Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elf shoes & strawberry seeds!

What makes my stomach instantly flip-flop and brings terror to my heart?  When someone calls/emails to tell me about a mistake on a recently released design.  So early yesterday morning I'm in the bathroom fixing my hair and Alan comes in to tell me about a MISTAKE - horrors - nearly dropped my flat iron!

But I recovered quickly when I read it - probably the SILLIEST blooper we've ever done!  I'm not too worried, because everyone can figure this one out  Ironically, it is on the Strawberry Sampler Quick-it, which I previewed here on the Wed., April 13 post.  When we cut and pasted instructions from the previous Quick-it "Where's the Party?", we inadvertently left the "elf shoes" in place.  We added the strawberry seeds instructions, but neglected to delete those pesky shoes from the instructions! I'm always so obsessed with proofing the charting and symbols, I completely overlooked this humorous error.

So...for those of you looking for elf shoes on the design...STOP!  They're not there! Just use the attached beads to embellish Flora's lovely (very large) strawberry!


  1. oops!! :) oh well, sometimes you just have to giggle :)

  2. I just bought this chart today at my LNS and saw the little "blooper". It made me smile.

  3. :o) Wish all of our errors were that minor. Made me smile!

  4. I wonder who's still looking for those shoes!? ;)

  5. It is good to know that everyone makes mistakes. I think that will make the chart more valuable - LOL

  6. Ooops! We're all human and make mistakes...even Lizzie*Kate!

  7. Too funny--will HAVE to buy this chart now! LOL

  8. Hello Linda!
    I am stitching this pattern!
    I found another "mistake"... I do not think is important.
    But could you confirm it?
    Along with the letter X, on the cover shows that are three crosses but in the diagram no.

    I also modified the colour of the watermelon seeds to black.

    not really important ;)

    Take care,