Monday, November 19, 2012

Thoughts of turkey and sad Wildcats!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I'm already in the TURKEY frame of mind. I'm not intentionally thinking "turkey", but it turkeys seem to be multiplying in my kitchen.

Yes, you've seen this one before. I make this edible guy every year for an event at church. He's fun and gets lots of admiring comments...and he keeps in the fridge and makes multiple appearances.  I just de-feather whatever is left on him, wrap him in plastic, and make more "feathers" for his next gig.

And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without these cupcakes, which also make an annual appearance at my church event. Most of the attendee MOMS take these home to share with their kids...they're really good at sharing...and show more self-restraint than most of us.

Here's my crazy new paper-bag turkey for this year. He looked so deceivingly EASY on Pinterest, but came with alarmingly short instructions. I tried to recreate their beautiful paper Tom, but I'm not sure my turkey makes the "grade-A"!  Whatever...he was a great centerpiece for our football watch party last night. I stuffed him with little zip bags of popcorn and candy corn and garnished him with rosemary sprigs from my still growing bush. 

Want to make your own brown bag bird? Check it out...just realized it was a pin from Martha you really think Ms. Martha created her own brown bag beauty?!?

So here we were, the K-State faithful, gathered at our house Saturday night for a pre-game soup supper. Out football team was ranked #1, we were so hopeful and excited...and yes, even thankful. 

I got to use my new K-State platter, which I just got back from the paint-it-yourself pottery place. Glenna (my craft buddy) and I have both bought Groupon/Coupons and we ran in there the last day to paint before they expired. Glenna had a photo of a similar tray and we tried to recreate it. Neither of us had ever painted pottery before, and we were dismayed that you had to put 3 coats of paint on EVERYTHING! It's hard to stay in the lines 3 times in a row!  But we laughed and really learned a lot. Look out family...there may be hand-painted pottery under the tree this year!

Alas, our beloved Kansas State Wildcats lost to the Baylor Bears!  Their time on the top of the polls was short, but historic. Even our game day kitchen pig put on his sad face!


  1. I love your turkeys. What is the 'body' of your first turkey? And the face and neck? that is such a great idea.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Turkey body is a honeydew melon. Head is a pear, feet are red peppers. Raisins for eyes, cheese for nose and fruit rollup for the waddle thing.