let us catch our breath!

Since our announcement last week of our upcoming retirement (scroll back to previous post), things have do I say this...INSANELY CRAZY?!

OMG. Never expected THIS. We have been overwhelmed with your emails, blog comments, phone calls, and every kind of sweet sentiment. We feel absolutely blessed by all of your thoughtful, heartfelt words. The stitching community truly is a very special place.

Before this train runs completely off the tracks (that's what it feels like here at L*K world headquarters), we need to clear up a few details. Honestly, we never intended to create a "cross stitch emergency".

RELAX!!!  We have lots of L*K inventory!
We always have excess inventory on hand. That's one of the risks/challenges of the business - printing enough, but not too much. Here's the catch...our products may not be ASSEMBLED and ready to go out the door.

Lizzie*Kate designs are NOT going to disappear after March 31.

We will be shipping directly to shops worldwide until March 31. After that, remaining inventory will be sent to our distributors (who sell to shops). Shops will continue to order L*K products from distributors and it will be ready for YOU.

If you want to make sure you get more L*K in your stash before March 31, contact your favorite needlework supplier and ask them to order. 

We are already SWAMPED with orders from our faithful needlework shops, so we know lots of you have already been ordering.

BE PATIENT! Thanks in advance for bearing with us. Usually we pride ourselves on shipping orders the same day they are received. Because of the current volume, we won't be able to do this. We will do our best to get orders processed quickly.

If we don't have enough printing on a certain design, we'll order more! If we're out of charms for a Flip-it, or supplies for a kit...we will order those supplies. We may be waiting on our suppliers in order to assemble your products, so shipping will be slower.

We are considering various options going forward as some things sell out. We will keep you posted on our future plans when they are finalized.

Carmen in the former L*K office. She's always dressed up, I'm usually in sweats.

Our faithful helper Carmen is already on overtime since our announcement. She is so fast at assembling L*K products, it's a struggle for us just to keep her desk filled. Carmen says she's ready for MORE!

#190 Spring Smalls (with embellishments)

We will release our final design #190 Spring Smalls on March 1. If you're wanting this "historic" design, let your needlework supplier know now, because we're printing soon. We anticipate printing more of this than our usual quantity. If we run out, we'll just print more...and sack more charms!


Our little ride in the needlework biz has been a thrill right from the beginning in 1996. We have never known what twist or turn was hiding around the next corner. It's always been a thrill, and sometimes a bit of a gamble.

Thanks for coming along for the ride of our lives!


  1. I know I am included in stitchers buying your patterns like crazy. Your designs brought me back to this love of stitching after 23 years of being “too” busy and young kids. Thank you for that. Love your designs. Happy retirement.

  2. I am glad for the update, thanks. I just ordered another $90 worth of your patterns last night....and, as I was looking around at my cross stitch I don't think I realized how many were LK. I have Santa's, Mystery Samplers, Halloween Flip It's (two series of them...and your border), Love Grows here, The dog one that says Come, Rest, Stay (or something like that) and many others....(I have the series about living well in the environment all kitted - for many years and now I am pretty sure I am digging it out to work on it too). Thanks for all the designs!

  3. That's a relief! Haha. I, myself, was worried I couldn't get all the charts I wanted that are on a wish list. I wanted to add that I will miss your mystery samplers and anything Halloween. if you made a book with all your Halloween designs in it, I would buy it! Once again, thank you for all the wonderful designs.

  4. Enjoy your retirement! PLEASE consider going digital download <3

  5. I am one that went and ordered some I had been thinking of and I will have to have this one. You will remain in my life my walls are full of your items and I treasure each and every one. Every time I get out holidays I will remember you also. Enjoy your time with family you deserve it! ((hugs))

  6. Happy for your decision but you will truly be missed many blessings on your new adventure in life...I have stitched many of your designs over the years and will continue & always think fondly of you😘🌹

  7. Thank you so much for the reassurance that Patterns may still be available. When you announced your retirement I think your fans thought what I did. That when Prarie Schooler retired the prices of her patterns went so high that most of us could not afford to buy them used. I have place and order to fill my stash but it's nice to know that I will still be able to get the ones on my wish list. I have always loved your patterns. "My to do List" got me through a really tough time in my life.
    Enjoy your retirement,

  8. I was so relieved to read this post. My daughter, DIL, and I have been plotting and planning how we would buy the patterns we want, but haven't purchased yet prior to March 31st. Good to know we don't need to camp out at our LNS!! haha

  9. I never thought this moment would come.
    You have always been one of my favourite cross stitch designer!
    I always dreamt to meet you one day...
    Thank you for all the beautiful designs!
    All the best for the future xxxAlice - Italy

  10. I am happy for your retirement!!!! But I wish that you would consider selling the charts and not worry about the embellishments or fabric that goes with each charts. I know I love the creative charts that you publish and I know people would buy the chart and make their own decisions on the material and other things. That way all you would have is the charts and sell them. We all are so worried that we will not be able to get the charts that we see that people got a long time ago because they are not printing them. PleSe consider this. Thanks. Sharon Materne. Love your designs!!!!!

  11. Whew!! This is a tremendous relief!! Your news really threw some of us in a tizzy but after a deep breath, we will move forward from here with your latest update. Thank you for your fantastic work-- it brought me back to cross stitching after a tough hiatus. Looking forward to settling down and enjoying stitching again!!!

  12. I agree with anonymous! You could always sell/distribute/digitally sell charts only. As a long time stitcher/stashed, I have many, many pieces of fabric and tons of charms to be used!! Happy retirement!!

  13. It just reflects how special your designs (and you) are to us. :) Cathryn

  14. Crowd psychology, one or two get anxious and it spins out of control. Bless you, and thank you for all you did to make our stitching lives so much fun.

  15. I echo the others, please consider digitally selling your charts! I just discovered your beautiful designs last year and as a young mom I am so sad in thinking I will not be able to get all the patterns I love. Wishing you the best in your retirement!

  16. I too have added to the buying frenzy and loving it! I looked at my stash and saw that my oldest pattern of yours is Ho Ho Ho! from back in the 90's. I am at this moment sewing a baby gift of Snippets - Daughters from 2000 - your patterns just don't date! All the best for your next adventure.