Thursday, January 9, 2014

Got SNOW? We do!

When I did some "snowy" designs this year, I had NO IDEA this blizzardly, super-frozen, snow-intensive winter was coming!  I always secretly hope for a little snow, but's not my fault!

We have a little waterfall next to our back patio, which is now a (beautiful) frozen still life. No fear...there's still a trickle of water flowing under that frozen exterior.

And here is a pic of the snowy commute from our back door to the L*K office a week ago. 

We're shipping new products next week, guessed it...we're sending out more "snowy" goodness!

Here's our new Snowy String! It's overflowing with the friendly kind of snow - you don't have to move it or drive through it - you just enjoy the white stuff. 

Snowy String is a companion to all the other string-things...Spring String, Buzzy String, Spooky String, Thankful String, and Merry String. It's quick and fun, and you don't have to bundle up to enjoy it! We do, however, recommend stitching with a steaming cup of your favorite beverage nearby.

We introduced A Little Snow kit right before the holidays. Just like our Snowy String, this snow isn't the messy don't have to shovel or move it, and it always stays pristine white! 

Kit includes 28 ct. Amber linen (really pretty light brown color), antique gold snowflake charm and white iridescent beads. There's a bonus fob/ornament design tucked inside, too.

Need more SNOW in your life? Just let your favorite needlework vendor know, and we'll ship some SNOW your way!

****In other (completely) unrelated news from Lizzie*Kate....Linda had a mishap with the rotary cutter yesterday (you know, that dastardly, rolling, razor blade thing) and made an unexpected trip to minor ER. She's all glued and taped back together, and learning to type with bandage on the left index finger. (No pics this finger injury post is our limit). 

Have you had a mishap with a rotary cutter that you want to share? I'm sure I'm not the only one, but...geez...I really scared myself this time! After cutting literally thousands of yards of fabric, I had a boo-boo!


  1. I love them and they are both on my must have list!!

  2. Love the new designs :o)

    Eeek, you need to be careful! Getting your fingers bandaged up is starting to become a regular feature on your blog! :o) I once cut my index finger with a small scrapbook paper cutter. It took forever to heal (I probably should have sought medical attention) and I'm very lucky my finger is not a funny shape today!


  3. I love all of your "string" designs!! Plotting to make some space in my house for one - and then change it out all year long to match the time of year. :)

  4. OMG Linda you are an accident waiting to happen! I hope you get better fast~

  5. Love the new designs :)
    Oh, not a good idea to use a rotary cutter as a nail trimmer!!! It always scares me when I use a rotary cutter as I don't want to get blood on a beautiful piece of fabric!!
    Linda, hope your finger heals up real quick :)
    Hugs x

  6. Yes I had a mishap with a rotary cutter--tripped some fingernails I didn't mean to trim

  7. Oh, yes, a rotary cutter made a nice cut right across the tops of my left index and middle finger. It went left across the ruler instead of straight along the edge. Hope your boo-boo heals real soon!