Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Boys and Their Toys

Christmas is for kids...right? Maybe not!

The holiday is over, but there's still a buzzing helicopter wafting it's way around our office. Two very good boys at our house - Alan and son-in-law Jeff - got cool toys this year!  Can you spot the hovering red heli on the left side in the photo below?

Before Christmas, Alan was mentioning to some guy friends that it was a challenge to buy for our 26 year old son-in-law, Jeff. He gave us a list, but we wanted to surprise him with one gift that wasn't on the list. The conversation went something like this...

Alan: Yea, we're not used to buying for guys.
Eddie: Does he have a helipcopter?
Alan: A what?
Eddie: You know, the little remote control helicopters from the mall. I love mine!
Bob:  You have one of those? I have one, too. Every guy needs a helipcopter! 

So Alan and I went to mall, watched the expert flying ace demo the helicopter near the mall kiosk and bought Jeff a really cool blue helicopter. You should have seen his face on Christmas morn - pure delight!

It didn't escape me, though, that Alan really looked longingly at the helicopter when we went the mall. So I went back to the mall later and bought him a red heli. Then, waited until all the gifts were unwrapped and pulled one ONE MORE little thing from Santa. It's nice to see a grown man GRIN!

For the next few days, it was dueling helicopters all over the house. I even noticed that Jeff flew his heli up the stairs and took it to the bedroom (near him!) at night. Boys and toys...what a great combo!

Whew...another successful landing on the L*K shipping table. So, if you hear a buzzing noise in the background when you call.....


  1. Tell him Sharon thinks he should bring it to Nashville to fly in the atrium. :)

  2. Cute...I had a smile on my face as I imagined the helicopters whizzing about!

  3. Thanks for this tip! I have a boy with a birthday in January. It's impossible to find gifts right after Christmas. I'm headed to the mall tomorrow!

  4. Same thing even in Finland, we have one flying in our home :)

  5. I am glad to see that someone else has the buzzing helicopers. I would have never figured that this would be as entertaining as it seems to be to my DH. He morphed back about 40 years to his childhood in an instant!

    Hope you have a fabulous New Year. We are all looking forward to what you give us next!

  6. Boys and their toys. Gotta love em.

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