Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 L*K calendar of newbies!

As promised, here's a preview for the remainder of 2017. Subject to change, of course, but they're on "the list"...and I do love to cross things off my lists.

* Christmas Mystery Sampler - Begins in September!!!
It doesn't have a name yet, but it's designed and almost stitched. Our holiday mystery will unfold in 3 monthly parts in September, October and November.

Once again, it's a "full service" mystery sampler. In addition to the charts, we're collaborating with Marilyn and the ladies at Picture This Plus to offer precuts of linen and Aida in several thread counts. We're also working with Miranda at Weeks Dye Works to create a custom thread color for us. It's going to be yummy, and a bit of an untraditional holiday color...mysterious, right? We're counting on the creative ladies at Just Another Button Company once again to create some fun embellishments.

We're SO excited to begin another mystery journey with you, our favorite stitchers! Stay tuned for mystery details as the 2017 Christmas mystery journey begins.

#184 Red White and Beach

* # 184 Red White and Beach chartpak - coming in June (next month!)
I jumped overboard and designed 4 nautical/beach-y projects that are so fun. They're not strictly patriotic, just summer-y. I loved stitching this bunch of beach-y projects from sunny, landlocked Kansas.

B57 Be Still Inspiration Boxer

* B57 Be Still Inspiration Boxer - coming in June
"Be still and know that I am God". This verse really nudged me a few months ago, so now I'm sharing it with you. Boxer includes 32 ct. fabric, antique gold cross charm and a darling little BONUS design - "Be a Nice Human".

* F168 Boo Celebrate! with Charm Flip-it - coming in June
* F169 Thankful Celebrate! with Charm Flip-it - available in August
 *F170 Merry Celebrate! with Charm Flip-it - available in October

We'll complete 2017 Celebrate! with Charm holiday Flip-it series before 2017 closes. These 7 holidays roll around every year, so if you haven't discovered this series, there's more holiday stitching in your future. Our Halloween Flip-it pictured above, BOO, comes with an antique gold moon charm.

#182 Summer Smalls - more "Smalls" coming soon!

Autumn Smalls (coming in August) and Winter Smalls  (coming in December)
We're loving the "Smalls" series! I've already designed and stitched a crop of 4 Autumn Smalls. I just adore doing Small projects, especially with luscious autumn colors.  Who doesn't love some quick stitching satisfaction?!

* Tiny Tidings XXII and Santa Snippet '17 - coming "to your town" in August
Our yearly Tiny Tidings and Santa Snippet series continues with more holiday charm. I designed 5 Tiny Tidings this year, and for the first time you can stitch them separately, or together in any combo you like. They're equally fun separately, or as happy holiday companions. This year's Santa Snippet has a couple darling little elf helpers, guaranteed to make you smile.

S128 Peppermint Sleds from 2016

* More Sleds!!! - sliding your way in October
Our little Snippet sleds are so popular, we're doing more. Just stitch on perforated paper and attach to pre-finished wood sleds and you've got a darling ornament/gift. I'm stitching on 6 of these little gems now. They'll be presented in 2 Snippets with 3 sleds each, and include embellishments.

2016 Flora McSample's Treats

* Flora McSample's 2017 Treats - October release
We're not sure what our sampler girl Flora will design this year, so stay tuned. Sometimes they're little stockings, last year was a quartet of "littles", but they're always full of vintage sampler charm. Not designed yet...

* Dear Santa, I've Been Good...Chartpak - October release
A loyal stitcher sent me a saying...and sent it again...and again the following year. Finally, it made it into the official L*K line-up. And I'm so glad she kept bugging me to design around this saying - it's sweet and funny and a great addition to our Christmas collection.

WHEW! I've been busy designing and stitching!!!

The June releases described above -  Red White and Beach, Be Still Inspiration Boxer and BOO! Holiday Flip-it -  will ship to shops everywhere on Friday, June 9. 

We have a week to recover from our daughter's wedding on June 2. That should be enough time, right?

Happy Memorial Weekend, everyone!


  1. I'm crossing my fingers that the Flora McSample's 2017 Treats will be more stockings!!!

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