Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lizzie*Kate gets DOTTY!

We're so excited to announce a collaboration with our gal pals at Quilt Dots!

What are Quilt Dots? They're darling little Needle Nannies and Interchangeable Magnets (perfect for scissor fobs), now available with Lizzie*Kate designs. 

We've taken some of our favorite L*K designs (including our popular 2016 Tiny Tidings characters) and now they're starring on these darling collectible dots. 

Read all about it on the website link above, and learn about all the fun things you can do with these darling dots. 

Just in time for holiday gifting (and your own wish lists), these are available to order today from your favorite needlework supplier. We'll have lots more additions to the L*K family of Quilt Dots in the months ahead.

***We will also have a Limited Edition L*K Needle Nannie featuring our Snippet Santa '16 (Old School Santa) in a Limited Edition L*K Kit coming in November!  Old School Santa is now a handsome Needle Nannie and Santa is "coming to town". We're busy pulling together all the goodies on this special kit, and will have more details SOON.

If you have a favorite L*K design/motif you'd like to see "immortalized" on a Needle Nannie or Interchangeable Magnet, please LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!! We would really like your input on this!!!  Hint: designs most suitable for "dots" are square-ish in shape. 

Let's get DOTTY together and add a little more fun to our stitching time!


  1. I like "I'll get my elves on that"

  2. I like the mystery samplers and the inspiration boxers and the snippets..

  3. Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties

  4. I'd love to see some of your sled designs in this format. I especially love the recent cardinal design you did.

  5. I would love sled designs also