Monday, May 8, 2017

Distracted in Kansas's been almost a month since I last blogged. I used to blog twice a week. Now I aim for weekly or every other week. Lately, I've completely fallen off the blogger bandwagon!

Here's my (self) diagnosis: DISTRACTED!

****The post title "Distracted in Kansas" was meant to be a variation on the popular movie "Sleepless in Seattle".  Just thought I'd better explain, and clue you in to my movie-inspired sense of humor.

In 20+ years of working from home, I've been super diligent and disciplined. I'm frequently asked if it's hard to work from home and get anything done. On the contrary, I have found it's hard to get away from work - it's always right around the corner. But lately....

I do love to make lists!!! Do you like lists? Be sure and leave a comment below if you're list-addicted.

Here's my list on why I'm distracted this spring of 2017:

Ali and Barclay's wedding is June 2!

1) Wedding!!!
The time between Ali (our daughter) and Barclay's Christmas engagement and June 2 wedding is a short 5 months. But, the bride and groom are doing 95% of the planning themselves. Truly, I only have a small amount of details to pull together. Other than being the MOB (mother of bride) at 4 bridal showers, I'm mostly thinking happy thoughts about the big event ahead. And wondering when I'm going to get my dress altered. I'm putting it on this week's LIST.

Alan enjoying the newly fluffed back patio
2) Spring
I adore spring! I can't get enough of watching everything turning green, visiting all the plant stands, going for walks in the woodsy area behind our house, arranging my patio for summer fun, and kayaking our little lake. So. Much. Spring. Very distracting!

Making cookies together = successful marriage

3) 40th wedding anniversary
Alan and I are eagerly anticipating our 40th anniversary this fall. We were babes when we married - just out of college - and it's been an amazing journey together. I can't imagine doing life without this man. So to celebrate we booked a Viking River Cruise on the Rhine and Danube in July. It will also be a great "recovery" from the wedding whirl in June. We'll be accompanied by some dear friends who are also celebrating their 40th.

Our daughter Ali and her fiance, Barclay, took a Viking Cruise last summer and adored the experience - even though they were decades younger than most of their fellow cruisers. It turns out Barc loves to charm the little old ladies.(No wonder we get along so well!) Can't wait for the beautiful scenery, yummy food, and overall pampering.

***Isn't it interesting how often your kids get to have cool experiences before you do? Now it's OUR TURN!

Having said all this about being DISTRACTED from my work...NO WORRIES, cross stitch faithful! I may be staying up late surfing Pinterest wedding pics, but I've still got a full line-up of newbies scheduled for 2017.

Just this morning, I finished the new product release schedule for 2017. On my official new release LIST, of course!

***Check back soon, because I'm working on a BIG blog post with all the newbies coming in 2017, including our top-secret Christmas Mystery Sampler.

Meanwhile, if you love LISTS like I do (and appreciate the supreme satisfaction of crossing things off a list)...LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me about your list addiction.


  1. I am definitely a list person! I hate when I make a shopping list and forget it at home. Or when my husband ignores my list. Or when I'm out somewhere and dash inside a store thinking "I've got a list at home, I know I'm forgetting something." I have note pads for all seasons. :)

  2. At my tender age of almost 70, I do make a few lists now. I always have a grocery list to start the shopping and supplement as necessary! And, now I need lists to remember those chores I want to accomplish. Love piece quilting and gardening! And, visited Craft Center of Stitchery here in SLC, UT and bought some of your patterns recently. Thanks much; have a beautiful wedding; and great cruise!

  3. I live by lists! Always have and even more so now. My second son got married in March--one day after my husband and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary and two days before we left for a three-week sojourn down the Pacific coast. You think I could have done that without a list? No way! Even as the mother of the groom. And you will love, love, love the Viking cruise we took the (I think) the same one last year and had the best time. Happy Anniversary! Happy Spring! Happy Wedding!

  4. Absolutely a list for everything! And my errand list is in the order I plan to follow on my drive. :). Danube River cruise...did it last year and it was fabulous! Blessings, Marlene

  5. My husband and I took a Viking River Cruise several years ago - it was wonderful! Enjoy!

  6. We've just moved house so I have to have lists. One for things we need to do and one for things we need to get. We're also going on a cruise next week so I have a list for what to take. I have such a busy week ahead I have a separate list for each day and the jobs I need to do on those days. Keeps me together. Lol. Enjoy the wedding and cruise. Happy 40th wedding anniversary.

  7. I love making lists and crossing thing off, even at work. ;)
    Can't get much done without a list!

  8. I am definitely a lister. But, at times I don't get everything crossed off. I Love Spring too and get distracted by it often. Your planned Anniversary trip sounds devine.

  9. I make a list every week (usually Sunday mornings after perusing the ads in the Sunday paper) for each day, plus errand lists. I draw the line at having the first item on the list be: make a list! I also keep running lists of stitching needs and books to read! I need a little structure in my life or I get in trouble... Ha!

  10. Yup, I love lists! In fact the one Lizzie Kate that I've actually framed (not to be confused with the other finished ones in that box in my closet, or the Marriage one that I gave to my son and his wife...) is To Do List. :)

  11. I am a compulsive list maker. In my younger days when I worked full time I was even known to occasionally make lists of lists I needed to make when I got home. Yes, it is truly an obsession with me. And now that technology is with me at all times I make lists on my phone, lists on my computer as well as paper lists. Each year I buy a spiral bound hardcover journal, sit down on January 1st and list the dates of each Monday on a page and that is my shopping list. The remaining pages are used for other lists as needed throughout the year. Can you see the pattern here? haha!

    Have fun planning your daughters' wedding - it's great that your duties are limited, more time for you to enjoy the festivities.

  12. I have been making to do lists for as long as I can remember!! That little naggy thought that I might forget something drives me crazy! So now that I am "old" and it's okay for me to make lists, I am way ahead of the game!!
    I so want to go on one of those river cruises!! They look so relaxing and the scenery...Well you will see I am sure!! Looking forward to pictures!! And enjoy the wedding!

  13. I am DEFINITELY a list maker. Since being diagnosed with MS back in 2004, I needed to have a life style change. That meant living by my TO DO lists I make each day. I feel sooo much accomplishment when I get to cross something off that was done!

  14. I usually have 4-5 lists going on per week. You're taking that river cruise (Rhine) I want to go on one day-so I can't wait for your pics and blog about it!!! 33 years Anniversary for us this year on your daughter's upcoming Wedding date (6/2). Congratulations all around! Don't forget to put have fun on that To-Do list.

  15. I find post it note lists in the bottom of my purse all.the.time. LOL