Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Contest Winners! (and world peace)

Our first ever BLOG CONTEST ended at the end of August, so we just notified the 10 winners (random numbers) by email. Sorry... no surprise door bell ringers, no television cameras, no life-changing prizes. But as soon as we get those old-fashioned mailing addresses, there will be 10 more slime lime calculators being happily used by dedicated cross stitchers around the world! Hey, we do what we can...

Speaking of doing what we can...thanks to all of you for sharing your responses in the contest. What a delight it was to read about everyone's customized stitch niches. I just re-read all the responses and it was inspiring!  Really, I want to visit everyone and check these out in person. Here are a few of the highlights...

WHERE you stitch...
living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen table, on a cruise (bragger), in the car (I used to do this when I was younger), your own personal living room (separate from DH's living room), anywhere you can carry your projects!

WHERE you sit when you stitch...
recliner, chair with ottoman, rocker, chair and a half (sounds nice to me), desk chair (oops..that's me in my office), electric reclining sofa (whoa) and a sofa with build-in cooler (multi-tasking is permitted!).

FAVORITE stitching aides...
Scissors, lamps, magnifiers, glasses, pattern holders, ort jars, magnetic stuff, needle cases, boxes and drawer thingies, boo-boo stick (not sure what this is, but I'm sure I need one), furry stitching aides (pets to add extra fiber, warmth and encouragement), peanut M & Ms with Diet Pepsi (great combo!).

It was fun to hear from stitchers all over the US and around the world (Finland, Canada, UK and Italy to name a few).  Isn't it cool how this hobby brings us all closer together? Maybe cross stitch is the universal language?!  With enough stitchers in the world, maybe we can finally find "world peace"?

On that motivational note, here is a pic of a pink globe (yes, PINK) in my office opposite my desk. It came from a very unlikely source, my son-in-law Jeff. I'm not sure how he acquired it, but he was throwing it out (with Sarah's approval) when I spotted it and rescued it. I love old globes and this one is PINK and it lights up, and it looks good with my curtains. 

Have a great week and let's keep on stitching for mankind!


  1. I love your pink globe! I usually say Think positive!And i'm also for a world peace!

    Elena in italy

  2. I may have to head your way and tell Alan that you gave me the globe. :)Sharon

  3. I'm SO excited to receive my calculator :o) Thank you!

  4. Grats to all the winners!! And wow, look at the amazing variety of places we stitch!! I'm one of those take my stitching everywhere kind of girls. I've stitched in restaurants, pharmacies, other people's houses, and in the car. My stitching needs to be portable, lol. We'll have to work on the world peace thing!!

  5. Congrats to the winners! I never had a pink globe. Mine was the usual normal blue (for the sea) and a rainbow of colours for the coutries. Now it is totally out where geography is concerned. I was 6, I'm 44 now and hou much the world has changed in the meanwhile!!!! Love France!! The country but also the one you have next to the globe! Hugs from sunny Portugal (summer is back)