Friday, August 2, 2013

Santa's on his way!

Yes, Santa's on his way...along with a lot of other new seasonal designs. We just shipped new designs yesterday to needlework shops around the US and outside the US.

Here's the quick scoop on everything new we shipped to needlework shops everywhere this week!

* Tiny Tidings XVIII #159
Do you remember your Roman numerals from elementary school? I have to think about this every year, but indeed, this is number 18!  Another year of small Christmas goodies just for you. Unwrap a few with needle and thread and share with those you love! Don't forgot the embellishment pack (sold separately) to complete all 5 designs with buttons and beads.

* Santa '13 - Jolly Old Soul S111
Santa has a sly smile on his face this year, hence the title. He's stitched in muted reds and greens, with ivory snowflake buttons and antique gold stars as embellishments. We made his beard fuzzy and furry with Wisper threads.

* Thankful String Snippet S109
Perfect for autumn/Thanksgiving, you can stitch this in an evening or two...and it's still so lovely. Beautiful fall colors and fun little motifs make this a seasonal treat.

* Merry String Snippet S110
This Christmas string-thing is our 5th string and we're still having fun! Traditional holiday colors and motifs and fun alphas make this a quick, fun stitch.

* Love Jingle Flip-it F135
The last 3 Jingles are out, and here they are!  Stitch them separately, or group together using our free graph and instructions at Includes tiny red button.

* Joy Jingle Flip-it F136
Who said all needlework designs need to be square? This was a fun experiment for us, and we're pleased with the unique-shaped ornament. Includes tiny red button.

* Let it Snow Jingle Flip-it F137
This is the 12th and final design in the Jingles Flip-it series. Woo-hoo!  Thanks for joining us on this jingle-y holiday journey! Includes tiny red button.

Thanks, everyone, for checking out the new stuff!


  1. Guess it's time for me to go shopping! They all look fun, but I admit I'm partial to the strings. Thanks for sharing your newest designs.

  2. I love all of your designs Linda ~ you have outdone yourself this yr!!


  3. They all look like fun!
    Going to my local LNS, Heart's Desire in Wichita, today for a fun stitch get together with friends. Will be on the lookout for these.
    Judy in Kansas

  4. S110 is very beautiful
    I hope it will be sold in France (Toulouse) soon...?