Friday, May 16, 2014

Equal time for cats and dogs at L*K

It's time again for some furry designs! We never want to play favorites, so we've given equal time to our canine and feline friends. numerical order, here are the new pet String Snippets!

S113 Doggy String
Lots of fun doggy motifs, bright colors and 2 darling puppies make this a fun stitch.

S114 Kitty String
More colorful kitty-friendly things, and 2 curious kitties add up to lots of feline fun.

And for a little Friday's a pic of my new office. It's truly a room with a view! 

As I said in an earlier post, we're building a house! After many dormant, cold winter months with a lonely hole in the ground, the house is taking form this spring. The framers are almost finished, and we're doing once (or twice) daily visits to check progress.

After years of having our office in our backyard, we're making a change. This house won't have "room" for an office, so we'll be renting a little office/warehouse. We'll share a little home office (above) but the warehouse and shipping will happen from a different site. Darn...we'll have to commute again!

Here's what I'm learning on my first home-building's a work in progress!

Here's a pic of us a couple days ago. We were called to worksite during the day (thank goodness we're self-employed and flexible) and met with builder and head framer to discuss some issues and changes.  A few sketches on the walls later...we made decisions and everyone returned to their respective jobs! (My husband Alan on left, builder Brad in center and awesome framer Dennis on right).

I'll keep you posted on further house updates. Coming!


  1. How exciting, congrats on your new house! Hope your commute won't be too long, haha. Love the newest designs...

  2. Congratulations on building your new home - very exciting - hard work and sometimes frustrating, but so worth it in the end. Your view is gorgeous.

    Love your Doggy & Kitty Strings -so cute!

  3. Your view from your office-to-be is beautiful! A lot of stress and hard work to building your new home, but you will be so happy when you can move in and sit by that view!

  4. How exciting...enjoy the process, wow what a fantastic view! Lovely patterns so cheerful!

  5. Uau! I love your designs! So cute!
    Congratulations for your new home. The view is fantastic! :)

  6. The view is beautiful! I wouldn't be able to get any work done if that was what I was looking at! And the new string snippets are super cute!