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YIKES! It's been too long since our last blog contest when you helped us name the Snow Belles Flip-it series. I just reread those posts, and was blown away by all the fun, creative names you submitted. What a tough decision...thank you all for making that decision with your votes!

We've been doing Inspiration Boxers for a couple years, and they are the most popular Boxer series we've ever done. Linda is getting ready to design the group of 3, and would like to know what sayings YOU are looking for!

Several of the existing Inspiration Boxers already use sayings that you have submitted, like the ones above. Many of you have sent us ideas via email, and sadly, much of our saved email was lost in a recent computer glitch. Bummer!

If you're not familiar with the Inspiration Boxer series, here's a link so you can view the ones we already have done. Not all of the designs on this page are Boxers...just look for the inventory numbers that begin with "B" for Boxer.

Ready? Here's how it works!
We're looking for sayings for the next group of 3 Inspiration Boxers. Submit your ideas until March 9. Multiple sayings may be submitted. We'll choose our 10 favorites (with a little help from our friends) and post them on the L*K blog.

Then for the next week or so, you can VOTE for your favorite inspirational sayings. We'll give prizes to everyone who makes the "Top 10" list and more goodies to the 3 big winners. The Top 10 list will all receive new Inspiration Boxers (and other goodies) and the 3 "big" winners will receive Inspiration Boxers and an additional $50 of Lizzie*Kate designs of their choice.

Leave a comment on this page with your favorite saying. If it is attributed to someone, please leave the source. We recommend that your saying be 20 words or less. It's hard to work longer sayings into the Inspiration Boxer format - the fabric has to fit in the Boxer box! Most of our Inspiration sayings are only 12-15 words we can make them look pretty.

NOTE: Our blog comments are moderated, so there will be a gap between the time you write a comment and it actually appears. No need to resend!  We are just editing out SPAM and junk so only valid comments appear.

You MUST include your email address in the comment form. We'll need it to contact you if you should win.

Sunday, March 9 at 11:59 Central Time (Gee, that sounds official!)

No purchase necessary to enter. All entries received after the giveaway closing day and time will not be considered. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to confirm receipt of the email. Giveaways will be mailed to the winners' homes.

Thanks for your help! We really look forward to hearing from you and reading your favorite inspirational sayings. Let the inspirational sharing begin!!!


  1. Ooh! My favorite is "Always kiss me goodnight". I'll be thinking of more! Thanks for the fun contest!

  2. This sounds like here are my entries:
    1. A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness. (Charles Baudelaire)
    2. People are as happy as they make up their minds to be. (Abe Lincoln)
    3.It's the little things that make life beautiful.

    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  3. When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

  4. “Do whatever he tells you” John 2:5
    "To love each other in God, for God, and because of God is to be
    sure of a lasting love." Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

    I would love to see these quotes as Inspiration Boxers!


  5. The Lord is My Shephard I shall not want..23rd Psalm
    Whatever work you dok do your best...Ecc 9:9
    There is a time for everything and everything has it's special season...Ecc2:3
    It is better to finish something than to start it Ecc7:7
    It is better to see what you have than to want more...wanting more is useless-like chasing the wind...Ecc6:9

  6. "Happiness is the highest form of wisdom" Jacqueline Carey
    Love it, it's my motto.
    Love your designs too! :-)


  7. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

    Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

  8. "Do what you love, love what you do" (Ray Bradbury?)
    "When you think about quitting, remember why you started."

    Nicole A.

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  11. Shelli- Cozycuddles@me.comFebruary 26, 2014 at 10:17 AM

    What others think of you, is none of your business :)

  12. I love you more
    Always treat each day like it is your last
    Always say I love you when you part
    Friends are the family I choose
    These are in memory of my Husband and Daughter

  13. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

  14. Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working!

  15. 1. Give of your hands to serve and your hearts to love (Mother Teresa)
    2. Be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi)
    3. There is nothing like staying at home for real confort (Jane Austen)

    Thanks for the chance!

    Teresa Sermeño

  16. "God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy!" From a country song I heard on the radio the other day. It just seems to fit so many situations I find myself in!

  17. Never tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon
    - Unknown

    You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. –Maya Angelou

    It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. –Abraham Lincoln

    Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m possible!” –Audrey Hepburn

    Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.
    Og Mandino

    Never, never, never give up.
    Winston Churchill

    If you can dream it, you can do it.
    Walt Disney

    May your bobbin always be full! ~Author Unknown

    I cannot count my day complete
    'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
    ~Author Unknown

    Love is the thread that binds us. ~Author Unknown

    mheartsjak @ gmail. com (no spaces)

  18. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened. Dr. Seuss

  19. ''I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow'' or '' always for the better'' and also this one “Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.”


  20. "it;s not what you say it's how you say it "

  21. Do more of what makes you happy.

    Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age and Dreams are forever.
    -Walt Disney

    There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

    Life is about using the whole box of crayons.


  22. Creating is the true essence of life. Barthold George Neihbur

  23. Light tomorrow with today. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. (I forgot to add this in the comment I just left)

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  25. "When angry count to ten. If very angry count to one hundred" Thomas Jefferson

    "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom"
    Thomas Jefferson


  26. "I love you to the moon and back." I don't know who said it first, but my daughter and I say it to each other every day.

    "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn." Again, I don't know who said it first, but its fun and silly and would be great stitched for a teen or tween!

    "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls." - Audrey Hepburn

    These are some of my favorites. Thanks for the chance to submit them!


  27. Mothers hold their child's hand for a moment and their heart for a lifetime.

    I think this would be a great tribute to Mom's everywhere and a very special gift for them for their birthday or Mother's Day.


  28. How about doing a series of quilt themed designs? I know there are a lot of us out there who both cross-stitch and quilt, and I love doing quilt themed cross-stitch patterns. Here are a few quotes that I like:

    A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    May all of your ups and downs in life be with a needle and thread.

    When life gives you scraps - make a quilt.

  29. Here are 2 of my favorites.
    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
    Wayne Gretzky

    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.
    Helen Keller

  30. Family....we live, we laugh, we play, we love.


  31. If you're lucky enough to live in the mountains...'re lucky enough!

    A hundred years from now it will not matter how much money you had, the sort of house you lived in or the kind of car you drove. But the world may be different because you were important in the life of a child.

    The greatest revenge to divorce is finding happiness all over again.


  32. Children are kisses, blown from the hand of God

  33. Life is what YOU make of it!

  34. This is the day the Lord has made, Rejoice! Psalm 118:24

    Dina Zellers

  35. Be still and know that I am God.
    Hands to work, hearts to God.

  36. When the world says give up, HOPE whispers, try it one more time.


  37. Believe you can and you’re halfway there. –Theodore Roosevelt


    Thank you!

  38. In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase.
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.
    Martin Luther King Jr.

  39. We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
    Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

    There but for the grace of God go [I].
    John Bradford,

    Joy is prayer - Joy is strength - Joy is love - Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.
    Mother Teresa

    If there's one thing I know it's God does love a good joke.
    Hugh Elliott,

  40. Don't compare your messy insides to someone else's polished outsides.
    (Forgot my email address the first time around.)

  41. My favorite Maya Angelou quote....“Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.” Love Love Love it!!

  42. “Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.” Maya Angelou. This is my favorite quote of all time! (I resubmitted my comment because I forgot to leave you my email address!

  43. 1) What I love most about my home is who I share it with.

    2) I have found the one whom my soul loves. - Song of Solomon 3:4

    3) The South...
    Our tea is sweet
    Words are long
    Days are warm
    and Faith is strong

    4) This house is maintained entirely for the comfort and convenience of the cat.

    5) He stole her heart so, she stole his last name.

    Thanks for the chance!
    Yvonne S.

  44. “Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” (I have a rubber stamp with this saying, was told it was an Eskimo proverb - unsure if that's right)

    I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Phillipians 4:13

    For God so loved the World John 3:16

  45. "Be a generous giver and a grateful receiver" - Author unknow.

    Years ago, my dear friend Lisa was standing outside a market with our boys who were selling BSA popcorn. It was really cold and the shopkeeper bought all the boys hot chocolate. Lisa insisted she pay for it but the shopkeeper said to her "Please, let me do this. I want to. It makes me happy. Be a gracious reciever". Lisa came out and told me this and she and I have both used this phrase so many times since. It really stuck with me and it's true. Give generously of yourself but allow others to give to you. It's good for everyone's heart and soul.

  46. Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible!" - Audrey Audrey Hepburn

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter - Martin Luther King, Jr.

    If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else - Booker T. Washington

    Everything has beauty but not everyone can see - Confucious

    happiness is not something readymade. it comes from your own actions. - Dalai lama

    Believe you can and you're halfway there - Theodore Roosevelt

    A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein

    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans - John Lennon

    The mind is everything. What you think, you become - Buddha

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right - Henry Ford

    The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Dream big and dare to fail - Norman Vaughan

    Lynda -


  47. "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
    Romans 12:12

  48. Memories are stitched with love!

  49. Friendships are sewn, one stitch at a time.

  50. A family stitched together with love, rarely unravels.

  51. Greetings all,
    Listed below are a few of my favorites:

    1. All we are saying, is give peace a chance.
    2. What if the hokey pokey is really what it’s all about?
    3. Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

    I think by what I've listed, I'm showing my age...

    Peace, Love and Happiness,
    Tina Grace

  52. 1.Keep calm and stitch on!
    2. Never the sun go down on anger!
    3. Never admit a mistake in's creative license and how you planned it.
    4. A penny saved is a penny earned.
    5. Wake up and smell the coffee.


  53. Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    All the world is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust. JM Barrie

    There is nothing like staying at home for pure comfort. Jane Austen

    To be fond of dancing was a certain step toward falling in love. Jane Austen

    There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. Jane Austen

    Indulge your imagination in every possible flight. Jane Austen

    Life and love are very precious when both are in full bloom. Louisa May Alcott

    True friends are always together in spirit. LM Montgomery

    All things great are wound up with all things little. LM Montgomery

    Thanks for having a contest!

  54. Love me when I least deserve it because that is when I really need it.
    Swedish proverb Brenda

  55. Psalm 118:24 This is the day that The Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
    I say this every am when I wake up! Would love to see it as one of your boxers. Sharyn :-)

  56. Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    When your past calls, don't answer. it has nothing new to say.


  57. What a great opportunity!

    No power above or below can separate us from the love of God. Romans 8:38-39

    May I dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. Psalm 27:4

    Angela CG

  58. This is an anonymous quote that I love: "Faith is believing that God is present when all we hear is silence."

    The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down. (Psalm 145:14 NIV)

    Looking at them, Jesus said, "With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God." (Mark 10:27 NASB)

    God is my strong fortress, and he makes my way perfect. (2 Samuel 22:33 NLT)

    Those are some of my favorite verses. Would love any of them as is or paraphrased.


  59. "Faith as small as a mustard seed, nothing is impossible."

    "This too will pass"

    "How Great Thou Art"

  60. Can't Never did Anything. My mom raised my two brothers and I on that saying.
    Paula Shelgren

  61. Mom always reminded my two brothers and I of the children's book of the Little Engine that Could, I think I can, I think I can. She would say that every time we doubted we could do something.

  62. If your friends jump off the bridge, are you going to jump to? Be your own person, don't be a follower.
    Paula Shelgren

  63. This was on our wedding invitation:

    This is my beloved, this is my friend. Song of Solomon 5:16b NIV

  64. "Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere."

    "All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

    “Be the person your dog thinks you are!”

    “Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”

  65. " Smile - it makes people wonder what you're up to !"

  66. Life's so short and you just never know what's coming around the corner so you just gotta sparkle when you can

    From a painted sign I bought, attributed to "Little old lady in the restaurant bathroom who liked my sparkly top"

  67. I am not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship.
    Louisa May Alcott

    I adore this quote and would love to see it in cross stitch. Thanks for letting me enter your contest. I enjoy stitching your designs.

    Karen Kelch

  68. Keep calm and carry on

    The earth laughs in flowers. --Ralph Waldo Emerson


  69. No one can drive you crazy unless you give them the keys!

    You only live once but if you do it right once is enough.

    Even your worst day only lasts 24 hours then you get a fresh start


  70. Kindness Matters

    The Best Thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time - Abe Lincoln

    Follow your dreams

    Life Goes On

    It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.

    Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

    Never give up…no matter what.

    Thank you for the contest!!!! What a great idea!

  71. So there's this boy that kinda stole my heart. He calls me Mom.

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt.

    Find joy in the ordinary.

    Choose happy.

    With you, I am home.

    You call it "empty nest." I call it "New Craft Room." (Or sewing stitching, etc.)

    When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. Psalms 61:2

    What I love most about my home is who I share it with. Tad carpenter.

    Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

    I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4

  72. Here are my ideas:
    1. Whatever you are be a good one. (Abe lincoln)
    2. Believe you can and you're halfway there. (Theodore Roosevelt)
    3. Change your thoughts and you change your world.


  73. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step-Lao-tzu.

    Pretty is as pretty does-not sure of the origin other than my mother :)

  74. You make me happy when skies are gray
    I love you a bushel and a peck
    Whisper words of wisdom...Let it be

  75. 1. This too shall pass!
    2. Good Morning, this is God! I will be hadling all your problems today. I will NOT need your help. So, have a good day.
    Judy Starkey
    I have several of your sayings and have given so many as gifts.

  76. Nice idea for a are a favorite or two...
    We always have time for the things we put first.
    "Nothing is to be more highly prized than the value of each day." Goethe
    "We are always the same age inside." Stein
    Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.

    Take care,

    1. Forgot to include my email address

  77. 1. Life is too short to love it offended, upset, stressed out, discouraged. Everyday is a gift from God.

    2.What others think is not important. How you feel about your self is what matters.

    3. Don't worry all things happen in God's perfect time.

    4. Don't try to understand everything, because sometimes its not meant to be understood but to be accepted.

    5. The best things in life aren't things.

    6. I like flaws, and am most comfortable around those who have them. I am myself, am made up of entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.

    7. Let God be the source of love all the days of your life...

  78. The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn. Bertrand Russell
    Nita Sinclair

  79. 1. If you're gonna dream, dream BIG!
    2. Good things happen when you BELIEVE.
    3. Reach for the moon, if you fail, at least you'll land in the stars.
    4. Life is short, eat dessert first.

    This was fun ~ thanks!
    Tanya ~

  80. -If you are not willing to learn, No one can help you. If you are determined to learn, No one can stop you!
    -True friendship is when you walk into their house and your WiFi connects automatically.
    -There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.


  81. -There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.
    -Enjoy the small things in life, for one day you will look back and realize just how important small things are.
    -If you are not willing to learn, no one can make you. If you are not willing to fail, no one can stop you.

  82. looking good is the best revenge

  83. " Until God opens the next door for you, praise Him in the hallway."

    "No matter what your senses tell you, no matter what you see or hear, no matter what you are not seeing or hearing...BELIEVE and it shall come to pass."

  84. 1. Courage is grace under pressure (Hemingway)
    2. It always seems impossible until its done (Mandela)
    3. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct they path Proverbs 3:6
    4. I can do all things through him who strengthens me Philippians 4:13
    5. My home is in Heaven. I'm just traveling through this world. Billy Graham

  85. Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else. - Judy Garland

  86. Start each day like it's your Birthday! -Unknown


  87. Start each day like it's your Birthday! - Unknown


  88. A party without cake is just a meeting. - Julie Child


  89. I love you to the moon and back.


  90. It's not easy being green -- Kermit the Frog

    Leslie Fehr

  91. Dirt will never kill you everything else will!
    It's never too late to start the day over!
    A day doing nothing at the beach is a day well spent!

  92. Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T.S. Elliott


  93. "We'll be friends forever, won't we Pooh?" asked Piglet.
    "Even longer" Pooh answered.


  94. Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.


  95. There are some things you learn best in calm and some in storm.
    Willa Cather


  96. Dirt will never kill you everything else will!
    A day spent doing nothing at the beach is a day well spent!
    It's never too late to start the day over!

  97. Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.
    Garrison Keillor


  98. - It is never too late to be what you might have been (George Eliot)
    - Be yourself, everyone else is already taken (Oscar Wilde)
    - It is not in the stars that hold our destiny, but in ourselves (William Shakespeare)
    - Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open (John Barrymore)
    - Whatever you are, be a good one (Abraham Lincoln)
    - Believe you can and you're halfway there (Theodore Roosevelt)

    rcscg at aol dot com

  99. "Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday."
    ~Author Unknown
    "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." - Albert Einstein

    2 of my very favorites. Sorry if they're repeats. So many to read through. What a great idea to do this. Reading some of this just makes one positive, doesn't it? Thx!

  100. Here's a few more:

    - I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship ("Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott)
    - No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted ("The Lion and the Mouse" - Aesop's Fables)
    - If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely ("The Twits" by Roald Dahl)
    - You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose ("Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss)

    rcscg at aol dot com

  101. LOL - I say "Son of a Bee Hive" when things don't go the way they're supposed to.

  102. Oops... forgot my email:

  103. May you follow your Dreams and always believe in yourself
    Keep your eyes on the stars and hope in your heart


  104. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones. (This was said when my kids were younger, having a good days was a diamond day, stone days was a bad day.


  105. There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots, and the other is wings

  106. "What goes around comes around".

    Karen Farley

  107. I have three that I especially like

    "A person's a person, no matter how small"-Dr. Seuss
    "A day without laughter is a day wasted"-Nicolas Chamfort
    "Someday is not a day of the week"-Janet Dailey

    Thank You for this contest!


  108. ... I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, there with to be content. Philippians 4:11

    There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

    Grace isn't a little prayer you say before a meal. It's a way to live.

    Never put your key to happiness in someone else's pocket.

    Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows. Leigh Standley

    Whether you think you can or think you can't... You're right.
    Henry Ford

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  110. Life...Its all about the Journey.


  111. Life...Its all about the Journey

  112. You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine.....Jason Mraz


  113. Grow old with me... The best is yet to be

  114. Thanks be to God for gifts beyond words! 2 Corinthians 9:15
    Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
    wandahunterday at gmail dot com

  115. Today is a gift...that's why it's called the present

  116. Thanks be to God for gifts beyond words! 2 Corinthians 9:15
    Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
    wandahunterday at gmail dot com

  117. -Love the life you live...Live the life you love
    -Work to live, dont live to work
    -Dont sweat the small stuff
    -You only live once...Do it right and once is enough

  118. Comparison is the thief of joy. ~Theodore Roosevelt

    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. ~William Bruce Cameron

    The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. ~Jimmy Johnson

    Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. ~Roy L Goodman

    Katrina H. ~

  119. "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

    I don't know who said this, but it is one of my favorites.


  120. A cup of tea is a cup of peace. ~Soshitsu Sen XV, quoted by Kenneth S. Cohen
    wonderful contest ;)

  121. Until God opens the next door, keep praising Him in the hallway


  122. Problems are temporary, God is eternal

  123. FAITH


  124. Faith is not knowing what the future hold but knowing who holds the future

  125. I have no special talent, I am passionately curious - Albert Einstein

  126. People who blow kisses are hopelessly lazy. Bob Hope


  127. isn't it already a passage from Seneca ? =)
    great choice
    thank you for this chance...

    - Imagination rules the world
    - Life is the flower for which love is the honey
    - One sees clearly only with the heart
    - Hold my hand

  128. oops my mail address...sorry...

  129. 1. “Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest.”
    ― Hermann Hesse
    2. “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
    ― Dr. Seuss
    3. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
    ― Oscar Wilde
    These are just a few of my favourites!

  130. God is at His best when our life is at its worst-Max Lucado

  131. sky at nighit time it is hoped...

  132. Gina
    If life hands you scraps, make a quilt.

  133. “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
    Love like you'll never be hurt,
    Sing like there's nobody listening,
    And live like it's heaven on earth.”
    ― William W. Purkey

    When I use this quote - I usually just use the first line - so you could use the first line or the entire quote.

    Schelia Rabalais

  134. *Hold on, God knows what he's doing.
    *Believe you can and your have way there.
    *Believe in yourself.
    *Life is what you make of it.

  135. A house is made of bricks and beams , a home is made of hopes and dreams.

  136. Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything.


  137. Thank you for this opportunity! Here are mine...

    "Trust the process." - from

    You can't get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. ~C.S. Lewis, quoted by Walter Hooper


  138. Here are a few I have...

    Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.

    THEre is
    GOOD in
    the world

    Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet.

    Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  139. Make it a great day!

    (I say this to my kids often.)

    ldepalatis at earthlink dot net

  140. "If you don't stand for something, you fall for anything." Alexander Hamilton

    "Jesus, remember me, when you come into your kingdom." Luke 23:42

    "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." Abe Lincoln

    “If you love something so much let it go. If it comes back it was meant to be; if it doesn't it never was” Albert Schweitzer

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  141. Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but buy the seeds that you plant. - Robert Louis Stevenson

    You must do the things you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back. - Babe Ruth

    How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. - Anne Frank

    Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. - Desiderius Erasmus

    There is nothing strong in the world than gentleness. - Han Suyin

    Turn you face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. - Charlotte Whitton

    Grace is not part of consciousness, it is the amount of light in our souls, not knowledge nor reason. - Pope Francis

    A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just. - Pope Francis


  142. Below are the sayings that I tend to really be "feeling" lately:

    - Be your own superhero.
    - Brave Girl.
    - Paris is always a good idea.
    - Hope gives me wings.
    - Don't quit your day dream.

    Thanks for asking for our input. :)


  143. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. -C.S. Lewis

    With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. -Eleanor Roosevelt

    After a storm comes calm. - Matthew Henry

    Never, never, never give up. - Winston Churchill

    Teach us to give and not to count the cost. - Saint Ignatius

    Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. - Francis of Assisi

  144. While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart. - Francis of Assisi

    Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. - Francis of Assisi

    Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. - Mother Teresa

    Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. - Mother Teresa

    It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. - Eleanor Roosevelt

    A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. - John F. Kennedy

    If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. -John F. Kennedy

    Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly. - John F. Kennedy

  145. Live life with gusto!
    Don't let the urgent crowd out the important.


  146. I closed my eyes and spoke to you in a thousand silent ways

    ~or ~

    When you focus on problems, you will have more problems
    when you focus on possibilities you will have more opportunities


  147. Favorite saying to encourage girls and women - "You go girl!!"

  148. All that we love deeply,
    becomes a part of us. Helen Keller

    If Love could have saved you,
    You would have lived Forever. Unknown


  149. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Dale Carnegie


  150. Faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love.

  151. Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. --- Lao Tzu


  152. The future depends on what we do in the present. (Gandhi)

    You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything (Aaron Tippen's country song, but he got it from Alex Hamilton -- a British journalist -- not America's Alexander Hamilton!)

    From Kelly at

  153. Oh my. There are so many wonderful sayings. Okay here are three of my favorites.

    1. Mirror, mirror on the wall, I'm like my Mother after all.

    Also seen it as I am my Mother after all.

    2. The more I know people, the more I love my dog. -- Mark Twain

    3. Everyone brings Joy to this house. Some when the enter and some when they leave.

    Kathy K

  154. A couple more for consideration.

    1. Keep Calm and Stitch On.

    2. This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, laughter to kiss your lips, beauty for your eyes to see, faith so you can believe and love to complete your life.

    Kathy K

  155. Sorry - forgot my name and email
    Heidi Reid

    "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it"

    “True friends are always together in spirit.”
    ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

    “It's not what the world holds for you. It's what you bring to it.”
    ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

  156. One more:
    Heidi Reid

    "Because I knew you, I have been changed... for good."
    - Elphaba & Glinda from "Wicked"

  157. I'd rather have a life full of oh wells than a life full of what ifs.

  158. So hard to choose! But, here goes.

    1. "Because someone we love is in Heaven, we have a little bit of Heaven in our Home." ~ Unknown

    2. "What we do on earth, echoes in Heaven." ~ Unknown

    3. "The ones that love us never really leave us. And you can always find them in your heart." ~ Sirius Black, Prizoner of Azkaban

    Michele Washburn

  159. When nothing goes right - go left.

  160. Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

  161. The days are long but the years are short. ~ Gretchen Rubin (the author of The Happiness Project)

  162. What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

  163. You've already design two of my favorite quotes .. and stitched them :)
    Life is not measured ... and Dance in the rain.

    Two other of my favorite quotes are

    Success is knowing when to stop and play

    Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.
    -John Lennon

    love this contest!

  164. I found this on facebook under Believe in the Magic of Christmas. My husband passed away in November 2013 and this saying reminds me of him. "A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are." my email is

  165. I love this series! Because I have arthritis, one of my favorites is Proverbs 16:24: Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.
    I also really like two quotes from Pope John XXIII:
    1. Men are like wine--some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.
    2. See every thing, overlook a great deal, correct a little.
    The second seems like the perfect parenting philosophy.

    Have fun reading all the suggestions. I'm so glad I don't have to pick.

  166. Another two favorites:-
    A smile happens in a flash, but the memory of it can last a lifetime.
    Life not only begins at forty ---it also begins to show.
    The only place success come before sweat is in the dictionary.
    The rules for p[arents are but three...Love, limit, and let them be!

  167. The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams...Oprah Winfrey

    Dont lose hope
    When the sun goes down, the stars come out....Unknown

    Wherever you go, no matter what the weather,
    always bring your own sunshine.....Anthony J D'Angelo

    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference...Winston Churchill

    So often times it happens
    We live our lives in chains
    And we never even know we have the key......The Eagles

    If you dont like something change it.
    If you cant change it, change the way you think about it.
    Mary Englebreight

    This is such a fun contest...I cant stop looking and reading quotes!

    Tracy Godfrey

  168. You can't control the wind but you can adjust your sails.

  169. "When you are troubled and don't know where to go, talk to your heart, listen with your soul." ~ Kim McCool ~

  170. For I know the plans I have for you, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

    God is like oxygen, you can't see Him but you can't live without Him!

    I was going to change my shirt, but I changed my mind instead. Winnie The Pooh

    The older you get, the better you get....unless you're a banana

  171. When I count my blessings, I count you twice. (Irish blessing)
    Terry Slattery

  172. My favorite... "Whatever you are be a good one." Abraham Lincoln

  173. Katie C. -

    Happy girls are the prettiest girls. (Audrey Hepburn)

    Don't forget to pray today, because God didn't forget to wake you up this morning.

    I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I ended up where I needed to be.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. (Oscar Wilde)

    Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms his child.

    A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. (Coco Chanel)

    Work hard & be nice to people.

    Let all that you do be done in love. (1 Corinthians 16:14)

    You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

    Always be a little kinder than necessary.

  174. "Sometimes the people around you won't understand your journey.
    They don't need to, its not for them"

    Kaye Dunlap

  175. "Your time as a Caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready"

  176. Not My Circus. Not My Monkeys. This is a Polish Proverb.
    Adriana Hernandez

  177. If all you have is God, you have all you need.

  178. The Highest form of wisdom is kindness...

    People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel...Maya Angelou

    The best things in life are unseen; that why we close our eyes when we kiss, laugh & dream.

    Love captures us in a moment, and changes us forever...

    We may not have it all together, but together we have it all...


  179. Smiling uses 26 muscles. That beats going to the gym, doesn't it!!!!

    It does for me,how about you!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Happiness is to be found along the way,not at the end of the road,for then the journey is over and it is too late- Robert R. Updegraff

  181. Previous quote Happiness is to be found along the way....

    forgot my email

  182. Learn to laugh at your troubles and you will never run out of things to laugh at!!!!!!!!!!! Lyn Karol

  183. Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. --unknown

  184. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.--unknown

  185. While we teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about. ~ Angela Schwindt

  186. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

  187. In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln

  188. All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. Abraham Lincoln

  189. Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln

  190. Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.
    Mother Teresa

  191. Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
    Mother Teresa

  192. We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.
    Mother Teresa

  193. Exodus 14:14 - The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still

  194. Psalm 126 - The Lord has done great things for us + we are filled with joy

  195. Psalm 103 - Bless the Lord oh my soul

  196. Joshua 1:9 - Be strong and courageous, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go

  197. Psalm 139 - You are fearfully and wonderfully made

  198. Joshua 1:9 - Be strong and courageous