Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meniscus, schmeniscus (my aching knee!)

Getting old isn't for sissies!  That's the title of a brand new L*K design, and it exactly sums up how I'm feeling today :(

After 3+ months of knee pain, multiple ice packs and a bottle of Advil, I finally had an MRI which revealed a "complex" tear in my meniscus. How did this happen?

Doctor: Is this the result of an injury?
Linda: I don't think so.
Doctor: Did you fall or have an accident?
Linda: I can't remember anything.
Attractive young doctor: And you are 39 years old?

Whatever! After an afternoon shuttling between the extremely pregnant X-ray tech, nurse practitioner, orthopedic surgeon, scheduling lady, and yet another scheduling lady, I'm home!  I'll have a little scope surgery the day after I return from market. I guess that means Alan will have to unpack everything from our cross country trek. Darn...I always LOVE that job!!! While he's unpacking market paraphernalia, and trying to catch up on a week's worth of work that piles up while we're gone, I'll be anesthetized, learning to use crutches, and (hopefully) greet casserole-bearing friends at the door.  HMMM...maybe I should do this every year!

Meanwhile, here's a pic of the timely new Snippet we released this week. It's quick, fun, and maybe a little TOO true. Stitch it for one of your "older" me! 


  1. Good luck with your surgery. Hope your knee holds out through market!

  2. I love this pattern. My 17 year old daughter has had this surgery twice now. You will do great.

  3. hello deary, its me cucki from south africa..
    good luck with your surgery..sending you love and blessings from south africa xxx

  4. Wishing the best for your surgery :). The new Snippet made me smile. So true... Have a nice weekend. Rosália*.

  5. Good luck with your surgery. I love this snippet - I say this all the time and at 48 I really mean it!

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