Friday, July 22, 2011

6 Fat Men = Major Desk Piles!

Remember the 6 Fat Men?  No, not THOSE chubby guys...the 6 fat snowmen Flip-its we're working on this summer!

But, those men are really keeping me busy! It's hard for a girl to ignore these 6 chubby fellas...they're everywhere on my desk and all over the office.

Paperwork??? Lots of it!  Gotta keep things organized when you're working on 6 projects at once.  Here's what's in those colorful clips... color charts I used to stitch the models with supply lists and stitching notes, scans of completed projects, text and all the info that will appear in the printed material...important stuff!!

Since the last sneak preview post, everyone is asking questions, so here are a few facts about our 6 favorite men!

1. There are 6 individual designs - all different shapes and sizes - all SNOWMEN!
2. Each design comes with a white snowflake button
3. All the designs use the same color palette - pinky red, aqua, teal, navy, forest green, chartreuse, gold, brown, yellow, and WHITE...lots of white!
4. The 6 designs are great separately...but they also fit together to form a big snowy puzzle!
5. L*K will provide FREE designs to tie the 6 patterns together - to fill in the gaps!
6. Look for the first 3 designs in your local needlework shop in mid-late August.
7. Stay tuned to this blog for more sneak peeks!

Today I picked up the 6 individual framed designs from my local shop and made the field trip to the photographer. Extra thanks to Debbie from Heart's Desire, who whizzed through my projects and framed them all in one day!  She said that working on snowmen during this summer of record temps was a "cool" experience.

I returned from the photographer with a disc with all 6 photos and immediately copied it into my computer for future reference. Then I'll send the photo disc, the 6 stitched models, and all the other info to the graphic designer.  Janice will get to work over the weekend and we'll collaborate to make our 6 Fat Men look fabulous in print!!

We're also busy putting thousands of snowflake buttons in tiny 1" x 1" zip bags, then putting them on the strips with the Glu-Dots...all ready to attach to printed material soon.

Even during a crazy busy week, these roly poly guys MAKE ME SMILE!


  1. Cannot WAIT to see/get these six fat men! I am a snowman fan so they are right up my alley! I do not envy you having to put the snowflake buttons in those wee bags though!

  2. Let it snow! Looking forward to seeing these guys.

  3. I'm excited to see these...but then again, I'm always excited to see your stuff lol :) I'm glad I found your blog Linda! Happy Stitching!

  4. I love snowmen!!! I can't wait to see the 6 fat men. I already have them preordered....What a surprise, I love your things....