Monday, April 13, 2015

5 NEW designs and A LOT of distractions!

We shipped new designs to shops everywhere last week. Scroll back 2 posts to see all the newbie pictures. Thanks for supporting your favorite needlework shop!

Sometimes I think it's a miracle that the designs keep coming, because I have SO many distractions this spring! I want to tell you all about it, but first, important announcement below!

Our 3 Little Words Contest - Part One - is now OVER!  Thanks to hundreds of you for submitting thousands of lovely inspiration only 3 Little Words!

We're busy sorting through them and I must admit...we're overwhelmed with all the lovely 3 word possibilities. We'll work up a list of our Top 10 - with a little help from our friends - and post it soon. Then the voting period will commence.

After that, the two winning 3 Little Words inspiration sayings will be graphed and posted for FREE on the L*K website and blog.

About those know what I'm talking about. You have some really important stuff to do - like a JOB - but other things keep getting in the way. It's the old "urgent vs. important" discussion, and for me it's hard to sort these out.

Distraction #1 - We're building a new house !!! (and have been for the past 16 months). We were supposed to move in last fall...then Christmas...then March...and now we are hoping (fingers crossed and checkbook handy) to move in early June. Everyone keeps asking us "when will your house be finished?". Our answer is a) 2015 or b) we don't even ask that irrelevant question anymore. The builder will finish when he finishes."

The exterior is pretty well done, minus some cement work and lawn. But last week a quirky storm blew through with 80+ miles an hour winds and rearranged our roof tiles. They're not supposed to be sticking up ODDLY like pic above, but now they're moved back in place. Unfortunately, our next door neighbor had major roof damage and lots of their roof tiles ended up broken in our back yard (and now they have a nice blue tarp on their roof)!

Alas, our almost completed house was missing an essential element - a KITCHEN - until last week. Last Monday morning we met the semi truck driver (who had patiently backed down our contractor/crowded cul-de-sac) and unloaded our a zillion well wrapped boxes. Now the pre-made kitchen is being assembled and it's like a puzzle to watch my pretty kitchen emerge. Not a day too was downright weird having most of house finished and the kitchen was MIA.

We make multiple trips to the new house every day - answering inquiries from contractors - and making decisions...SO MANY decisions. Not to mention the trips to pick out mind-numbingly boring things (to me) like door knobs and roofing materials! Our record is 4 trips to the house during one work day - thankfully it's not too far from the L*K office.

Distraction #2 - Selling the house we're in!!!  We've lived here almost 20 years, which makes it the longest we've ever lived anywhere. The kids are gone, we moved the office out in January (former L*K office next to house pictured above), but SO much remains!

We're doing some major sorting, donating, garage-selling, etc. of ANY non-essential item. My mantra is to be "ruthless" in my decision making about what goes to the new house and what goes away! PS - car is in driveway because full-out garage sale prep is in progress. We are desperate for rain, so I figure scheduling a garage sale may help that happen. Just my little gift to the community, along with all of my excess stuff!

Distraction #3 - I know many of you can relate to this one...I spend an increasing amount of time caring for my aging mother. Every time I get together with my friends our conversations goes like this..."How's your mom doing?" or "How's your Dad adjusting to assisted living?" or "Is your Mom still in rehab after her fall?" and on and on. This "sandwich generation" thing just couldn't be truer.

Thankfully I have an awesome brother and superb sis-in-law who also live in Wichita and the responsibility is wonderfully shared. But when things get my Mom's recent traumatic fall...and you spend days in the ER/hospital and weeks afterwards visiting in rehab, and then the cautious re-entry to her senior apartment...sometimes the days just disappear. And all that L*K work I had on my to-do list? It's still all there waiting for me. But at the end of a long day, I just want to stitch (L*K models, of course!).

Gratefully, Mom is weak but slowly improving. Meanwhile, you can catch me many weekdays lunching with the "oldsters" at her senior living place. I'm there so much, the minute I walk in the door the hello's and greetings begin with all the lovely oldsters who are now my friends, as well as my mom's pals.

And, BONUS, I've rekindled a fondness for some of the foods I disliked as a child. Wednesday is ham and beans and cornbread day (my brother and I HATED this food as kids) and now I plan my week around this classic fare. And don't get me started on the egg salad and the daily fres-baked cookies on the menu!

All in all, SO thankful for a wonderful job that allows me to do creative, fun things for the needlework community...while embracing the really important things in and friends. Thanks for reading along with my random thoughts - if you can relate, send me a comment!


  1. Been there, doing that; sandwich generation with a widowed mother and a 13 year old son with Asperger's! I'm so lucky that I'm able to stay home, without the added stress of a job/business to run.

    BTW, to complete the "rain dance", you need to wash the car sitting outside the garage. ;) Stay strong!

  2. Love, love, love your designs. They are just perfect for me. I love the whimsy and the colors are soothing. Enjoyed reading about your busy week; been there, hope I don't have to do it again at my age. Our last major move was just three years ago, starting in May. This is to be our forever home. Unfortunately, we are approaching the nursing, rehab age! Oh gee.

    Hope your move will happen with no more 'storms'.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful creative talent.

  3. I just love all of your designs I have stitched for many years, I think my first big ones was Birdie Holiday we went to Hearts Desire and got a ton.I could not even count the ones I have done. Your house looks beautiful! It is just wonderful you still have your parents, I lost mine many years ago.I am so excited to see your new patterns,

  4. {Hugs} as you help care for your parents. I know those hospital weeks and visits and how your whole life sort of stops and revolves around others for awhile... but I guess that is the best place to be. My Mom passed away last July and I am SO thankful for the time I took to spend with her. You are building memories you'll always be grateful for. Thank you for your beautiful designs... and for being there for your parents, too!!

  5. Sounds like a hectic but fun job. If you ever need a fulltime assistant I am available.

  6. My thoughts - spend every moment you can with your parents. You will never regret it. At the end of your days, no one ever wishes they would have worked more. Each day is a gift, that's why it's called the present.

  7. Caring for your Mom and juggling career, home, like talking to me! I lost my 95 year old Dad 2/1/15, he fell and broke his hip in November, went to rehab, contacted pneumonia...downhill from there...
    My Mom is 91, my husband is with her during the day, he us retired, I work full time, we eat with her every evening and do errands on's a lot of work, but I wouldn't change a thing!
    Thank heaven for my stitching, it takes my mind off things!!!!

  8. I have had some things in my life that mirror yours....building a house while trying to work and raise my kids, caring for my mom when she was battling breast cancer. Life is all about challenges though right? It was so rewarding but heartbreaking caring for Mom. We took turns (my sister, brother, niece and I) spending nights with her so she could stay in her own home during her illness. She needed around the clock care and I am so grateful for the days and nights we had with her. We just found out recently that my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer as well.

    I am looking forward to seeing your Journey II. Know that all of us that love your designs are praying for you!


  9. OMG.. sad to hear the contest is closed. No wonder when I tried too enter my entries on the April 15th they did not take.. I though the deadline posted read May 15th. GOD Bless, Rebecca

  10. I can empathsize with you and the "sandwich generation" I feel the same way. Helping my mom post surgery in March and now as she rethinks her present living arrangements...not easy decisions for anyone. There is always a solution and things will work themselves out. Your new house seems beautiful. You are very lucky.

  11. I can truly empathize with your situations. I'm currently caring from my 90 year old mother who has dementia. She is in assisted living but probably not for much longer. It is heart wrenching to watch our mothers struggle with the most simple tasks.

    On a more pleasant note, I'm almost finished with Collect Moments. I'm taking my granddaughter on an Alaskan cruise for her high school graduation present from me and am going to give her Collect Moments as a momento of our trip as we create memories and collect moments.

  12. Glad to hear your mother is doing well :) I can't even imagine trying to be you right now! You are so busy!! Your new house is looking wonderful. It must be so nice to have a house exactly as you want it. :)