Monday, August 31, 2015


Everywhere I go the shops are full of autumn and Halloween stuff..and it suddenly looks fantastic!! Isn't it weird how every year I suddenly crave ORANGE in my house? Not normally a color I want to sprinkle around the house, but every fall it just seems irresistible to plop pumpkins and leaves everywhere.

I'm equally seduced by designing Halloween stuff. I thought I was "done for the season". But then I  had an opportunity to participate in a cross stitch "Harvest Market Hop" event, and decided to do one MORE Halloween design. And it was so much FUN!!!

Here's a sneak peek photo of our new "Halloweenie" kit. Yea, didn't have any brilliant inspirations for a name and "Halloweenie" kept running through my head, so I went with it.

"Halloweenie" Limited Edition kit includes 2 quickie little projects: pillow (left peek) and bitty fob (right peek). I love adding fun little bonus fobs to my designs. I might even have to use one for MYSELF sometime instead of sending them on the road in my trunk shows! I have a couple sweet fobs that were gifts, and those keep my scissors handy, but never use my own designs...weird.

Our "Halloweenie" Limited Edition kit is debuting at a new online event September 10-12. It's called Harvest Market Hop and it's a "virtual" market for needlework retailers to shop from a bunch of designers. Sorry, this event is not for consumers. It's "filling in" for an actual fall market this year. can view the Harvest Market Hop Facebook page NOW and see a lot of sneak peek photos from designers that are participating. Check it out! More designers are posting sneak peeks daily.

If you'd like "Halloweenie" to visit/haunt your autumn home, let your favorite needlework retailer know to place their orders at the Harvest Market Hop from Sept. 10-12. Those retailers ordering during the online show will get "first chance" at this Limited Edition kit. 

Here's what we're including in Halloweenie Limited Edition Kit:
* 28 ct. Amber linen for pillow
* Orange/black polka dot fabric for pillow finishing
* Funky green/orange rick rack for pillow finishing
* 2 sets of googly eyes (1 for pillow, 1 for fob)
* Complete finishing instructions for pillow and fob
You supply a bit of fabric from your stash to stitch the bitty fob. You can do something match like we did, or have fun and try something crazy and fun...just like Halloween!

At the L*K office (and at home!) we're busy prepping for this kit. We're going a little batty seeing DOTS as we cut the finishing fabric for the kit. These orange/black dots are so cute and cheerful, it's worth the effort.

The rick rack is also super fun. It's slimy limey green with some orange doodahs, and it's the perfect accent to the Halloweenie pillow. 

Several years ago I ordered a boatload of tiny yellow buttons for a Flip-it series...then changed my mind, and ended up using different embellishments. We're diving into the yellow button bag for this kit, and using them to make googly eyes - fun and easy!

Happy Halloweenie,'s coming before we know it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer is almost gone!

I KNOW...say it isn't so!

But Labor Day is looming a couple weeks ahead, and I guess that's the official end of summer, especially for those of us who aren't sending kids back to school. I don't send KIDS back to school, I "send" my daughter/teacher, Sarah, back to school. Shout out to Sarah as she returns to teach high school art in Chicago Public Schools for her 4th year. Woohoo...Go Lane Tech!

At L*K, Labor Day is also the official "retire" day of our Limited Edition kit, Sweet Summer. Alas, the "Sweet Summer" of 2015 is coming to an end...sigh.

We're busy making up one more big batch of kits to fill the anticipated last minute flurry of orders. I'm cutting and sacking little shell trim (love this charming stuff) and winding that tricky iridescent thread into little bundles and wrestling it in little zip bags. I love the way the iridescent threads look, but they sure are a pain to work with.

We will make up kits with the remainder of our linen fabric on hand and then Sweet Summer (K81) is GONE for good.

If you need one more dose of Sweet Summer K81, let your favorite needlework shop know ASAP so they can order. Summer comes around every year, so whether you stitch it this year or next, you'll be ready for Sweet Summer again!

Here's a little picture of me enjoying my Sweet Summer, kayaking in the lake in our back yard. I got permission from the ortho doc to get back in the lake (yes!) after knee surgery. 

And here's a pic my husband took during his early AM/daybreak kayak excursion. He keeps inviting his guy friends over to kayak and watch the sun come up. He tortures them with an early alarm, but the view is rewarding...and maybe the cinnamon rolls I feed them afterwards.

I hope your summer has been a Sweet Summer to remember. I know I won't forget the summer of 2015 for a long, long time!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What does XX mean?

Remember studying Roman numerals back in the day in school? Put on your thinking caps, because it's time for a refresher course.

Tiny Tidings XX is here and that means 20 YEARS of Tiny Tidings...and nearly a hundred little holiday designs during the past 20 years!

It also means Lizzie*Kate has been around for almost 20 I must be 20 years older than when this needlework adventure began?!

Here's our batch of 5 holiday goodies for 2015! As always, they're petite designs with lots of fun finishing possibilities. They're all packaged together in one convenient chartpak 172 Tiny Tidings XX.

I wanted to try stitching on the petite dot linen, so used that for several models. It's not necessary to use the dot fabric, just a fun option. On the two lower left designs (Snow and Snowy House), I graphed some snowflakes so you can stitch them, in case you use a solid fabric. If you use the dot linen, you omit the stitched flakes...easy.

There's also a separate embellishment pack if you want all the little buttons, charms, etc. that we used on our 5 models. Ask for E172 Tiny Tidings XX Embellishment Pack. This year I used white and aqua snowflake buttons, tiny red buttons and an antique silver star charm. These items may/may not be decorating the floors around my house...assembly errors!

Need Tiny Tidings XX at your house? We're shipping to shops everywhere today, Wed., August 12. It's our big annual "holiday release" and lots of goodies are leaving L*K headquarters in Wichita, Kansas for destinations around the US and around the world. 

Here's what's shipping NOW!  Scroll back to previous blog posts for photos and details on everything below.

* A Little Mystery Sampler Club - Part Two
* 172 Tiny Tidings XX
* E172 Tiny Tidings XX Embellishment Pack
* S121 Night Before Christmas Sleds (includes embellishments)
* S122 Celebrate! Santa '15 Snippet
* S122E Celebrate! Santa '15 Embellishment Pack
* S123 I Can Drive a Stick Snippet

Hope that keeps everyone busy this late summer and fall. It's always a great time of year to stitch, isn't it?!

****Personal Note: Just returned from 6 week check with my orthopedic surgeon after my total knee replacement. Got a great report on my progress and warnings not to try to do TOO much (have they been spying on me?). Also got permission to get in the lake in my backyard again, and I'm looking forward to a swim/kayak time later today. I'm so thankful for my super talented surgeon and his uber-friendly staff. Both the surgeon and his PA sat down and generously chatted with us this burying their faces in the computer screen. Isn't it amazing how some quality face-to-face time with your doc improves the whole visit?! It's been a long summer, but my knee and me are happy and improving!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Little Mystery Part Two Coming SOON!

This summer is flying by! It's hard to believe it's already time for Part Two of our "A Little Mystery" sampler club! 

Next Wednesday, August 12 we'll be shipping Part Two, along with lots of other holiday goodies we've been previewing in recent posts. This is our big "holiday" release of 2015, and we're excited about the Halloween and Christmas goodies coming your way.

Part Two of "A Little Mystery" also includes the BONUS pattern for the "Little" pin pillow shown below. We finished this little square design into a plump pillow, but you can do whatever you like. Right now it's sitting front and center on my desk, along with the other "A Little Mystery" BONUS projects. I'm getting daily inspiration to live each day to it's fullest!

If you haven't joined in on "A Little Mystery" yet, no worries. Just contact your favorite needlework supplier and they can send you both Part One and Part Two, and the optional embellishment pack. 

We called this "A LITTLE Mystery" because it's LITTLE, and it's not super time-consuming. It won't get in the way of your usual summer fun...and it will add another kind of summer fun!

Our faithful office helper, Carmen, is on vacation this week so Alan and I are busy readying ALL of the new releases for shipment next week.

Here's a pic of our sunroom/workshop at home. We schlep things home each night from the L*K office/warehouse and spend time assembling/sacking in the evenings, in the car, whenever/wherever. Last night we took a short road trip to visit friends in a nearby town, and I made 100 Tiny Tidings XX embellishment packs on the way...mission accomplished!

Mission (not Impossible) for tonight: (cue the theme music..."duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh...")

Make MORE "A Little Mystery" Part Two packs!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sleds and Santa SNEAK PEEK!

It's summer now, but we're busy prepping all of our big holiday releases. We'll be shipping our "famous" holiday shipment to needlework shops around the world on Wed., August 12. It will include the 2 Snippets below, the Snippet previewed in our previous blog post (S123 I Can Drive a Stick Snippet), and MORE goodies.

Stay tuned for all the sneak peek photos for our holiday release in upcoming blog posts!

MORE LITTLE SLEDS sliding your way SOON!  We've been getting requests for MORE little sled designs since we rolled our first batch out last fall.

I used the classic "Night Before Christmas" poem as my inspiration and captured 3 little scenes from the Christmas Eve classic. All 3 are included in one little leaflet S121 Night Before Christmas Sleds Snippet. We've also included little embellishments for each sled...tiny red button, antique gold star and white snowflake button.

Left - "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"
Center - "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care"
Right - "Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound"

Every year we also do a Snippet Santa, and Santa '15 is also flying your way soon! Every year I sit in front of my sketchbook and wonder..."what in the world is Santa going to do this year?"

This year I was inspired by the sheer joy and exuberance of the holidays and decided on a "Celebrate" theme! Santa is throwing his hands in the air, and classic Christmas motifs are all around him. For some reason, I had the BEST time stitching this little model. He's so crisp and folk-art-ish...I love this little Santa!

I requested something different from my finisher, Mona, and we decided on a holiday pocket. Then I got to my photographer - in my middle of my chaotic house move - and realized I didn't bring any toys/goodies to peek out from the stocking. 

We thrashed about the photography studio looking for small sized treasures until we discovered some (stale) Christmas candy. You can put WHATEVER you want in your little Santa pocket, or finish him anyway your holiday heart desires. No, we didn't eat any candy - not even tempted with this suspiciously old candy!

S122 Celebrate! Santa '15 Snippet 

In case you're wondering, the little sleds we did last year are pictured below - S116 Sled Dudes Snippet. They will coordinate color-wise with this year's batch of bitty sleds. We stitched our models on perforated paper, then just trim and attach to sled ornaments - quick, easy, wonderfully cute!

The little sleds look great on your tree, or make super gift toppers and special little gifts. You can finish one sled in an afternoon or evening...quick and fun!

Check back next week for more SNEAK PEEK previews!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Time for some scary stitching!

Sure, it's the middle of the summer...but my mind is on Halloween! There's nothing better on a hot summer day/evening than a big glass of something cool, the AC and ceiling fan moving some cool air, and some spooky stitching in my lap.

I got on a "one color groove" this year and had a blast designing a couple quick Halloween projects.

Our S120 Nevermore Snippet is already available! It's quick, it's spooky, and it's full of great finishing possibilities! (Does anyone else think the buttons we used on our finish look like spooky eyes? Didn't plan this, but now every time I look those eyes are staring back at me!).

I had a difficult time deciding what fabric to use for stitching - everything looks good with BLACK, you know! I finally chose a fun gray Pewter overdye linen from Picture This Plus. 

I'd like to challenge all of you to do some crazy, creative things with this little Snippet! 

Whether it's a funky fabric, or a great finishing idea, or BOTH, please be sure and post your finished picture on the I Love Stitching Lizzie Kate Designs Facebook page. This is a fabulous place to share all of your great finishes and works in progress with the stitching world. I'll look forward to seeing what you all dream up.

***If you're not a member of the I Love Stitching L*K Designs Facebook page (it's a closed group), just apply for easy. BTW, this is not an "official" L*K page. This page is under the kind care and leadership of Wilma Cherney, and we all appreciate her work on this page so much! It's a super venue for sharing our projects and getting inspiration from each other.

The project above (S123 I Can Drive a Stick Snippet) is coming to shops in mid-August. 

Just like S120 Nevermore, it only uses one color, so it stitches up so quickly! Also like Nevermore, there are a zillion possibilities for choosing fun fabrics and creative finishes. I stitched on 28 ct. Ale overdyed Lugana from Picture This Plus. You could use purple, chartreuse, anything pale or crazy that says Halloween to you. We finished it with some black pom pom trim and a tiny little broom, of course!

I saw this saying a couple months ago, and laughed out loud! Then I ran to the computer and started graphing. I don't know if everyone else finds this as funny as me, but it struck my funny bone, for sure. And sadly, NO...I cannot drive a stick (really, I can't!).

Don't be confused - we used black covers on both of our Halloween Snippets. S120 Nevermore is available NOW and S123 I Can Drive a Stick will be in shops in mid-August.

Only 101 more days until Halloween, the most BOO-tiful day of the year! Happy spooky stitching!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pre "Little Mystery"/Post Surgery Update!

DISCLAIMER: If some of the following post doesn't quite make sense, if the humor isn't quite right, if anything at all isn't right in blog post below...blame my pharmacist!  Actually, blame ME for taking the lovely post-surgery painkiller drugs that came home with me last week.

I'm HOME with my new knee, lovely scar and tons of Steri-strips holding me all together. Just like another famous Kansas gal once said..."there's no place like home, there's no place like home...".

A few other things have changed, too. The Handi-wrap plastic wrap has now moved from the kitchen drawer to the bathroom countertop to enable showers. Alan is on call to deliver cold drinks, rides to physical therapy, and foot rubs on demand (for some reason a new knee makes my foot ache and cramp?!).

And very, VERY little work is happening at my L*K desk. Some days I don't even make it through the office door. Thankfully I've been planning ahead for months to squeeze in this surgery. Then, because of massive delays on completion of our new house, we ended up beginning our move 2 weeks ahead of surgery...yikes!!!

It was such a crunch to get everything moved in and organized, I joked that I needed to schedule surgery to get a rest...and I did! (and I DID get most things unpacked/organized before surgery - couldn't stand the thought of facing a mess later!).

Part One of "A Little Mystery" Sampler ships next week, so I'm assisting by assembling the embellishment packs. I did the printing ahead of time, and our helper Carmen has been busy sacking. Alan updates me daily on the "A Little Mystery" pre-order numbers, and I'm trying to stay caught up on embellishment packs. Above is my comfy spot in the sunroom...embellishment goodies on lap, handy Ikea aqua rolling table beside me with all the essentials...drink, cell phone, magazines, remote...I hope it will hold model stitching soon...currently suffering from fuzzy brain. 

Our sneak peek collage photo shows some goodies from "A Little Mystery". The 2 sided fob in center bottom is the BONUS project that comes with Part One.

Embellishment packs are also available with Part One. Above is the little insert and I'm stuffing these packs with all sorts of goodies for "A Little Mystery" sampler and the 3 BONUS projects. I'm pretty sure there's a nice assortment of tiny buttons and beads on the sunroom floor, but I'm NOT getting down on my hands and retrieve them now!

The weekend before my Monday morning surgery, the "kids" returned home from Chicago and KC to initiate the new house AND celebrate Alan's 60th birthday. We were blessed with gorgeous Kansas weather in June and spent the weekend on/around/in the lake in our backyard.

They even cooked us Sunday lunch. Son-in-law, Jeff, was the grill master!

Grand-dog, Henry, came to visit and discovered his gift for dog-paddling! Once he got "in the swim" he darted back/forth between our kayaks and rafts. Whoever decided to put a handle on the top of dog life vests was a genius! So handy for plucking him out of the water when swim time was over.

Alas, things are quiet at the relocated Ebright household. I'm so happy to look out the window and find Alan tossing in a fishing line after dinner. Actually catching a fish is optional...the relaxation is optimal!

Alan will be shipping "A Little Mystery" sampler Part One to shops this Wed., July 15. If you haven't got your pre-order into your favorite needlework supplier, it's never too late. We'll be shipping Part Two and Part Three later this summer, so you're invited to join us on our summer of stitching suspense.

One more thing...thanks for your many prayers and happy wishes on my knee replacement. They are truly appreciated. Our frig/freezer are full of goodies from our friends. We have been blessed with the community of friends we have here in Wichita and the L*K stitching community everywhere!