Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Halloween horror averted!

For those of you who are following our little "evolution of a design" story, we're taking a short hiatus on that topic while our frame company is on shutdown this week. We'll resume our story when the frames arrive in a week...or two?

Here's what's happening today in L*K headquarters!  We're prepping to release new products this Friday, so we were thrilled to have a delivery from our printer this AM. A couple of the things we are releasing are already printed and assembled. Several more designs arrived this AM and are desperately needing to be readied for their big premier! You can't start packing orders til the inventory is ready!  Actually, not true. We often start packing while our part time helper Carmen is assembling products. More on that assembly line action later this week! Here is the press sheet we ran last week that delivered today. Everything is ganged up together, then cut and folded separately. Below is a big box of corrected Halloween Rules ready for their glue dots and embellishments!

We are in the middle of our big Halloween Rules Double Flip series. Flip-its are our best selling product line and they are super important to us and our customers! We released the first 3 designs in January and are releasing the final 3 later this week. In order to keep printing quality and color consistent (and to make our lives easier) we printed all 6 prints together in January. The first 3 designs were quickly assembled and shipped and we could relax and assemble the remaining 3 as we had time. 

But...HORRORS...we discovered a big (and embarassing) mistake on the final design.  We had the correct big photo on the cover, but the little photo in bottom right corner of cover was WRONG!  Eek!!!  It was the photo from the previous Double Flip and we hadn't pasted in the new photo.  Somehow this escaped us during the proofing process. Note to self: always check photos, not just text and the zillion other little details. The big photo inside was correct, but we decided this was too WRONG and too CONFUSING to proceed!  So we returned all the boxes to our printer to be recycled and reprinted the whole thing.  (We thought about putting little photo stickers on the offendingly wrong photo, but decided against it - not really a quality solution!).

Check back tomorrow...we'll try to update our progress daily and give you some sneak previews of our newest designs...FRESH OFF THE PRESS!


  1. That is so something that I would do. Only I probably would have sent them out without noticing. Glad you can get it all sorted out.

  2. I would do the same, but you, know, I'd stitch it anyway :) ! I love your designs and wouldn't pass up the chance to own a misprint. :)