Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Behind the scenes - Our Mystery Sampler buttons!

One of the best parts about the needlework biz is the people you meet along the way. Awesome shopowners, fabulous stitchers everywhere, and great suppliers combine to make this a very friendly biz!

We're really pleased to be working with the creative gals at Just Another Button Company on our Things Unseen Mystery Sampler project. It's a multi-generational company! Pic above is Cecile, daughter Rachel and sweet grand baby Amelia. There are a host of other talented ladies behind-the-scenes at JABCO. too. 

When Cecile sent us this picture of her beautiful, uber-organized office, we literally gasped. YIKES...Lizzie*Kate world headquarters is a study in organized chaos. We're glad for this pic, because it give us something to aspire to.  Isn't it interesting to see where other people work? And look at all those gorgeous little buttons high and low, all beautifully organized!

For years we've wondered how JABCO really makes all of their stunning hand-crafted buttons. Here's how they all begin...with some colorful chunks of clay.

When I first called Cecile to ask if she'd be interested in working with me on Things Unseen, the creative ideas began flowing. I sent her computer files of my design, and eventually mailed her the completed Mystery Sampler stitchery, so she could see it in person!

After exchanging ideas and sketches...conversations about size, color and design...numerous ideas proposed, evaluated, revised...the Helen's rose buttons finally bloomed!

You can see the long "canes" of clay that become buttons when they are sliced. That's why the color/pattern on JABCO buttons is consistent from front to back - no wrong side!  In the background on above pic you can see the handwritten "formula" for making the Helen's rose buttons. The "formula" is there, yet each button is unique. They're hand-made, so tiny variations are part of the creative process and make each button special. And, oh yes, each button needs to be hand-drilled with teeny tiny holes to make them buttons!

These Helen's rose buttons are exclusive to the Things Unseen Mystery Sampler. Lizzie*Kate has an exclusive on these little floral gems.

Finally...a batch of buttons arrives at L*K in a well-padded box. I was so excited when I opened this box and was greeted by all of those lovely little floral buttons. Just having these charming buttons here is brightening our office and my spirit.

Q. What are the other pretty rosebud buttons I see in the bottom sack?
A. These sweet little rosebuds (in custom Things Unseen colors) will embellish the BONUS design, included with the Mystery Sampler.  Both buttons will be included in the Things Unseen Embellishment Pack, along with a host of other little goodies.

Just got the box from the printer with all the embellishment pack inserts. Time to begin the embellishment pack assembly line.

Special thanks to Cecile from Just Another Button Company for sharing these photos with us. She and the JABCO gang have worked really hard to bring our button visions to life. What a great group of creative, helpful gals!

Dear Santa...please send elves...it's Mystery Sampler time!


  1. How lovely, your hand made buttons are really pretty.
    Smiles :)

  2. Wow, I see why it's brightening your office and your spirit! I would love handling all those buttons assembling the embellishment packs.

  3. I always love when you share the "behind the scenes" glimpses of the needlework process. Truly where the magic happens.

  4. Oh wow, love seeing how those beautiful buttons are made - they look like yummy scrummy lollies!!!!
    Hugs x

  5. You provide a fun glimpse into the world of JABC and a tempting peek at the beautiful rose buttons. I wish I could stop by to help you pack embellishments, knowing I have one on order for myself! Kendra