Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Halloween???

YIKES!  Who knew everyone would have so many questions about our Halloween Rules sneak peek!  But we're not complaining...thanks for the interest!  In response, we are posting an advance link so all of you can download (and begin stitching, if you want!) the FREE border for our upcoming Halloween Rules series.  Also included is the supply list and complete instructions for combining the 12 (yet to be released) designs into one fabulous Halloween how-to banner!  (By the way, this prints most clearly on legal sized paper).

Fear not...we haven't forgotten what time of year it really is. Stay tuned for a sneak peek on our very special Valentine's day/any day kiss-themed Snippet!


  1. Thanks for the head start; I just ordered the threads and a piece of fabric! :)


  2. I printed off the Halloween Rules, now for the decision making. What material etc.
    Thank you for the years of fantastic patterns to stitch.