Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas...2013!

What? My last post was about putting Christmas decor away, and now I'm talking about Christmas 2013!

You betcha! That's "normal" in the crazy needlework world, where Christmas isn't a's a year-round celebration.

We're excited to announce our new Flip-it series for 2013. JINGLES!!! 

We've designed a group of 12 Christmas ornaments. You can hang them, or frame them, use them for package tie-ons, whatever you like. They're all different sizes and shapes this time...just to change things up and keep you guessin'!

And, like the usual Flip-it series, the 12 designs will all fit together into one big Christmas-y stitchery. We'll provide the FREE template, some extra graphed elements to fill in the gaps, and all the instructions on our website at

We're still waiting on the big beautiful frame for our combo piece, but here is a SNEAK PEEK photo to get you thinking January! What elements can you see...a snowman, a hooty owl, peppermint candies...

Here are some other fun facts about the JINGLES:
*There are 12 designs...we'll release the first 3 near the end of January.
*Each design comes with embellishments - either tiny red button, or aqua snowflake button and white beads.
*We stitched our JINGLES on 30 ct. natural linen, you can choose your favorite fabric!
*We stitched our big combined JINGLES on 32 ct. amber linen (Wichelt)
*Stitch count for the entire project is 80W x 369H.

*Our very talented finisher, Mona, will post FREE instructions on a special finishing blog for this series. First time ever, very cool!
*Thread list - Weeks Dye Works capri, cayenne, chestnut, grasshopper, grits (3), hunter, juniper, Louisiana hot sauce (2), mascara, molasses, pecan, peony, sweet potato.

Excited? We sure are! We'll have lots of other new goodies available at the same time the JINGLES are premiering, so stay tuned for more products SNEAK PEEKS!

Here's to celebrating Christmas all year long!


  1. I'm excited! I have enjoyed all of your flip its. I'm glad to see a new one. Please keep creating. I'll keep stitching. Thanks for many hours of happiness. Happy Stitching! Cindy

  2. How fun! Looks like a great series and I'll be watching for its release. *Merry Christmas!*

  3. Oh what a fun looking series!!!!! Sooooo much to stitch.....sooooo little time!!!

  4. Can't wait for this to be released. sigh.....

  5. Oh Boy! Can't wait. This is going to be a Winter/Christmas stitching year for me. Also I know that you have done the 2 Halloween series, but have you ever thought about an Autumn/Thanksgiving Flip-It series? I love Fall colors and think that would be great.

    1. Here, here! I second this nomination/ suggestion. LOVE anything Autumn leave colored. :)

  6. Oh Linda! I'm only just stitching snowman 10, then I have all 12 fat men & snow belles before I can even think about stitching these!!! They look fantastic as usual & I will certainly be adding them to my stash to stitch pile as soon as they are released even if I might not get round to stitching them in 2013 :)

  7. YES! YES! YES!! Let the stitching begin!!!!

  8. Woo hoo!! So excited, my absolute favorite thing to stitch about, is Christmas, and I can't wait for these to eb released =)

  9. Stop making such beautifull things!!! When will I finished my UFO's? I want those designs!!!!