Monday, September 19, 2011

Some spooky stitching!

I can't believe it's the middle of September! Which means, it's time (or past time) to put out my fall decor. Even though the kids are grown and gone, I still haul out the pumpkins, spiderweb runners, black candles, beautiful fall leaves and "all that" to decorate the house. I banish the summery ferns and bird's nests to the basement!

It's surprisingly aerobic to do all this re-decorating...a lot of trips up and down the stairs! But when I'm finished, it's rewarding and there's a surprising amount of orange in my house. Below is the arrangement on my little entry hall table, tucked under the stairway. I liked this vignette so much last year, I photographed it (because I can't trust my memory) and re-created it this year. Much faster that way! Thank goodness for my photo Memory Manager system on my computer. I'm still not that familiar with the program and don't use half of the features, but it sure helps with photo organization.

As always the challenge is locating all of the stuff. I have big totes in my basement that are labelled for the holidays, but sometimes things get pulled out of them during the year...and not returned. We're always working way ahead of seasons at L*K, so I'm rummaging for Christmas decor in March!

But I'm getting distracted...this blog post is about spooky STITCHING, not my home decor! There's still plenty of time for fun fall stitching projects, so I decided to feature a few of my faves. Some are quick, one-day projects, and some are bigger commitments.

This one (#149 Autumn Alphabet) is new this year and the colors are gorgeously autumn! I really enjoyed designing and stitching this model...from the hooty little owl, right through to the swirly letter "Z". Chartpak includes a couple antique gold charms (squirrel and moon) and some teeny tan buttons. This is part of a seasonal alpha series....Winter Alphabet is coming soon! 

Above is the Limited Edition Fall Fab Fob kit (K48). This kit includes the rusty fabric, buttons and beads and thhe custom chartreuse/purple bitsy scissors. You can probably stitch this one is an evening or weekend, then enjoy it for many seasons to come! They are not quite sold out - there are about 30 numbered kits left on our shelves, so if your LNS doesn't have one, ask them to order. 

Boo who is this? This was our very first Flora McSample kit (FM001)we introduced last fall. Flora is our fictional sampler girl, and she had a good time with this funky sampler-ish design. Kit includes muted lavender linen and hand-dyed "pumpkin" button. Please invite Flora for a visit...she's a great house guest!

Eek Boo Hiss (#144) is a group of 3 fun fall designs that you can play with! Stitch them big or small, finish however you please, just have some spooky fun! Tiny buttons and beads are included with this versatile chartpak.

Above is the Sampling Halloween Quick-it (Q-001). This was our very first Quick-it designs and it's...well... a really quick stitch! Quick-it includes antique gold ghost charm. need more Halloween/autumn stitching ideas? We have 2 series of Halloween Double Flips (Boo Club and Halloween Rules) and a scary host of other stuff. Visit our website at and click on the categorical listings for Halloween and Autumn. Don't worry if you don't finish your autumn stitching in time this year...think how far AHEAD you'll be next year!!!


  1. I love Eek Boo Hiss, i'll hope to order soon in a shop online here in italy!


  2. I have my framed Boo! Club sitting on the mantle (actually, I never put it up when I finished framing it last DECEMBER!) Thought for sure I'd have my Quick It done by now, but no such luck; but I did do Hocus Pocus :) Haven't started Halloween Rules yet, either - I can't pick a fabric!

  3. Halloween is my favorite time of year! Any chance of getting a Fall double flip its like the Halloween? I've done both of the Halloween and already have them up for the season.

  4. I love Halloween!! I have completed both the Halloween rules and Boo club and have them hanging on my wall. Any chance of getting a Fall/Autumn rules??

  5. Thank you Linda for the great give a way prize. I was already jazzed up for the lime green calculator; but even greater surprise awaited when I found the Sampling Halloween Quick It pattern tucked inside as well. I will be posting a pic of the "booty" on my blog!

    Really like the tones in you fall color choices in these latest patterns.