Monday, January 16, 2017

MORE goodies coming January 20

Thank goodness we had these designs almost finished before the Christmas holiday. Between our daughter Ali's engagement (happy, happy!) and moving my mom, things were busy!!

These 3 new designs are shipping to shops everywhere on January 20. Contact your fave needlework supplier to preorder or purchase when they arrive.

#179 If You Live to be 100

It's finally here...another "perfectly Pooh" chartpak! Pooh lovers everywhere have been anxiously waiting since our Pooh saying contest several months ago. There are 2 favorite Pooh quips, including the contest winning quote (bottom right). We love Pooh's sweet, timeless bear wisdom.

B56 Be the Rainbow Inspiration Boxer

Remember this saying? It was a "Top 10" in our Inspiration Boxer saying contest a while ago. It's a classic saying from Maya Angelou and perfect for our inspiration series. Kit includes 30 ct. Lambswool linen, rose flower button and BONUS design (right).

S131 Home is the Nicest Word There Is Snippet

I saw this charming saying from Laura Ingalls Wilder and had to graph it right away. Such a lovely sentiment...and so true!

F164 Love Celebrate with Charm Flip-it

F165 Luck Celebrate with Charm Flip-it

We'll also be shipping the first 2 holidays in our 2017 Celebrate with Charm Flip-it  on THIS FRIDAY - yikes, lots to assemble and pack. For all the scoop on our Celebrate with Charm series, scroll back to previous post for details.

Lots of fun coming for 2017!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New! Holidays with Charms Flip-its for 2017

YIKES!  It's been over a month since I last blogged. I've missed all of you, but sometimes life gets in the way of business. 

As Christmas neared, my brother and I had to move our mother to a different senior complex. Couldn't have come at a busier time, but we pulled it off. Thankfully, we're both self-employed and we have "understanding bosses" and great spouses.'s the 3rd time we've moved her in the last few years, and we're a little move-weary. More downsizing, more sorting, and more confusion as she adjusts to a new environment. 

In between moving into one apartment and cleaning out another, we celebrated Christmas and tried to squeeze in some work. Here's what's coming for 2017:

CELEBRATE WITH CHARM - our 2017 Flip-it series!

We LOVE HOLIDAYS, so what better way to celebrate than in stitches?! For each holiday, I chose a single word to symbolize the holiday, then designed around that word. Lots of colorful holiday motifs and L*K charm combine to make this series special. And, I should mention, they are quick, satisfying little projects!

* There will be 7 designs - Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

* Each Celebrate with Charm will have a different antique gold charm

* Stitch count for individual holidays is 43W x 58H

* Holidays are stitched on 32 ct. light mocha Belfast linen. Choose your favorite neutral color fabric and stitch count, making sure it's dark enough for white stitching

* If you want to stitch all the holidays together horizontally, combined stitch count is 343W x 58H

* Thread list: Weeks Dye Works capri, chickpea, clockwork, deep sea, dirt road, dried sage, emerald, Havana, monkey grass, onyx, purple haze, whitewash (2). Gentle Art Sampler Threads holly berry, Victorian pink. DMC 754.

* We used charming little frames from Huneywood. You can finish these however you want. They would make darling little pillows, standup easels...whatever you love!

If you want to Celebrate with Charm all year long, we're posting instructions on our website for stitching the whole series together horizontally. We coordinated the threads to blend nicely from Valentine's through Christmas. 

The first two Celebrate with Charm Flip-its are almost ready. We're shipping to shops everywhere on Friday, January 20. 

F164 Love Celebrate with Charm Flip-it 
(includes tiny golden heart charm)

F165 Luck Celebrate with Charm Flip-it
(includes tiny golden shamrock charm)

Here's what all the holidays stitched together would look like - it's one super wide celebration in stitches!

I know - this pic is small - and I'm not technically proficient enough to figure out how to make it better - put on your readers and magnify!!!

***Do you remember our 2016 blog posts on Cross Stitch Design 101? I talked about using repetition as a design technique. Put your sleuthing skills to work, and find the 3 little boxes appearing on each Celebrate with Charm Flip-it. Sometimes the little boxes are horizontal, sometimes vertical, sometimes they have letters, sometimes motifs...but they tie the designs together. Just a fun little nerdy designer thing.

Need some Celebrations in your life? Let your favorite needlework supplier know and get happy for 2017!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Your L*K Christmas list

Is your Christmas list ready? Checking it twice?

It seems like we are usually more concerned with what to get all of our loved ones, than what we want ourselves. I do love to GIVE! Years ago I read one of those books on "love languages" and giving gifts was definitely one of the ways I show love.

But hey, I also love to receive those special gifts. Doesn't have to be expensive, but something sweet and perfect for me really warms my heart (and sometimes my tummy, depending on the gift!).

We celebrated our bi-annual Thanksmas at our house over Thanksgiving weekend. What is Thanksmas? It's what you do when your adult kids only come home for Christmas every other year. You roll the Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions into one joyful weekend! I'm talking stockings by the fireplace, gifts under the tree, viewing holiday lights, eating and eating some more, giant crossword puzzle, annual Ebright talks...the whole holiday thing.  There's the whole gang above, grinning after discovering a new Mexi restaurant...ole!

But back to our wish lists...I know a lot of you have cross stitch at the top of your lists. We shipped 2 brand new L*K kits last week (see below), but we have a lot of other fun holiday stitches. Here's a few things that the L*K elves are shipping lately to shops everywhere.

K93 NOEL Limited Edition Kit (includes Santa '16 Needle Nannie)

K94 O Christmas Tree Kit

K84 Very Merry Santa Kit

S128 Peppermint Sleds Snippet

S130 Wise Men Still Seek Him Snippet

S129 Snowy Sleds Snippet

S127 Santa '16 - Old School Santa Snippet

176 - Tiny Tidings XXI - one of my fave Tidings for many years!

#173 Flora McSample's 2015 Stockings

...and these are just a few of the dozens of L*K Christmas designs. We've been designing Christmas for 21 years, ya know!

****If you want to see all Christmas things L*K, check out the Christmas tab on our website.

Wishing all of your a very merry December as you prepare for Christmas and the New Year ahead. I must admit, on the years that we celebrate Thanksmas, our December is calmer than usual. And it's pretty nice. The shopping is done, so we intentionally spend time with friends and family, go to tons of Christmas events and really embrace "the most wonderful time of the year!".

Monday, November 28, 2016

Santa Needle Nanny meets L*K Magneto-Man!

We have a new "super hero" at L*K world headquarters. I'm calling him Magneto-Dot Man, but you know him as Alan,  aka Mr. Lizzie Kate. He left his cape at home today, but he's still my super hero.

We're super busy assembling NOEL Limited Edition Kits - one of 2 last minute kits for 2016 that are shipping to shops everywhere this week. 

In addition to all the regular kit goodies, NOEL kits include a Limited Edition Needle Nanny. We used our 2016 Snippet Santa, and he's pretty darn cute - in "dot" form.

We worked with the dot experts at Quilt Dots to create these amazing magnetic Needle Nannies. Each Needle Nanny incorporate 2 very strong Rare Earth magnets. The magnetic surface acts as a needle minder to keep your needles and your scissors firmly (and I mean, FIRMLY) in place while you stitch.

Back to our Magneto Dot Man story...we add a Limited Edition Needle Nanny to each kit. Below is our stellar helper, Carmen, assembling the kits (without Needle Nannies). There's stitching fabric, 2 finishing fabrics, rick rack, embellishment pack, pretty cover and graph. 

Did I mention these magnets are SUPER STRONG? The dot whizzes at Quilt Dots told us this, and sent us some helpful tips for working with hundreds of strong magnets. 

The Santa Needle Nannies arrived on thin metal sheets - see top of photo below. Then there were also neat towers of magnet backs wrapped in tissue - left below. 

When we unwrap the magnet towers, they have little white spacers in between each magnet. Without that, we would have a helpless magnetic mess on our hands!

Alan picks up a magnet front (with Santa's smiling face), holds it on front of our insert (below)

Then firmly slides a magnet off the magnet tower. These things are so strong, you can't easily lift it off...sliding works the best. Then he gets it near the back of the insert and hops into place!

Then Magneto Dot Man spaces these Needle Nannies to cover our fabric cutting board. If you put them too close to each other, they just jump and stick. Actually, our cutting table is a piece of plywood on some metal stands. These magnets move around a bit as they attract to the metal table legs...believe it!

When the cutting board is full, he adds one Needle Nanny to each kit. As photo above shows, he alternates putting them on right and left bottom of each kit. You guessed it - the kits like to magnetize to each other (right through multiple layers of fabric and paper!), so this helps.

Then our NOEL Limited Edition Kits are ready to ship!

Need a little needle magic in your stocking this year? Contact your favorite needlework supplier to order K93 NOEL Limited Edition kits. When these Santa Needle Nannies are gone, they're gone - back to the North Pole, I suppose!

We have 3 other newbies coming this week, including our O Christmas Tree Kit.

Scroll back to previous blog posts for the other 2 new L*K designs coming SOON!

Wishing you all lots of holiday merriness!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

L*K holiday charity project!

Here's a preview of our final 2 releases for 2016. Scroll back to previous post for the 2 new kits coming to a shop near you in early December.

#178 Prayer of St. Francis

I've had a lot of (prayer) requests for this one over the years. I had planned on releasing this in 2017, but now seems like the perfect time. It's a big piece for L*K, but every word is important. I found that stitching these lovely words, one little cross at a time, was comforting and meaningful.

B55 I Am Only One Inspiration Boxer

It's our first Inspiration Boxer where the proceeds go to charity - yea! Just in time for the holiday gifting season, we're inviting you to be part of our L*K holiday giving. We used a classic inspirational saying and also included a BONUS design. Kit includes 30 ct. lambswool linen, embellishment and BONUS design.

We're donating to a favorite charity of ours - Stove Builders of Guatemala  We included an insert in kit so everyone can learn about this useful and environment project to improve the lives of Guatemalan women and families.

Why build stoves in Guatemala? Here's the short scoop:

I was fortunate to visit Guatemala several years ago, and am hopeful to return again to build more stoves. Women typically cook on open fires inside their homes. The #1 killer of Guatemalan women is lung and eye diseases from these fires. Women's long skirts often catch fire and small children often fall into the open fires. In addition, a lot of wood is burned, deforesting the countryside. Everywhere we traveled, we saw people carrying firewood.

Long story American who had lived in Guatemala developed a fuel efficient stove that could be built using local materials. Besides being fuel efficient, the stove got the cooking fire off the ground and vented the smoke outdoors. It could be built for about $120.

Stove Builders Juan and Diego

Local "stove builders" have been trained (pic above), and they continue to build stoves and train more stove builders. Twice a year a group from our church returns to work alongside local stove builders and provide financial help. Can you believe Stove Builders have built over 850 stoves?!

$120 is a big price for a family where a good wage is $6 a day. Stove Builders provides $100 per stove through donations and the family pays $20. In addition, the family helps with construction of the stove.

Our hope is to provide a stove for every family who needs one. By purchasing this L*K design, you are partnering with us and stitchers around the world to provide safe, efficient stoves to Guatemalan families. ***Check out those tiny tortillas above. Tortillas are a staple food - breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

I couldn't finish this post without sharing this pic of the beautiful women and their gorgeous handmade clothing. I fell in love with the traditional clothing of these Mayan descent women. These ladies aren't "dressing up" for tourists - this is their everyday wear. Every village has it's own "pattern" of embroidery, and you can identify a person's home from their clothing. I also thought the wrap skirts were genius! No matter what your current weight, you could wind these skirts to a comfortable, cozy fit. And the COLORS!!!

BTW - this is "the gift that keeps on giving". We will continue to buy stoves - with your help - for years to come. This giving doesn't end with Christmas 2016! We really look forward to keeping you posted on our adventures in Guatemala.

"I am only one. I cannot do everything, but I can do Something".

****If you need any of these L*K newbies under your tree...or the 2 new kits previewed in previous post...let your favorite needlework supplier know NOW. We're shipping to shops right after Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Final 2016 Christmas Newbies!

We have a few more holiday surprises in store for you...just in time for holiday giving, tucking in your own stocking or adding to your wish list.

There are FOUR special and unique new designs coming later this month - including our holiday charity project. Check out the info on our 2 NEW KITS below! We'll share about the remaining 2 designs next week.

K93 NOEL Limited Edition Kit

This vintage-look kit includes a sleigh-full of holiday goodies...30 ct. linen, 2 charming finishing fabrics, ivory rick rack, antique gold heart charm, golden beads, twine and complete finishing instructions. It's a pin pillow, bowl filler, door hanger...whatever your holiday heart desires.

These are my favorite kind of little projects because they're so versatile. You can display them anywhere around the house...tuck in a bowl, lean here or there, put in a little easel, just a bit of holiday fun and handmade warmth.

This little kit also has a special treasure...we're including a charming Limited Edition "Old School Santa" needle nanny! What's a Needle Nanny? It's the cutest little Santa "dot" ever! The Needle Nanny incorporates 2 very strong Rare Earth magnets.

The magnetic surface acts as a needle minder to keep your needles and scissors firmly (and I mean firmly!)in place while you stitch. We worked with the talented ladies at Quilt Dots to make a Limited Edition "Old School Santa" Needle Nanny, and it's only available in this kit! Invite Santa and this sweet kit to your house for Christmas!

K94 O Christmas Tree Kit

Who doesn't love a colorful Christmas tree? We included 10 bright trees on this quick-to-stitch design! Then we found the perfect finishing fabric with more tree and sparkly gold accents. Kit includes 30 ct. linen, 2 finishing fabric, red rick rack, 4 white snowflake buttons, red and white beads, and finishing instructions. You supply the bits of thread from your stash and the holiday cheer!

We will preview the other 2 new projects next week, so don't forget to check back SOON!

If you want to receive these kits in your stocking this year, be sure to let the elves at your favorite needlework supplier know. Sometimes Santa needs a little help!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lizzie*Kate gets DOTTY!

We're so excited to announce a collaboration with our gal pals at Quilt Dots!

What are Quilt Dots? They're darling little Needle Nannies and Interchangeable Magnets (perfect for scissor fobs), now available with Lizzie*Kate designs. 

We've taken some of our favorite L*K designs (including our popular 2016 Tiny Tidings characters) and now they're starring on these darling collectible dots. 

Read all about it on the website link above, and learn about all the fun things you can do with these darling dots. 

Just in time for holiday gifting (and your own wish lists), these are available to order today from your favorite needlework supplier. We'll have lots more additions to the L*K family of Quilt Dots in the months ahead.

***We will also have a Limited Edition L*K Needle Nannie featuring our Snippet Santa '16 (Old School Santa) in a Limited Edition L*K Kit coming in November!  Old School Santa is now a handsome Needle Nannie and Santa is "coming to town". We're busy pulling together all the goodies on this special kit, and will have more details SOON.

If you have a favorite L*K design/motif you'd like to see "immortalized" on a Needle Nannie or Interchangeable Magnet, please LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!! We would really like your input on this!!!  Hint: designs most suitable for "dots" are square-ish in shape. 

Let's get DOTTY together and add a little more fun to our stitching time!