Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SPOOKED! Summer Mystery Sampler - SOLVED!!!

We just shipped Part 3 (the FINAL part) our our SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler to shops everywhere this week (along with other newbies...scroll back to previous posts). What a weekend we had getting everything packed, and repacked (that's another blog post!). But everything is on it's way around the US and across the pond.

The much anticipated thing about Part 3 of SPOOKED! is the color photo on the front. It's super pretty and lots of spooky fun, and we hope you all love it, won't see it here...YET! That lovely cream box is strategically covering our mystery sampler "reveal". 

We respectfully ask all of you NOT to post this photo anywhere for a while. I'm not kidding when I say that it can take a month for this sampler to get to all the remote places it is traveling. There really is a worldwide community of stitchers watching this mystery unfold together...and we love and appreciate all of you.

Before I forget...
Want to say a giant THANK YOU to all of you who joined us in our summer of stitching suspense. We have really felt the support from stitchers everywhere, and that makes us smile :) It's been about 7 months since I originally conceived the project and it's been a long journey (and a lot of embellishment pack assembly!).

It's never too late to join the SPOOKED! fun. We will post the "big reveal" photo soon. If you're one of those stitchers who needs to see a picture, we totally understand. Visit your favorite needlework shop and check out their SPOOKED! Part 3 and see the finished project photo.

But here's a photo we're excited to share! For the Birds is the BONUS project that comes with SPOOKED! Part 3. I had the best time designing and stitching these little crows and their curious cat pal. After I completed the model, I had a hard time deciding on a finish. I went with a black frame, but it would make a darling height-challenged pillow - just imagine some fun black pom or chenille trim - or whatever else your imagination dreams up.

I originally planned to finish this as a little drum, where the design would wrap around the 3D drum. But photographing those is tricky, so didn't go that way. But I would love to see a pic if something chooses this option.

NOTE: You are free to post finished pics of the 3 BONUS projects included with SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler. I really look forward to seeing what you are doing with these:

Part 1 - 2 sided fob
Part 2 - Winnie Witch standup
Part 3 - For the Birds

Don't forget the FREE finishing instructions at link below. Mona really outdid herself with great photo and fabulous tutorials for the BONUS projects. GIANT THANKS to super-Mona! She makes me look good with her great finishes. I give her an idea (or more often ask her for an idea) and she "magically" makes it a reality.

Thanks for joining us on our SPOOKED! "magical mystery tour" this summer!


  1. Absolutely love your Halloween designs, and can't wait to get parts 2 and 3 of Spooked!

  2. I have not seen one picture of anybodys and I think that is awesome!

  3. I saw a pic of a finished Part 1 somewhere of which I have the top half done. I think a drum for the bonus pattern would look awesome. I will keep that in mind!

  4. I just received part 3 and love the design of all 3 parts. Thanks for keeping us in suspense with the mystery samplers.