Monday, July 16, 2012

My fowl, bonvine and porcine friends!

We did it again! We braved 100 degree temps to visit the county fair! Hey, what's a fair without stiflying temps and the accompanying odors?!

We made the most important stop first and ate at the Cheney Methodist Church kitchen! There's no AC, but  the giant water cooler (extra points to those who know what this is!) and fans kept the air moving. And nothing was getting in the way of us getting our chicken and noodles, taco salad, watermelon and PIE!!

Even on the last evening of the fair, those talented cooks had 12 kinds of pie for us to select. What a difficult choice, but my friend Marlys was really happy with her coconut meringue!

Then on to the animal barns where we admired the award winning cows. Several of my fellow fair-goers were 4Hers in their childhood, so they told wonderful (and sometimes terrifying) stories of showing their cows. Marlys loves to tell about her artful cow tail styling...yes, they rat and coiff the cow tails. Imagine sitting at the rear end of a giant cow practicing your hairstyle techniques!

This goat was super motivated to get to his neighbor's hay. Check out the goat babies laying side by side on the ground below.

It was so hot that evening, the poor pigs were in distress. Lots were wearing the latest fair fashions - water soaked towels. Every farm kid knows that pigs can't sweat! As we walked through the hog barn, I kept thinking about that famous pig "Arnold" from the Green Acres TV show. Boy, Arnold never squealed as loud as some of these 4H pigs!

Speaking of cosmetology, wonder how long this chicken worked on her hairdo? This brings to mind one of my favorite songs from Grease..."Beauty School Dropout"!

Finally, we whizzed through the project barns, but a whole table full of SNOW people caught my eye! I'm not sure what the assignment was, but there were a bunch of wooden snow people. And this little gal was a snow LADY!  Hmmmm...maybe she heard about our upcoming snow girl designs. Love her little braids!

Several bottles of water later, we headed for the cars and the trip back to civilization...I mean, town. Walking to the cars, we passed the outside grandstand show, which was absolutely packed. We couldn't believe our was a combine demolition derby. Helmet wearing cowboys were maneuvering their modified combines deftly around the arena, playing bumper combines! And clearly, everyone who paid to get in (not us!) was having a great, sweaty time!


  1. It was great seeing all the fair pics, especially the animals!

  2. beauty school dropout.. go back to high school.. :D
    thanks for thanking us to the fair! it was a nice not sweating (nor eating though..) activity for me! :D