Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's countdown + sneak peeks!

What are you planning for Valentine's Day? Roses, candy, romantic dinner for two? We're really planning ahead this year, but I'm pretty sure it's not a traditional celebration. We're SHIPPING NEW PRODUCTS on the big V-day, February 14! At least it makes our deadline really easy to remember.

We'll be blogging frequently until then, sending you SNEAK PEEKS for our new stuff, soon to be appearing in your favorite local needlework shops. In the previous post, we showed you our new goodies at the printer...literally "hot off the press"!

Now everything has been delivered and we're busy assembling everything, before we can begin packing boxes. What's in the photo above? About a zillion tiny iridescent raspberry beads and golden heart charms. Every leaflet in our new Less=More Double Flip series will (eventually!) have one of these tiny packs attached inside.

After we fill the little 1" x 1" zip bags (in the car, watching TV, wherever!) we attach them to the Glu Dot strips. These waxy strips have a dot of adhesive wedged between the black stripes. You press down, then pull them off one at a time to attach to the printing! Our helper Carmen spends a lot of time with these Glu Dots, and so do we! There are 4000 Glue Dots on every roll, and we order several dozen rolls at a time!

The SNEAK PEEK for today is F117 Whine Less Breathe More, the 2nd part of the Less=More Double Flip series. (See pic for F116 Fear Less Hope More in previous post). The colors on the Less=More series are so beautiful, I hope you can get a good preview from this pic. 

Once we get these newbies shipped, we'll post a link on our website for a FREE border graph to combine all 4 parts of Less=More into one big design. This post will include a thread list for the entire project, stitch count and instructions. We'll preview the big photo of the whole Less=More series soon in another post. But the cool part is, these individual graphs make really great pieces on their own.  Look below and you'll see!!!

Here's a SNEAK PEEK of the cover of F116 Fear Less Hope More. We worked with our graphic designer Janice to create a "vintage wallpaper" sort of look for the backgrounds, and are excited to say these covers don't look like ANYTHING else we have ever done. That's a challenge!

Have a great weekend...and stay tuned for more PEEKS!


  1. I have extremely enjoyed your posts outlining the process in which a chart is 'born', from the first design to the actual printing. I was curious how do you get paid and what does an actual project cost to produce? Just curious!

  2. It sounds like fun. I'd love to work for you and work with little glu dots and baggies.

  3. Love this! Can't wait for the whole series!

  4. LOL, sounds like you're gonna be busy for, oh, forever, lol. Hope you make your deadline!!

  5. Way late on this but I have a comment on the last in this series. I really like the series but everytime I read the "hate less, love more" its sentiment disturbs me. I guess its the word "hate." I was taught and taught my children that the word "hate" is to be used very sparingly, just like love, because it is such a strong word. I don't really "hate" much of anything and certainly not anyone, even though I really, really, don't like a few people I've known. Anyway, wish there was a different version that said "Judge less, Love more" that feels beter to me.