Friday, August 12, 2016

Pumpkin Pocket Preview

We have one final pocket/purse kit to complete our series...and it's coming SOON!

K91 Pumpkin Pocket Kit

Call it a pocket, call it a purse, call it whatever you want, this Halloween project is quick and fun. Kit includes 30 ct. natural linen, black/brown finishing fabric, black button, 2 rusty hand-dyed buttons, black rick rack (for handle), template and complete finishing instructions. You provided bits of fibers from your stash and a spooky attitude.

Our Pumpkin Pocket has 3 seasonal companions, already available: The series is now complete!

                                           K84 Very Merry Santa Kit

                                          K86 Hello Spring Kit

                                           K88 Love Summer Kit

This little bugger is so cute, I just enjoy having it hanging out at my desk. Which it is...right now...on top of my growing pile of projects in progress (picture below).

On one busy corner of my desk, I pile projects that are WIP (works in progress). By the time they land here, they are designed, stitched, photographed and on their way to publishing. I clip everything about a project together...graph, stitching notes, fabric/thread/embellishment info, proofing notes, printer ready files...everything about this project. Since Pumpkin Purse was flat (not a framed model or 3D finish), it got clipped in, too! I have been known to lose models...but that's another (runaway bunny) blog post.

See the lovely lady in the top right part of photo above? That's Elena, my senior partner from Unbound. She lives in a small village in Guatemala. I sponsor her through Unbound, which is such a wonderful organization based in Kansas City.

I could go on and on about Unbound and the fabulous work they do...but that's material for another post.  I'll chat more about Unbound soon. But must share one story...

When I got matched with Elena and got the info pack about her life, I could hardly believe it. I had been to her tiny town several years before while on a mission trip with my church. I KNOW!!! I probably walked right by her house, or certainly nearby. We would have shared the same dirt roads and the beautiful mountain and lake views. Maybe, maybe...I will get to meet her someday, as our church returns twice yearly to Guatemala. Meanwhile, we exchange letters often (through Unbound translators), and she's my constant desk companion. Elena looks over my shoulder while I'm working on my computer and keeps me on track with her firm look. Don't you love her gorgeous handwoven traditional clothing. More about that on future post, too. There's a story behind every garment.

Here's everything shipping to shops on August 15:

#176 Tiny Tidings XXI + Embellishment Pack (scroll back for blog sneak peek)
S127 Santa '16 - Old School Santa + Embellishment Pack (scroll back for blog sneak peek)
K91 Pumpkin Pocket Kit
SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler Part 3 - the long-awaited FINAL PART with the PHOTO REVEAL!!!


  1. Hello Lizzie,
    Unbound is a very great assocaition and I like your friend Elena, please talk more about her later and Guatemala :) I love her traditional clothing ♥

    And very nice new goodies for us, the stitchers too, you are one of my favorite designers since a long time

    Kisses from France

  2. I love your blog! I certainly live the stitching news and goodies...but the personal information makes me feel I know you! Can't wait to read more about Elena....until then, I am looking at all my new Luzzie Kate goodies I just got today...Spooked part three is calling my name!

    Renee from East TN

  3. Hello Lizzie,
    I stitched and sewed your lovely Pumpkin Pocket and there was only one rusty button in my kit. My retailer still did not provide me with this information whether he can order a replacement button.Can you please tell me where I can order a second button?
    Nice to hear from you.
    Kind regards