Wednesday, April 5, 2017

COMING in 2 weeks!

We've got 4 new designs coming in mid-April. We previewed the first 2 in last blog post. Scroll back to view them!

Here are other 2 newbies joining the L*K 2017 line-up:

F167 Liberty Celebrate! with Charm Flip-it

Our year long celebration continues with a July 4th design. It's the same size as all the other Celebrate! Flip-its, so you can interchange frames if you like. Or stitch all of the holidays together for one horizontal celebration. Flip-it includes an antique gold star charm.

Responding to a request from a Canadian shop, we have also developed a "Canadian alternative" for this design. Thank goodness we consulted with her on the wording, because we had never heard the phrase she suggested before - "True North". She assured us the stars, sunflowers and waves were appropriate, so we are pleased to offer this adaptation for our Canadian stitcher friends.

We'll post the Canadian adaptation on the Free Designs section of the L*K website. 

Many thanks to shop owner Ann McDonald, from Knowledge and Needles in Brighton, Ontario for stitching our Canadian model and suggesting the Canadian tweak. We love our northern neighbors!

K95 A Little Stitch Kit

It's time for another "Little" kit and we've chosen our favorite subject - stitching! We've also included a bit of stitcher wisdom...."Stitch every day". Words to live by! Kit includes easy-to-see 28 ct. Lambswool linen and silver "Made with Love" charm. 

***On another subject, I've been obsessed with "spring refreshing" in my house for the last month. I seem to have caught CPRS. I read about this on a decorating blog and it describes me perfectly. I have "constant pillow rearranging syndrome". My fun pillows travel from sofa to chair, room to room, upstairs and downstairs...all in a quest for a new look. And I seem to be buying more pillows since Home Goods came to town. Love that place!

And pillows aren't the only things moving around my home and home office. Small furniture, plants, accessories, anything that I can lift is subject to relocation at any time. I'm blaming those decorating blogs I love to follow and Pinterest, of course. Pinterest = addictive.

I'll do a post soon with my L*K office refresh! I'm in a PINK mood this spring (not sure why!) but maybe because of the giant pink donut painting in my office from my daughter, the talented Sarah Wain. Pink is popping up around the office, and I love it. I'll clean my office to unusual (unsustainable) standards, take some pics and share soon.

Directly behind my desk - sprinkles on my shoulder!

***Stay tuned for "behind the (pink donut) scenes" at my L*K home office!


  1. Can you come up...Or do you have a pattern that maybe says "Do your best and let God do the rest!"??

  2. lovely comment from unknown above. Looks like I might be visiting my LNS to look into these new charts. Bye for now and have a great day

  3. Great! And love the Canadian edition. "True North" is part of the Canadian national anthem "True North strong and free". :)

  4. So much fun reading your blog and anticipating new designs!!