Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New! Holidays with Charms Flip-its for 2017

YIKES!  It's been over a month since I last blogged. I've missed all of you, but sometimes life gets in the way of business. 

As Christmas neared, my brother and I had to move our mother to a different senior complex. Couldn't have come at a busier time, but we pulled it off. Thankfully, we're both self-employed and we have "understanding bosses" and great spouses. Still...it's the 3rd time we've moved her in the last few years, and we're a little move-weary. More downsizing, more sorting, and more confusion as she adjusts to a new environment. 

In between moving into one apartment and cleaning out another, we celebrated Christmas and tried to squeeze in some work. Here's what's coming for 2017:

CELEBRATE WITH CHARM - our 2017 Flip-it series!

We LOVE HOLIDAYS, so what better way to celebrate than in stitches?! For each holiday, I chose a single word to symbolize the holiday, then designed around that word. Lots of colorful holiday motifs and L*K charm combine to make this series special. And, I should mention, they are quick, satisfying little projects!

* There will be 7 designs - Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

* Each Celebrate with Charm will have a different antique gold charm

* Stitch count for individual holidays is 43W x 58H

* Holidays are stitched on 32 ct. light mocha Belfast linen. Choose your favorite neutral color fabric and stitch count, making sure it's dark enough for white stitching

* If you want to stitch all the holidays together horizontally, combined stitch count is 343W x 58H

* Thread list: Weeks Dye Works capri, chickpea, clockwork, deep sea, dirt road, dried sage, emerald, Havana, monkey grass, onyx, purple haze, whitewash (2). Gentle Art Sampler Threads holly berry, Victorian pink. DMC 754.

* We used charming little frames from Huneywood. You can finish these however you want. They would make darling little pillows, standup easels...whatever you love!

If you want to Celebrate with Charm all year long, we're posting instructions on our website for stitching the whole series together horizontally. We coordinated the threads to blend nicely from Valentine's through Christmas. 

The first two Celebrate with Charm Flip-its are almost ready. We're shipping to shops everywhere on Friday, January 20. 

F164 Love Celebrate with Charm Flip-it 
(includes tiny golden heart charm)

F165 Luck Celebrate with Charm Flip-it
(includes tiny golden shamrock charm)

Here's what all the holidays stitched together would look like - it's one super wide celebration in stitches!

I know - this pic is small - and I'm not technically proficient enough to figure out how to make it better - put on your readers and magnify!!!

***Do you remember our 2016 blog posts on Cross Stitch Design 101? I talked about using repetition as a design technique. Put your sleuthing skills to work, and find the 3 little boxes appearing on each Celebrate with Charm Flip-it. Sometimes the little boxes are horizontal, sometimes vertical, sometimes they have letters, sometimes motifs...but they tie the designs together. Just a fun little nerdy designer thing.

Need some Celebrations in your life? Let your favorite needlework supplier know and get happy for 2017!


  1. Linda, would you consider adding New Year's Day (undated) to the series,? Overall, there aren't many designs on the subject. It would be lovely to have a festive little something to display between Christmas and Valentine's Day. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  2. I just love these and will have to do them. I really enjoy putting out your monthly and seasons. I am trying to think I know I have 3 years of the months.

  3. Love this Linda....we will have an auto ship program for our customers for this series. Can't wait to get them in later in the month.

  4. These will be perfect to stitch for our Annual Bazaar. Your designs make perfect ornaments or window hangings! Can't wait!

  5. What a neat new series! I need to get going to stitch one of the two Lizzie Kate series I already have, but I know I will be tempted when I see this in a shop!

  6. Love the new series! I hope your mom will be comfortable in her new apartment. It can be so difficult to adjust to change no matter our age. Happy New Year!