Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Coming in January!

What? You already think December is a crazy blur and I'm talking about 2014? If you need a holiday spirit today, I'm sharing this cute pic of my granddog, Henry. Doesn't he make you want to grin and "hohoho"?!

Yes, this is the same famous dog who starred in 2 Hallmark Thanksgving cards this fall. Nothing says "thankful" like a cute dog in a sweater, right? Henry recently auditioned (yes, they audition!) for another Hallmark gig and we are waiting to see if he gets the job with our fingers crossed and tails wagging.

Back to the needlework biz! Everyone wants to know what's the newest, hottest thing off the press. And they really want to know in advance of the actual release date.

So here's a sneak peek of our new Flip-it series for 2014. We're doing our first ever 4 Seasons Flip-its. We thought long and hard about a clever name, but decided on the obvious, 4 Seasons!

It's a small Flip-it series...only 4 parts! Each Flip-it is full of seasonal color, sampler-ish motifs, and Lizzie*Kate whimsy. As always, each part comes with embellishments. We used 3 tiny buttons on each one, with different colors for each season.

The designs are bigger than the usual Flip-its, each 61W x 75H. They're great individually or you can combine them into a wide seasonal line-up. Stitched all together and using our FREE border, the finished design will be 275W x 99H.

We'll have complete FREE instructions on our website to combine everything. The saying we added to the border is "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1.

We're really excited to begin 2014 with this series! The Spring and Summer design will be available in early January. Autumn and Winter designs will conclude the series in March.

With only 4 parts, we think this series will be popular and easy to complete. You can add this to your New Year's resolutions. This will be the FUN resolution you'll actually ENJOY completing...stitch by stitch!


  1. Love these! Can't wait to see them!

  2. These look like they will be fun to stitch!

  3. Oh fabulous news - those will be perfect for our four seasons exchange on Needlecraft Haven

    Thank you

  4. Looking forward to this series!

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  7. como puedo comprar los libros soy de mexico

  8. hola buen dia soy de mexico pero me gustaria comprar los libros como le hago y sobre todo si envian...