Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Clue #2 Mystery Sampler

Our Holly & Hearts mystery continues!

We've got another clue for you, and this time you get to send your responses!

Clue #2
You may remember, Clue #1 talked about the Holly & Hearts name and how that name reflects some of the design elements. Check out the photo below and you can spot some holly and hearts. That clue may have been too easy, though, so here's a new clue to keep you guessing.

Our Holly & Hearts thread pack contains a NEW Weeks Dye Works color! We worked with Miranda and the creative WDW gang to develop this color, and we're really pleased with the lovely hue. And let me add...the photo below doesn't begin to capture the beauty of this color's traditional Christmas colors, with a lovely vintage feel. (My photography skills are lacking!) We're not telling which color it is in this great fiber lineup.

What's the new WDW color name? It's the name of one of our favorite TV characters, and he has some very unique living arrangements. Think about it...told you it would be hard! Send us a comment on this post with your guesses and we'll share the fun!

What other design elements can you spot in the pic above? Hmmm...what could those letters be spelling? 

This is another great reason to order the convenient thread pre-packs with your designs from your local needlework shop. This new color won't be in their current WDW thread inventory.

The mystery continues!  Post your guess here!


  1. I bet it has to do with Sheldon Cooper...

  2. I'm going with Sheldon Cooper.

  3. Oscar the Grouch?

  4. Sheldon Cooper was my first guess.


  5. If it isn't Sheldon Cooper it has to be his room mate Mr. St. Patience--Leonard Hofstadter! (I would have killed Sheldon long ago! LOL)

  6. let it be Sheldon!! it has to be Sheldon!! :D
    thanks for the fun & clues!

  7. have no clue.but i see tress and poinsetta's. denise

  8. The pictures look lovely, I'm trying really hard to resist buying will is fading fast!

  9. I think it's Patrick (the pink skein!) from Spongebob!!

  10. Oh, that charcoal just looks like Carson the Butler on Downton Abbey! And he lives below stairs! Tanya T.