Monday, July 23, 2012


You girls ROCK!  I asked you to submit names for the new Snow Girl Flip-it series, and you buried me in awesome “snowy” names! What a fluffy, chilly, drifty, wintry, frosty, sassy, fluffabulous, glacial, shivery, bodacious bunch of suggestions!  I’m so glad I asked for your help because you all thought of the “coolest” ideas, stuff I would never have considered.

As the entries poured in, I was:
*thrilled and grateful for your participation
*amazed at your creativity
*worried how I would ever narrow the list to the top 5!

Before I list the options we selected, with the help of some kind friends, let me share a few of the fun ideas (just in case you don’t have time to read all 185+ comments, which I did…THREE times!).

There were “royal” ideas….N’ice Princesses, N’ice Queens, Snow Whites, Snow Princesses, Crystal Queens and Snow Whites (she seems like royalty to me)

Some groovy names that sound like “female singing groups”…Frostettes, Snowettes, Snowelles (cue the music to Walking in a Winter Wonderland!)

I’m calling this category the “Suggestive” snowgirl names…Showgirl Snowgirls, Sultry Snowbabes, Frozen Hotties, Snowmates of the 6 Fat Men (true!), Snow Divas, Ice Hotties, Desperate Snowwomen, Snow Dolls, Melting Madams, Sexy Snow Sisters, Snow Harem (is it getting hot in here?)

And while we’re talking about feminine assets, these “curvaceous” names cracked me up…Stacked Sisters, Triple F Women, Blizzard Bosom Buddies, Plump Maids of Snow (PMS), Chunky Chicks, Full Figured Lasses, Curvy Snowwomen, Stout Snowgirls, Plus Size Snowgals and Bouncing Bountiful Beauties!

And to add a little “class” to this contest, some “French” names…6 Beautes des Neiges, Snow Beautes and Snow MaDames (ooooolala…love all of you blog readers from outside the US!)

I mustn’t forget a few “funny” names that made us laugh over and over…Frigid Femmes, Not a Snowbelles Chance in Hail, and (submitted by a blog reader’s husband) 6 What No Balls? Belles! Now that’s a devoted husband who participates in the L*K blog contest!

If your name wasn’t listed above, don’t despair! We read and appreciated every entry. A few of the names seemed like great “slogans or catchphrases”, so you may see them again…Sugar and spice and everything ice, Snow Girls just wanna have fun, sNo gals like Snow gals and Snowy Gang of Chill-ville!

Alas, it's time to move to Part 1 on the contest, because we're busy in pre-publishing production and we NEED A NAME! We gotta get these freezing gals printed before they melt, and before the 6 Fat Men give up on companions!

To vote, just click on the survey below. Voting will begin today and conclude on Friday, July 27, 11:59 PM Central Time. Please, one vote per email address only.  Winner will be announced  Saturday, July 28 on this blog.

Be a jolly, happy soul and VOTE today!

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