Monday, August 11, 2014

Snow Dudes!

I couldn't figure out what to name this new kit I'm taking to market this weekend. How do I combine a snowy owl and a Santa gnome in one clever title?

I was I asked my husband, Alan. He often makes suggestions at L*K and I usually say something like..."oh yea, I'll think about that"...or "that's an interesting idea".

But when Alan said "SNOW DUDES"...I knew I had the winning name!

I had the idea to do a little Santa with a pointy hat. When I changed his coat to blue, he magically transformed into a Santa gnome...who knew? And what is the perfect gnome accessory? A little red/white polka dot mushroom, of course.

I admit I didn't know much about gnomes when I accidentally brought this little guy to life (and still don't), but I tried a little research. It seems gnomes always have mushrooms with them. Can someone tell me why? The gals at Just Another Button Company made me a tiny little mushroom cap button - so cute!

I'm also obsessed with owls and realized I didn't have any Christmas owls, so remedied that with design #2.

Kit includes 28 ct. Lugana fabric for both ornaments, and lots of embellishments...polka dot mushroom cap, red buttons, and lots of white iridescent beads.

These dudes are ready to hit the road to St. Charles Needlework market! If you need the charming SNOW DUDES to visit your house, contact your favorite needlework shop and let them know. 


  1. As a child, I was taught that gnomes make their homes in mushrooms. There are many images of gnomes in Scandinavian Christmas decorations. My father is from Denmark and at Christmas time our home would come alive with lots of gnome images hidden throughout the house. They we're often quite mischievous.

  2. I joined this SAL where you 'try' to stitch from stash and not buy stash. But my willpower takes a serious beating whenever I click on your blog! Like Anonymous, I'd heard somewhere that they lived in mushrooms.

  3. Super cute,
    I just bought Tiny Tidings XIX
    I couldn't resist, lol

  4. I love your blog and am currently stitching your Busy Bee designs on my lunch hour with Little Boo next in line. I don't normally comment but OMG, I LOVE the snow dudes title! Perfect!!

  5. Snow Dude even looks a little like Alan, no?? :)