Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mystery Sampler time!

It's hot, humid, windy and miserable here in Kansas, so of course our thoughts turn to CHRISTMAS!! Beautiful thoughts of pretty poinsettias, cheerful holly, wintery bird friends, snowy landscapes, and all things holiday make us smile.

We've been working on this project for months, and we're finally ready...and EXCITED...to share it with all of you!


What is a mystery sampler? It's a beautiful needlework that unfolds in 3 parts. And here's the mystery part...you don't get to see a picture of the finished project when you begin! Each part cleverly adjoins the previous part, and it all adds up to a beautiful holiday stitchery. You'll see the completed design as it emerges with fabric and thread!

Our Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler will be an autumn stitching project, with 3 parts presented in September, October and November. Don't worry...the project isn't huge, but a very satisfying size of 227W x 97H. It's just large enough to fill a perfect spot in your yearly Christmas decor, but manageable enough to finish before you're overtaken with holiday busyness!

We're beginning to take pre-orders from local needlework shops throughout the US and around the world, so ask your favorite retailer to place your order NOW!

Here are some details you'll want to know:

* Design is presented in 3 separate parts, one each in early September, October and November

* Stitch Count is 227W x 97H

* We stitched our model on lovely 28 ct. Doubloon linen. We'll have precuts available that are conveniently cut, serged, labeled and packaged, each with a 3" border on all sides. There is also 32 ct. Doubloon linen available, also precut.

*Aida stitchers, don't despair! We'll also have 14 ct. and 16 ct. Doubloon Aida available. Pieces are also precut, serged, labeled and packaged, each with a 3" border on all sides.

* There is a thread pack available with 12 skeins of beautiful Weeks Dye Works overdyed floss. There are multiples in this design, so we encourage you to purchase the convenient thread pack.

* First shipment in early September includes Part 1 chart with thread key and stitch guide. (Be sure to save these, as they won't be repeated in the next 2 parts.) You can also get fabric and thread packs at this time.

*Second shipment in early October includes Part 2 chart AND a BONUS holiday design. We'll share more about the bonus design in future posts, but it's a really sweet Christmas piece.. perfect for framing, small pillow or box.

*Third shipment in early November includes Part 3 chart and embellishments for the Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler, as well as the bonus design.

Inquiring minds want to know...just what does this design look like? We'll never tell...but we will give you some hints. Just like the name implies, our Christmas sampler is chock full of Holly and Hearts. There's a stylized holly border with some lovely satin-y stitches, and more holly inside the design. And speaking of hearts...I think I've counted 12 hearts to make a perfect dozen!

Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and let the sleuthing begin! Can you spot the holly border and some of the muted hearts in the pic above? And you can probably figure out which corner of the design this might be? And don't forget to check out the beautiful color scheme!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more Holly & Hearts Mystery Sampler sneak peeks and holiday fun! We hope you enjoy unraveling the holiday mystery, as much as we've had creating it for all of you!


  1. I give--have emailed my LNS to order for me.
    So little time and so much to stitch! LOL
    Looking forward to it!

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  4. Looking forward to this. My LNS will be holding it for me :)

  5. I just start... love this color <3