Monday, May 9, 2016

SPOOKED! Collage Sneak Peek Photo

It's here...our "famous" collage SNEAK PEEK photo!  Here's your best to chance to "see" our SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler ahead of time. Have a look and put your sleuthing skills to work and see what you can "discover" about the upcoming SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler. We've packed lots of little clues into one picture.

I spy with my little eye....
* Winnie Witch BONUS standup (check out her "real" stem)
* Beautiful threads including our new custom color, but which one is it (we'll reveal the name soon)
* 2 sided fob BONUS (wonder what the other side looks like?!)
* "Cleverly crumpled" SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler (unframed)
* "Artfully folded" For the Birds BONUS stitchery
* SPOOKED! embellishment pack insert and a spatter of buttons
* My recycled sweater pumpkins - DIY project with my craft buddy/guru, Glenna, last fall
* If you "spot" any other clues, leave me a COMMENT at bottom of post

Speaking of "sleuthing"...did any of you devour Nancy Drew mysteries as a kid like I did? Oh my! Reading Nancy Drew was how I learned the definition of "sleuthing". I remember lazy afternoons at my friend's house (shout out to Connie GW if you are reading!), each of us sprawled on her twin beds, working our way through a Nancy Drew mystery. I also remember afternoons in her kitchen making our famous Chocolate Chip Meringue cookies. Connie's Mom was a dear to let us loose in her kitchen, and I learned how to separate the egg whites and yolks while making some fabulous cookies.

Here's a link to some similar Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies on my favorite food blog, Gimme Some Oven. I may need to whip up of these little pillows of chocolate and meringue now....

Our next behind-the-scenes SPOOKED! post will be a behind-the-scenes visit with Mona, our expert finisher AND our field trip to Picture This Plus to see our beautiful linen and Aida being dyed for SPOOKED! We made the pilgrimage to nearby Abilene, Kansas to visit Marilyn and the PTP gang last Friday. We wanted to confirm that they were really working on Friday afternoon...and those hard-working ladies were still there...and eating ice cream.

Everyone is invited to join our SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Club! If you need to order, let your fave needlework supplier know and have them pre-order NOW. We needs pre-orders to insure we have enough supplies from OUR suppliers. 

We'll ship Part One of SPOOKED! to shops around the world on June 15. The first shipment will include:

* Part One leaflet with thread key, instructions, and the first 1/3 of SPOOKED!
* BONUS 2 sided fob chart and instructions
* SPOOKED! thread pack with 13 skeins of Weeks Dye Works, including our mystery custom color
* SPOOKED! fabric precuts, available in 28 and 32 ct. linen, and 14 and 16 ct. Aida
* SPOOKED! embellishment packs with goodies for Mystery Sampler and 3 BONUS projects

We're getting psyched for a summer of stitching mystery and can't wait to begin the journey together in June.

Mysteriously yours,


  1. I read Nancy Drew a lot, and we called those chocolate chip meringue cookies "snowdrops" :)

  2. I loved the Nancy Drew mysteries!

  3. Love your sweater pumpkins. I'm guessing your special 'color' is the yellow for the moon on the Winnie Witch standup! Haven't seen a yellow looking so nuclear! I didn't read Nancy Drew but I read all the Little House on the Prairie books:)

  4. I read all of the Nancy Drew mysteries as well as the Hardy Boys!! Do you remember Weekly Reader? I loved getting those in the mail during summer break! Ah...memories!! I have ordered Spook....don't think I can wait until June!!

  5. Yes, I remember Weekly Reader, now that you mention it. I loved it, along with visits to the Bookmobile (library in a bus) that came to our neighborhood in the summer months.

  6. Nancy Drew books were a favorite. They are the reason behind my love of cozy mysteries as an adult. What fun sweater pumpkins!

  7. I keep reading a way to find a list of cross stitch stores that will offer pre-order for "Spooked" but it is too cleverly hidden! I can't find it anywhere!

  8. I spy FUN! And yes, I loved Nancy Drew!

  9. gloriahanaway - contact Cross My Heart in Columbus, OH 614-442-0820 - they are taking pre-paid orders for Spooked!