Thursday, June 25, 2015

"A Little Mystery" Embellishment pack

I wanted to do one more "A Little Mystery" post before I head off to LaLaLand and knee replacement surgery next Monday. Think of me as I recuperate at home...under the excellent care of my amazing husband, Alan, and daughter, Ali...and some post surgery drugs!

Ship date for Part One of "A Little Mystery" is July 15. I can't believe that date is coming up so soon - the summer is flying by. I think I lost a few weeks when we were moving, and may lose a few more recuperating after surgery. Summer 2015 will definitely be a summer to remember!

Above is the sweet Part One cover! We are beginning to assemble Part One of "A Little Mystery" printed materials now. 

Part One  of "A Little Mystery" includes the first 1/3 of the mystery sampler, BONUS 2 sided "Little" fob chart with finishing instructions, thread key and stitching instructions. We will also be shipping "A Little Mystery" embellishment packs with this shipment. 

While I was designing all 4 projects for "A Little Mystery" my mind was whirring with ideas for fun doo-dahs to add to all 4 projects. I tried lots of different goodies. Here's what I settled on for the official "A Little Mystery" embellishment pack.

First, here's the embellishment pack insert. It echoes the colors in "A Little Mystery" and all the "A Little Mystery" printed materials. I love designing all these little things on my computer...developing a logo, playing with colors and motifs...such fun! 

Here's all the treasures, from left to right in my portable assembly line. It's on my spare desk now, but it's made several road trips with me recently while Alan does the driving. There may/may not be piles of random beads building up on the car floor!

* Little ladybug button (Just Another Button Company) in a custom coral color
* Wee bee button (Just Another Button Company)
* "Made with Love" silver tone charm - so sweet!
* Mother-of-pearl flower button
* Small pale pink button (custom colored from Hillcreek Designs)
* Tiny pink buttons 
* "Grasshopper" beads from Mill Hill - this color is kinda 2-toned and fun
* "Shimmering lilac" beads from Mill Hill - lovely!

There's a lot of Love hanging around the L*K office right now! Here's a closeup of the cute silver charms.

If you haven't pre-ordered "A Little Mystery" charts and embellishment pack with your favorite needlework shop, NOW is the time. Alan will be handling most of this shipment with our fantastic helper, Carmen. I'll be sending instructions from the recliner! 

Any pre-surgery/post-surgery advice out there? I'll talk to you all on the "other side" in a few weeks! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers...I appreciate you!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"A Little Mystery" collage sneak peek!

Why haven't I been blogging for the past couple weeks? I have a fantastic excuse...we've been moving...and moving...and moving some more!

We knew moving to our new house was going to be a lot of work, but what the heck? This was the first time we'd ever lived anywhere for 20 years, and it has been downright painful sorting through 20 years of messy buildup. There are piles of stuff going to the new house, piles for the garage sale (2 of them!), piles for my local needlework shop, piles for church and multiple carloads for Goodwill. Then, to add insult to injury, you have to clean your old house on your way out!

And did I mention we are 20 years older than the last time we moved? YIKES...this is tiring stuff...physically and mentally. Thankfully, we can see daylight at the end of our "moving tunnel"...and we can see a gorgeous lake when we look out the windows at our new house! Above is the view out my L*K home office window. I'll share pics of our new house soon when things are a little neater.

Meanwhile, back at L*K...things are really "heating up" for our summer mystery sampler! Thanks to many of you for placing pre-orders with your favorite needlework shops.

HERE IT IS....the famous "collage" photo that teases you with hints about the upcoming "A Little Mystery" sampler!

You can spot the lovely threads on the right, and 2 of the finished BONUS projects (Little 2-sided Fob and Little Pin Pillow). Our "A Little Mystery" sampler is folded in the right background, so you can see design bits if you look closely. On the left background, the other stitched BONUS project (Little mini sampler) is rolled up and tied with a bow. Start sleuthing!

We are encouraging shops to begin a list with us, then add to it as their orders increase and the pre-order deadline nears on July 5. Part One shipment leaves L*K on July 15. If you want to join our "A Little Mystery" club, just let your fave needlework shop know ASAP. Ordering early really helps us with printing, assembling and planning ahead.

Everything about "A Little Mystery" is a "little" smaller than previous mystery samplers...except the fun and mystery, of course. The overall project is "littler", it's packaged in "littler" bags, and the PRICE is "littler"!!! Just right for easy summer stitching!

Yes, there are 4 projects! Each part (3 parts) of "A Little Mystery" includes a BONUS design..."Little" 2-sided fob, "Little" pin pillow and "Little" mini sampler. 

Our shipment schedule to shops is:
July 15 - Part One leaflet & Embellishment Pack
August 12 - Part Two leaflet (embellishment pack also available)
September 9 - Part Three leaflet (embellishment pack also available)

Below is our embellishment pack insert - so cute! We've gathered all the goodies and will start assembling know, as soon as we clear a space in our messy new house. I'll blog soon on all the goodies we're putting in the "A Little Mystery" embellishment pack. 

Need more details on "A Little Mystery"? Just scroll back to our previous post and all the nitty-gritty stuff is there. If you have questions on pricing and ordering, contact your needlework supplier.

"A Little Mystery" FUN FACT! 
The antique pocket watch that I used on the collage photo above belonged to my husband Alan's grandfather. Alan was raised on a family farm in central Kansas. As the story goes...Alan's grandfather lost this watch while ploughing the fields with a horse. Then, years later, he spotted the watch in the same field while driving a new-fangled tractor. The "lost" watch was "found" and now it's hanging out on my bookcase in a little glass dome (and starring in "A Little Mystery" sampler collage photo!). 

We're excited about another summer of stitching mystery. Hope you can join us on our "little" journey!

Friday, June 5, 2015

"A Little Mystery" Sampler is coming SOON!

It's TRUE...we're doing another SUMMER MYSTERY SAMPLER!

It's called "A Little Mystery" and it's perfect for all of our busy summer schedules...because it's a "little" mystery!!!

I found this saying I loved for a mystery sampler, and the design just seemed to flow onto my sketch pad and the computer. It's a lovely mishmash of sampler motifs, cheerful florals and colors, and the perfect "mystery" saying. This project is so happy and fun, I just couldn't wait until fall to share it with all of you!

Everything about "A Little Mystery" is a "little" smaller than previous mystery samplers...except the fun and mystery, of course! The overall project is "littler", it's packaged in "littler" bags, and the PRICE is "littler"!!!

However, "A Little Mystery" is BIG on value! We wanted this summer mystery to be jam-packed with goodies, so we're including a BONUS design with each of 3 parts. They're all super sweet, quick little projects. You can follow along with the mystery, but still have fun for summer activities...and other stitching, of course!

Because this is a "Little Mystery", we made some changes from previous mystery samplers. Honestly, we really wanted to do this sampler now, but knew this summer was going to be crazy at our house/L*K business. We are moving for the next few weeks, and I'm having knee replacement surgery at the end of June. It's gonna be quite a summer at L*K and the relocated Ebright household. Sarah "Lizzie" and Alison "Kate" will be coming to town to help me after my surgery. I'm looking forward to their companionship...and their yummy cooking.

Life at our house/biz right now looks like pic below...boxes, boxes, boxes!

Read on for all the mystery details!

* "A Little Mystery" Sampler will be revealed in 3 monthly parts, shipping in mid July, August and September.

* Each part will contain a BONUS "Little" design, along with a portion of "A Little Mystery". We've created a darling set of stitching goodies...2-sided scissor fob, sweet pin pillow (or whatever you want to make it) and a "Mini Mystery" sampler. These 3 pieces all coordinate with the big piece, using the same threads.

* We stitched "A Little Mystery" on lovely 30 ct. tea-dyed Sandstone linen. We also stitched all 3 bonus projects on the same fabric. We will NOT be providing fabric precuts as on previous mystery samplers. You can use the fabric we used, or personalize "A Little Mystery" just for you with your fabric selection. Check out thread list below,  so you can play with fabric colors and counts. We stitched on linen, but you can choose Aida or whatever makes you happy. Maybe even something from your stash?

* "A Little Mystery" stitch count is 65W x 161H.

* BONUS project stitch counts are:
   2-sided scissor fob - 35W x 39H on each side
   Pin pillow - 49W x 50H
   Mini Mystery sampler - 46W x 79H

* We WILL be doing a fantastic embellishment pack that includes goodies for "A Little Mystery" and all 3 BONUS projects. We've rounded up some fun goodies that we're anxious to share!  Embellishment pack includes 2 JABC hand-made buttons (including exclusive coral ladybug),  hand-dyed button, tiny buttons, mother-of-pearl flower button, "Made with Love" silver-tone charm, and 2 colors of beads.

* We will NOT be providing a thread pre-pack, as on previous mystery samplers. Your favorite needlework shop will have these threads available. You can also use from your stash, but you'll need a full skein of most colors to complete all the projects. Depending on your fabric choices, you may need more threads.

* "A Little Mystery" thread list:
Gentle Art Sampler threads avocado, holly berry.
Weeks Dye Works carrot, chickpea, grits, oscar, purple haze, terrapin, verdigris
DMC light gold 437, lilac 3042, light pink 3354, pale teal 3768

We'll be revealing more sneak peek photos soon, so stay tuned to the L*K blog and L*K Facebook page for updates.

We hope you can join us on our "little" summer of stitching mystery!  Contact your favorite needlework supplier to pre-order "A Little Mystery" sampler. They're taking orders NOW!

Let's have a "little" fun together!  It's gonna be a great "little" summer knee, new house, sad goodbye to old house,  and all.

Mysteriously yours,


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Sneak Peeks!

We're readying to ship new designs next week...which should be interesting, because we're also MOVING to our new home next week. Funny how after waiting 18+ months for our new home to be completed (original move-in date was fall 2014!) it should finish just in time for a new product release.  Gotta love it!

So while I have a minute in front of the computer (when I should be packing boxes), I'll share the photos of our new goodies with you. Fun stuff coming your way NEXT WEEK!

#171 Seasons chartpak
This idea began as a Snippet series of 4 seasonal designs, then I decided to pack them all in one chartpak for a good value.Each design is full of sampler inspiration and L*K charm. You can rotate them as the seasons change, or enjoy them year-round. I absolutely loved stitching the models on these little goodies - sure hope you like them, too!

S119 Do Small Things with Great Love Flora McSample Snippet
Sweet, sweet, sweet! This little project will make you worked for me!  It's quick, but long on charm with lovely soft colors and cheery motifs. I used a great little frame, but you can have fun with lots of finishing options on this one.

S120 Nevermore Snippet
This little Halloween project is a snap to stitch because it's all in one, of course! I took a little raven motif from the main Snippet, and put it in a little watch fob for a second stitching idea. You can have fun choosing all kinds of fun fabrics and finishing. for this. It's the first time I've ever put a black cover on a Snippet, but it's so perfect for Halloween and this design. Quoth the Raven "Nevermore" (Edgar Allan Poe).

F153 Dreaming is Free - 3 Little Words Flip-it
F154 Embrace the Journey - 3 Little Words Flip-it

These are the final 2 designs in our 3 Little Words Flip-it series. Don't forget to use the FREE template on L*K website to combine all the designs into one stitchery. Or pick and choose your favorites to create your own inspiration statement. We've really enjoyed bringing you the entire 3 Little Words Flip-it series!

***Don't forget there's also a FREE design in this series. Find it on the L*K website, or scroll back to previous blog post. FYI...this FREE post was the most popular L*K blog post ever. It was viewed on Facebook by over 46,000 people...OH MY!

And now...back to packing boxes!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

3 Little Words FREEBIE is ready!

Sweet Summer Limited Edition kits are out the L*K door and ready to greet the "official" beginning of summer with the Memorial Day holiday. If you pre-ordered from your fave needlework supplier, or just want/need a Sweet Summer kit, now's the time to nab one.

Sweet Summer kits will be available until Labor Day 2015. After that, they're retired and outta here! Kit includes 25 ct. cream linen (easy to see when you're on the go!), sparkly fiber for drink glass and sunglasses, aqua beads and sweet little seashell trim.

We've also included complete finishing instructions. You can make your Sweet Summer look just like ours, or dream up something fun using the trim and share it on the I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs Facebook page! (this is a great place to share all of your L*K projects and fun finishes).

Now that the initial Sweet Summer shipment is done, I had time to design the FREE chart from our recent 3 Little Words inspiration sayings contest. The 2 winning sayings were "believe in yourself" and "follow your heart". These 2 winners fit so nicely together, it was fun designing!

Here's the link for the FREE chart posted on the L*K website

Three Little Words Freebie

You can stitch this FREE design alone, or mix and match it with other 3 Little Words Flip-its to create your own inspiration statement.

Stay tuned for details coming next week on our Summer 2015 Mystery Sampler!

Happy Memorial Holiday, everyone!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SWEET SUMMER Limited Edition Kit!

Summer is just around the corner, and we're celebrating with a super summer-y kit. It's also super quick, super bright and super fun...just like SUMMER!

SWEET SUMMER Kit will be available from Memorial Day until Labor Day 2015. Then it will retire, just like your white shoes. Unlike your favorite white flip flops (and capris), this sunny kit will NOT return next year.

Sweet Summer Kit includes 25 ct. Cream Dublin linen (easy to see for on-the-go stitching), watery turquoise beads, iridescent fiber (to stitch drink glass and sunglass lenses), and the coolest trim with darling little seashells. 

We're also including complete finishing instructions, courtesy of Mona, our finishing guru. You supply fibers from your stash, the summer drink of your choice, and summer FUN!

Above is the darling trim we're including. My kitchen table is awash in tiny seashells - not a normal occurrence in Kansas! These little shells are the perfect finishing touch to this summer project - even if you're not near a beach (like me!).

We're busy cutting and folding fabric as we await delivery of the colorful kit cover from the printer. Today I delivered the inside pattern and instructions to Debbie, my loyal proofer at my LNS. We hope to begin assembling kits this weekend.

Meanwhile, now's the time for you to pre-ORDER from your favorite needlework supplier. We'll be shipping to shops everywhere on Friday, May 15. Expect this kit to wash ashore at your favorite shop the following week.

We have a historic summer ahead of us at the Ebright household and Lizzie*Kate. We'll be moving to our new home sometime in early June. Once we're settled and able to catch our breath, I'm having knee replacement surgery at the end of June. I hope to spend July recuperating with, you guessed it, a summer drink, some needlework in my hand, and my knee elevated!

Just like summer 2015, our Sweet Summer Kit will be gone before we know it! Wishing all of you a summer full of stitches, fun and summer-y memories! 

What's on your summer 2015 schedule?

Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Little Words Contest WINNERS!

and the winners are........

Believe in Yourself
Follow Your Heart

Thanks to SO MANY of you for submitting sayings in our 3 Little Words Inspiration contest, and for voting. We were overwhelmed with all of the lovely and thoughtful sayings. You all are the best!

These winning sayings were submitted many times. The winners are the ladies who submitted them first.

You've helped me out with great sayings, now it's my turn to graph these 2 winning sayings. I'll let you know when I have posted the FREE chart with these 2 sayings to the Lizzie*Kate website. I hope all of you have FUN with the FREE chart that you helped create!

Meanwhile, here are the 2 remaining 3 Little Words Flip-its that will be coming you way in June.

Happy May!