Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June is bustin' out all over!

As I click my cell phone calendar from May to June, and flip the page on my old-fashioned wall calendar in my L*K office, I'm reminded of this classic song from the musical "Carousel". I remember the first time I saw the musical Carousel and was surprised to find it was, well, more than a little depressing. But this song has an irrepressible spirit that makes me want to BLOG!

You, faithful readers, may have noticed that I'm not posting as often as my usual routine the past few years. Yes, sometimes life gets in the way of biz and blogging, and that has certainly been the case for me this spring. I've been really involved in moving my mom into a senior living apartment, and it's been quite an experience for us all. Thank goodness for my thoughtful and hard-working brother, John, who's been my companion on this whole adventure (as well as my husband, Alan, and sister-in-law, Donna, who is a gem!!!).  Having never moved a parent before...we didn't know how to do this...but we muddled through and learned!

Above is Mom on her new patio, checking out her Mom's day gift...some new patio furniture. The furniture is being ably assembled by my nephew Michael (just graduated from Wichita High School East!) and my husband, Alan. Hmmm...why are both guys wearing pink?

Thankfully, John anticipated a lot of the steps and necessary activities, and we've progressed through most of the steps. Mom is moved and happily resettled, her house is sold, and we're still working on moving the remaining STUFF from the house that we've been sorting...and resorting...and resorting the past few months.

Here's some of the boxes I moved to my basement, where they will sit, until I find a suitable space for them amongst my STUFF.  (It's a bad pic, but there are some cool things hiding under those newspapers and packing materials.) I've found that's the real problem with this parental belongings. I am already in the process of down-siziing and attempting to simplify my own stash, and I don't really want to accumulate more STUFF.  So, I carefully chose the most sentimental, meaningful things and left the remainders to other eager secondhand shoppers.

Meanwhile, things are clicking along here at Lizzie*Kate and we're getting ready to send more STUFF your way next week.

If June is bustin' out all over, then it must be time for holiday designs....right? We're busy getting the next batch of Jingles Flip-its ready to ship. Our helper, Carmen, has been busy attaching all the charm packs the past couple weeks. Behind the bins of Flip-its are towers of new Boxer kits.

We'll also be shipping a new Halloween design, called Spooky String. It's a companion to other string-y designs...Spring String and Buzzy String...and it's quick, creepy, and fun!

I hereby promise to post AGAIN this week, and give you sneak peeks on the other new goodies coming your way.



  1. Bless you all! It is not an easy journey to move a parent emotionally or physically. And for the parent letting go of independence is also hard. May you all find peace and comfort in the days ahead.
    Looking forward to your sneak peeks.

  2. Your mother is beautiful, just like her daughter! Jean