Monday, February 13, 2017

NEW next week!!

It's Nashville Needlework Market time, so that means lots of NEW designs from your favorite creative people. We've made the cross-country drive for 20 years, but we're staying home this year. Sometimes life gets in the way of business. More about that in a future post, but all is good. 

But we're still releasing NEW DESIGNS at market time. Actually, we're shipping ahead of market, so shops can cross L*K off their "to buy" list at market. One less busy showroom to visit.

We previewed our Chick Party (bottom pic) last week. 

Here are our other 2 (Nashville) newbies!

#180 She Believed She Could

I found 2 cool saying I LOVE, so combined them into one powerful, female-friendly inspirational chartpak. Just last week a friend suggested "She Believe She Could" saying to me. I told her it was already DONE!

F166 Easter Basket Celebrate! Flip-it

Our 7-part holiday series is already in full swing with Love (#164 Valentine's Day) and Luck (#165 St. Patrick's Day). Now Basket (Easter) is joining a year of celebration. These little gems are quick, cute and full of finishing possibilities. Let's celebrate 2017 stitches!

#181 Chick Party

Yes, we told you about the chicks last week, but they are still partying and wanted to be included on the blog again. Chicks just wanna have fun! Chartpak includes both designs and a cache of tiny white buttons. Find egg template and finishing instructions online at

***If you "need" any newbies, be sure to let your favorite needlework supplier know. We're shipping to shops around the world on Wednesday, February 22. Lots of spring happiness coming your way!

Speaking of spring anyone else having unseasonably warm weather? On the daily news, I see severe weather on both coasts. But here in the heartland, we're having 60 and 70 degree days in February! My grass is greening, perennials are starting to poke up their's downright balmy. And my over-achieving neighbor mowed her lawn. AND I had early morning hot tea on my balcony the other day - what's with that?!

Is winter really over...or is a frigid, blustery March lurking ahead of us? Whichever...loving February in Kansas!

Leave me a COMMENT if freaky weather is happening at your house. Whatever the weather, it's always cross stitch weather!


  1. Love the new ones! Especially I need the "She Believed She Could". We got over a foot of snow last night, but that's February in Vermont.

  2. In Raleigh, NC we have warm temps over the weekend, breaking record at 82 yesterday and today back in 50's for most of the week, then expect 60-70 next weekend. This has happened over the last 2 weeks. March may come in like a lion. Who knows!

  3. There is nearly no snow here in's all melting. Today is supposed to be 45...ah that's pretty warm for us :) I am excited for your new patterns especially Basket. My nearest cross stitch shop carries ALL of your patterns Stitchville, USA.

  4. It is warmer for Minnesota. Almost no snow as it is melting. I particularly love the Basket pattern and hope my local store Stitchville, USA will be carrying it.

  5. in colorado springs-- we had 80s on friday--- WHERE IS THE SNOW??!!!!!!!

  6. In snow to speak of so far this winter!! My first visit to Nashville market this year and you won't be there *sob* Lizzie Kate is one of my FAVE designers!

  7. Love them all! The Easter ones are so "Springy". We have gotten over 2 feet of snow in Massachusetts since last Thursday but that's winter and February in New England . The day before the first big storm it was in the 50's!

  8. In Surprise Arizona the long term winter forecast was for a warmer, dryer winter. The reality has been that I can't remember the last winter it was so cold (50s) and rainy! Love the rain, don't love the cold...
    Great new designs, can't wait to stitch the 'She believed she could'.

  9. Crazy weather here in central Illinois. Freezing temps and snow one day and 60's and sunny two days later. Mother Nature can't make up her mind!

  10. Freaky weather in central Indiana too, but great for a bike ride over the weekend! The new designs are great - look forward to picking up a few next time I am in a shop!

  11. Who do you use for your custom frames.....I really want to use the same ones that you use. Thanks in advance!!

  12. Sorry, didn't see this notify me. I'm interested in finding out who your framer is, I would like to use some of the same frames that you use. Thanks in advance!!! I love your designs, I have a ton of your patterns!!!