Monday, April 4, 2011

The evolution of a design...or multi-tasking required!

Realizing it was past time for a blog post, and wondering how to squeeze it in because I've been SO busy working on new stuff while getting the semi-new stuff ready to publish and distribute...I decided that might be blog-worthy topic! Confused? So am I!

When you release new designs 5-6 times a year, you have to multi-task!  While you're designing brand new things on the computer, you're stitching something you designed last week and working on publishing things you designed a week or two before that.  It just doesn't work to take a design all the way from sketch to published leaflet without interruption!  If I did that, we couldn't release new products nearly as often.  And that wouldn't make the bookkeeper happy (my husband, Alan!).

So here is the first in a series of posts as we take a design from idea to eventual publication and distribution! (We'll see together how long this takes!). Every year I do a series of Boxer kits and I've been thinking...and thinking...and thinking what to do this year.  I was inspired by a classic quote from Mother Theresa, and after some research, decided to do a group of inspirational sayings. 

I researched bunches of sayings, and finally decided on 3 phrases to begin.  When I do a series, I often graph them all at once, coordinating design elements and colors. Here is a shot of my giant monitor with the 3 designs (bad quality - sorry, it's hard to photograph your monitor and minimize reflection!). In the lower right you can see a bunch of elements I tried, but didn't end up using in the final designs.  Maybe they will appear in a future design?

I stitch all of my own models, so it's time for the fun part!  I select threads and get to work, using a color printout from my design program. I do alot of stitching at night in my family room. I frequently return to the computer to make changes on the design, as I stitch and find things I want to adjust.  Sometimes I throw the whole thing out and start over. Converting a design from little squares on the computer to needle and thread often leads to unexpected (and not always good) results! So I still stitch every model myself!

The first of these Boxer kits will be available in mid-June, so hang with us! Meanwhile, today my desk is overflowing with editing and proofing for the next batch of releases scheduled for April 15.  We're delivering files to the printer Wed. and are making last minute adjustments on 5 designs that will be on the press soon.  I'm a little stressed, but the grand dog under my desk is happily snoozing the afternoon away. 



  1. wow i never realised so much work goes into producing a chart, looking forward to reading more about how a chart goes from design idea to destribution. :) btw I love the 'peep' chart, just ordered it a few days ago and now can't wait for it to arrive so I can stitch it!!

  2. I love the thought of phrases from the wonderful mother. I look forward to receiving them in my store. Thanks for all you do!

  3. I have been a LK stitcher/collector for many years. I was so happy to find you are now blogging. I have learned so much from bloggers.
    Keep up the beautiful work.

  4. Love the colours you have chosen for the new designs. Can't wait to see them all!